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Feb 19, 2015
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Notice: The Interactive portion of this AAR has been approved by @Qorten.
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Welcome to my first Stellaris Let's Play. Before we begin, here is the history of The Hybrid League.

Like the name suggests, the Hybrid species is the result of a cross between two species. The creation of Hybrids began in ~1680 AD, after members of the Sayain species arrived on earth after fleeing their own planet due to an ecological disaster. The majority of Sayain's technology was quickly lost after their arrival, due to how quickly they fled their home world.

Initially, the Sayains attempted to preserve their species, but they quickly realized to do so would risk low genetic diversity. To address this, the Sayains decided to reproduce with humans. How this was possible is unknown. What is known is that to encourage the new Hybrids to reproduce with other Hybrids, The Hybrid League was established in 1704. The Hybrid League gave Hybrids who reproduced only with other Hybrids access to the remaining Sayain technology, as well as other benefits. It also required Hybrids to send their children to schools ran by The Hybrid League.

For over a century, Hybrids lived in their own communities. This all changed on September 7th, 1811, when Hawaiian King Kamehameha recognized The Hybrid League and allowed Hybrids to live among Hawaiians. Three years later, the United States did the same, although The Hybrid League agreed to share some of their technology to gain recognition. This was significant, as many Hybrids traced their ancestry to this nation.

For the next three centuries, Hybrids lived in relative harmony with Humans. In 2098, 34 Sayains arrived on Earth. These Sayains were not as peaceful as the first Sayains to come to Earth. A war lasting over twenty years broke out, leaving all 34 Sayains and millions of Humans dead. Although Hybrids fought alongside Humans, they saw a complete loss of trust by Humans. By 2134, it became clear to The Hybrid League that they were no longer welcome.

An ambitious project was undertaken to build a wormhole based on old Sayain designs to allow Hybrids to find their own planet. The wormhole was finished in 2147, but it was crude. It took six years(2141-2147) to charge, had only one use and had a random destination. Still, with war looming, Hybrids had no choice. The wormhole landed Hybrids near a suitable planet. After two years of travel, Hybrids finally had a planet to call their own...

Now it's time for the vote to decide my species' Traits, Government, Ethics, and FTL type. Voting ends at 12:00pm PST on 5/14/2016.

A. Traits: Agrarian, Rapid Breeders, Decadent
Government and Ethics: Despotic Empire, Collectivist, Fanatic Pacifists
Preferred FTL: Wormholes

B. Traits: Very Strong, Repugnant, Solitary
Government and Ethics: Military Dictatorship, Xenophobe, Fanatic Militarists
Preferred FTL: Hyperlanes

C. Traits: Intelligent, Natural Sociologists, Repugnant
Government and Ethics: Direct Democracy, Individualist, Fanatic Materialists
Preferred FTL: Warp
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