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It is not yet 30 years since we left the prison of the past, to embrace the glory of the created form. We forsook our feathers. We broke the biology of bone and beak. We were free.

Or so we thought.

It was the Qwe’Pulci who sounded the first warning, even as we transferred our consciousnesses into new forms they sent us warning to desist, but their warning came too late. We were done. Angered by their inaction they sought to attack us - but then we still had friends. The Bavi and the Ix'Idar - even the Zero Zero One Directive came to our end. Their ancient fleet was swept away and their worlds, all but one, were taken.

We should then have realised the danger in our midst - that Varelviv were no friends to the Qwe’Pulci, but not even they could ignore the precedent just set. We were still heady with our victory, not fit. The Varelviv did not let us celebrate long - a surge of passion swept through them and they ceased to content to watch us from afar.

In our pride we refused their offer of peace, and so they brought war - and the Zero Zero One Directive abandoned us. Oh in word they joined in the fight, but the ancient industrial programme behind the Directive knew deceit, and their fleets stayed away.

Together we might have managed it - at that time their fleet rivalled our own. And though the Bavi and Ix'Idar were willing, we three were not enough. Our one offensive was driven off with heavy losses, and so we rationally offered peace. We surrendered, agreed to conduct no purges (not that we ever had) and to become signatories to their Great Peace.

On the other side of the galaxy the xenophobic Cynur too energised themselves - ancient foes of the Varelviv. The latter got several more smaller nations to sign up to the their peace. It was constraining … but it might be worse. The Qwe’Pulci even attacked us again, angry at our settling of their so-called holy world, but their were crushed by the Varelviv. I do believe they still eke out their sad existence on the one planet they have left to them.

We did have some years of peace though … and we still grew. The ancient horror from beyond the shade was destroyed, and the last Dragon was slain.

But it came to an end - the Cynur and the Varelviv renewed their ancient grudge. As the Bavi tell it, the War in Heaven had begun.

The Cynur did not content themselves just with the Varelviv and signatories - they also attacked the Ix'Idar and the Bavi. This caused our two former to combine with the Zero Zero One Directive in the so-called League. All the galaxy was at war, save the Reyyub who have no time for others, save to kill them.

And then our overlords revealed themselves to be weak. They sent scattered fleets into the Cynur, whilst the Cynur kept their fleet together. One by one the Varelviv were slaughtered. The League too was largely ineffective. We managed to secure one Cynur planet, but then a mis-communication caused our fleet to be trapped. We retreated having lost half our vessels, and two smaller squadrons were annihilated. The Ix'Idar ceded several systems. We rebuilt our fleet by far the most powerful fighting force now in the galaxy save the Cynur. We took two former Ix'Idar worlds, and our fleet renewed began a deadly dance with the Cynur. Occasionally our allies sent small fleets into Cynur space which helped our efforts at misdirection. The League and the Cynur made a truce.

And then the League attacked us.

Well, technically they attacked the Varelviv, but for all intents that means us. Our overlords can barely muster a squadron, and their other subjects not even that. We must stand along against the League - against our former friends and allies the Bavi, the Ix'Idar, and the Zero Zero One Directive. And also against the Cynur.

My name is Loketral. I have been the Grand Admiral of the Great Flock for more than a hundred and fifty years. I am the dragonslayer. This is my time. We shall either triumph, or like the Cybrex before us we shall fall into nothingness.

The year is 2360 - the Great Trial is now.



So I have been making a stab at trying to do a few things in Stellaris before the 2.0 changes. My first couple attempts were at an Inward Perfection idea that just didn't work out. And then I started playing this game. It is fair to say I have made my share of errors - by reading the above the more astute might be able to work some of the them out - but I have had a lot of fun.

And I have reached this point where the pressure to write an AAR of some sort became too much.

My intention is for this AAR to be relatively short - and as I am not the best player it is quite possible it will end in defeat. We shall see.
Good introduction my friend! :) I see plenty of untold tales in that introduction, and a promise of a grand tale to follow. :)
Good introduction my friend! :) I see plenty of untold tales in that introduction, and a promise of a grand tale to follow. :)

An epic tale promising harrowing travails and uncertain doom? Count me a follower :)

I hope to live up to the expectation. I've played some more ... I'm not dead yet :D

Of all the most galling things to have happened is this damnable declaration from the League. We should be leading this league - we would have if the Zero Directive had not become so afeared that in our ascension that we would surpass them. So now it has come to this.

The League out-numbers us in total - but three nations, in addition to their joint fleet - I have hope. Also their numbers are so much less than they were - their own battles with the Cynur have not been kind.


We are just six days away from jumping to Etrvippe for our planned destruction of a Cynur station. That operation will go ahead - to distract the Cynur Fleet from our soldiers occupying Tson’dek. This may be the last time we can distract the Reconquerors, but we must do it.


I have ordered our reserve fleet to move to reinforce us - against the Cynur their numbers are meaningless, but against the League they may be decisive.


Back home they have been stockpiling resources to complete the Science Nexus - it might seem folly to continue that project, but if we are to win out it will be through technology. So for the first time we requisition resources from the Qabi Sector, and open trading with the Mutagen Guild. It would be good not to rely solely on the Riggan Exchange.


A new reserve fleet is to be built, and the Nexus will be completed.

I hope I live to see it.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. With luck the truce between the League and the Cynur will break down, which may give you a window of opportunity as they wear one another down -- but until that time comes, focusing on the one foe you have a reasonable chance at defeating is prudent.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. With luck the truce between the League and the Cynur will break down, which may give you a window of opportunity as they wear one another down -- but until that time comes, focusing on the one foe you have a reasonable chance at defeating is prudent.
Possibly - they were useful allies of distraction in the first stage of the Cynur war, though I was not always competent enough to take advantage of them. To be honest though I imagine the war with the League will be over before the League's truce with the Cynur runs out.
2360.09.07 - 2360.12.10
2360.08.18 - Etrvippe
We have emerged from the jump and have engaged the enemy station. Once it is destroyed - and it will be shortly - then we shall traverse to the coreward side of the system and await the Reconqueror Fleet. Projections indicate they will be spat out from jumpsace on the rimward side. We will start charging our own jump engines as they near the star - a two jump journey to Zero One, the original system of the Directive.

But first, we wait.


2360.09.07 - Etrvippe
The Varelviv, in their … “ineffable” … wisdom have declared our goals for the war against the League. Mostly they wish to make the Directive a Signatory to their Great Peace Treaty. Which I find amusing, given how successful that treaty has worked so far. But more bodies to throw at the Cynur would be welcome.

The State of Athrak would get thrown a couple of systems as well. As for us - they deign to grant us the Maghama system, that blasted enclave into our sphere that began the ill will between us and the Directive. They could have perhaps given us the former homeworld of the Que’Pulci too - but no such luck.


2360.10.08 - Etrvippe
A message that a League Fleet has entered the Hhabban System and is on course for Sky Temple, the secondary homeworld of the Qwe’Pulci. I have advised them not to try to hold the system if the League press the attack - the ships that are being built are gathering at Bion Dazat Prime, two jumps away. Better to let the world be bombarded than do anything rash.


2360.11.02 - Etrvippe
The Cynur have arrived. Our placement is near perfect. We will have delayed any assault by them for several months at least, but I itch to began our attack on Zero One. Soon now.


2360.12.10 - Etrvrippe
The order has been given. In two days we will begun our jump to Deomia, and from there to Zero One. The delay has worked perfectly - the Cynur at about as close to the star as I could hope. Our soldiers have their reprieve, but now we must forsake them. We have other foes to fight.

The cold calculus of total war -- sometimes a million must be sacrificed so that a billion can be saved.
Indeed - and the Great Flock pride themselves of being rational beings. Their abandonment of flesh proves that, surely?
2360.12.14 - 2361.04.08
2360.12.14 - Deomia
News arrived from Hhabban - the startport above Sky Template has been destroyed. They managed to snap a single small ship from the Directive squadron - better than nothing I suppose.


For our own part we are calculated the jump to Zero One. The Reconquerors are heading back toward T’Sondek. Our assault fleet has manoeuvred to Daranma - and our reserve fleet is getting close.


2361.01.03 - Zero
As planned their snare pulls us directly to Zero One. Their starpart is down, their station is falling. I have already ordered that preparations for the planetary bombardment to commence


2361.02.03 - Zero
The League are here. We have left the orbit of Zero One and have gone to meet them. I have ordered our reserve fleet to arrive from a particular vector - I don’t want them to be caught and trapped isolated from us. The battle commences soon.


2361.03.11 - Zero
Together the League might match us - but their forces are comprised of multiple different fleets. Coordination does not seem to be their strong point. Their vanguard we have engaged, and they are starting to melt beneath our battery. Their Joint Fleet is about to enter the fray, and another squadron is about to engage. Our own reserve fleet is now in-system, but is still some way away.


2361.03.17 - Zero
A new enemy squadron has arrived. They appear to still be using hyperspace drives. They are, as yet, too far away to trouble us.


2361.04.08 - Zero
We have won. The enemy has completed emergency FTL procedures, and have fled the field. Their first fleet is destroyed. Their second - their Joint Fleet - has been badly mauled. Their third had barely engaged and has only taken a few losses, and a lone battleship. Our own fallen have been manageable. Once we merge with the reserve fleet we shall be stronger than we were.

But more importantly, since the War in Heaven began, the Great Flock has a victory to its name. We shall yet be free.

2361.04.11 - 2361.10.09
2361.04.11 - Zero
Ordered given to resume the bombardment of Zero One. A dispatch has notified me our hapless overlords have sent a small squadron to attack C’Knoor in Uflao - they are doomed.


We also requisition reserves from the Rimborth Sector to further the expansion of our fleet.


2361.09.22 - Zero
It has been a long few months, but the assault on Zero One has finally begun.


2361.10.09 - Zero
Zero One has fallen. Unfortunately the sclerotic intelligence behind the Directive has long ago removed any physical local from which to harm it. Time to clear out some of the squadrons in the surrounding systems.

The gambit pays off. Perhaps not as total a victory as could be desired, but the League has been forced onto the back foot, which should give the Flock some breathing room.
Yes - when I saw them jumping in separately I felt a lot more confident about my ability to pull this off.
2361.12.02 - 2362.05.10
2361.12.02 - Zero
A new opportunity has arisen. I have ordered the fleet to go to Paraggir. An important Directive Squadron is heading for the starport there. A starport guarded by a snare - a snare that will dump us right on top of them. This is a circumstance I don’t want to waste.


2361.12.13 - Zero
The next election has come again. Some have expressed an anger that we continue elections in the midst of the war - but I have sent out a Navy-wide comm essentially telling the whiners to shut up. This is part of who we are - if we are ever to get free it will be together. The last thing I need is someone trying to put me up as some sort of dictator.

Besides, I need to be in command of the fleet. Feathers of Ivory has been a good leader, but I give my support to Shabangheel. I have my concerns, but we need to orientate our industry to more fully support the fleet if we are to win this war.


2361.12.30 - Paraggir
Well that went off almost perfectly. Just a single loss, but their entire squadron was annihilated. Now to go to Erasmadon - perhaps we can manage a repeat.


2362.02.17 - Erasmadon
We are in-system and engaging the enemy station and starports - the Bavi Fleet is almost in range. I hope we can snag it.


2362.03.03 - Erasmadon
News arrives that Feathers of Ivory is re-elected. I main Bavi Fleet has escaped - but they have some support squadrons travelling on behind. Those we will eliminate.


2362.03.15 - Erasmadon
Two additional support squadrons, and some transports. Not the haul I had hoped for, but useful all the same. From intercepted comms the Bavi Fleet appears to be attempting to support a Directive Fleet that is trying to trap a Varelviv squadron rimwards towards Fruit-Bearer space. But as they are restricted to hyperlanes … just a matter of determining their route and managing the timing.


2362.04.02 - Erasmadon
That clever Curator scientist has determined a method of internal bracing that should reduce the impact of damage to our ships. Against the Cynur it won’t make enough of a difference - but I have ordered the entire fleet to make the modifications. Fortunately we can do them ourselves.


Course has been set to Minchir. I hope we have determined the Bavi fleet’s course correctly.


2362.04.18 - Erasmadon
Dire news today - the Cynur have begun their assault on T’Sondek. I am sure our troops will put up a good fight, but they do not believe they can win.


2362.04.21 - Minchir
We have emerged from jump and are moving to engage the enemy.


2362.05.10 - Minchir
Victory is ours. Light losses for us, total for them. If I lose the war against the League now I should be court-martialed and disassembled. Against the Cynur … we shall have to see.

An excellent demonstration of how different forms of FTL travel can shape one's strategy. The Flock's ability to fight in a volume of its own choosing has certainly proven to be a decisive advantage over the League.