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A few, Lulong, Kwangtong, Xia, Chu, Zhao, Wu, and depending how you look at it, Joseon.

It kind of looks like this:


But there has been a few changes including the Mangalai taking out a chunk of Zhao as well as the Joseon losing control of it's overseas empire to rebels and defections.
Wow, the Spanish have colonies in New England? I would say I'm surprised, but then again, I would be acting like I've never played a game before.
I've just started reading this, but let me say it is absolutely awesome. Tengriism and I have a close personal relationship. :p But jokes aside, the dynasty you portray is awesome - I don't want to comment too much, due to the fact I haven't read too far into chapter two yet - but just thought I'd shout out that it was a great read so far. :)
No problem - I'll be open to reading more whenever you are ready. V2 is kinda captivating - although this AAR has really got me interested in EU3, as well. :)