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It'll serve the purpose.. Little in the way of embelishment yet.

EU2 MP free for all, running round the clock (practically)

Machiavelli: Europe Arising
Twelve pages of EU2 MP AAR goodness! :)

Machiavelli II: The Rebirth
(for those of you heathens that think 6 pages is short for an AAR: that's because it's only the AAR entries :) )

Machiavelli III: From Dawn to Decadence
you guessed it... EU2 MP AAR.

Throne of Heaven
EU 2 MP AAR with a twist - EU2 meets adventure/RPG.

Throne of Heaven 2: The Olympian Rebirth
now with Olympian gods meddling as well!

..you guessed it, more EU2 MP

(see above :) )
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