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I must confess that this AAR has trapped my attention.
I must confess that this AAR has trapped my attention.
I'm glad to hear it. :D

This AAR is just so awesome.:D


Well, I decided on upgrading the far east, the southeast, and the mid east. Yes, call me a dirty rotting cheater for making the game harder on myself. They all have Eastern Tech now and muslim units. Don't ask me why I did this, because I'm not entirely sure myself. I guess I just didn't want Asia to be a cakewalk. I mean Champa just got vassalized by Spain. I'm not sure why they weren't annexed, but I'd rather not have Spanish Southeast Asia on my hands.

Nevertheless, Spain actually colonized the Philippines. I had nothing to do with that. Japan, I did. I told you I would at the beginning of the topic. In any case, until the next update, which may be very soon!
Trapping Kurt_Steiner is definitely a difficult thing to do, scholar. You should feel proud. (I remember way back in the day when he use to posts in my AARs :p)

I give you credit for making Asia harder on you, but even with that, I doubt you will have too much of a problem. ;) Looking forward to the next update.
Just read this AAR and I must confess I'm very interested and impressed!

Well done, this is great, and I'll be following closely!
Trapping Kurt_Steiner is definitely a difficult thing to do, scholar. You should feel proud. (I remember way back in the day when he use to posts in my AARs :p)

:( I'm quite busy and absent minded, lately... Not to mention a bit lazy when it comes the time to post...
Just read this AAR and I must confess I'm very interested and impressed!

Well done, this is great, and I'll be following closely!
Thank you, and I'm glad you enjoy the AAR

Trapping Kurt_Steiner is definitely a difficult thing to do, scholar. You should feel proud. (I remember way back in the day when he use to posts in my AARs :p)

I give you credit for making Asia harder on you, but even with that, I doubt you will have too much of a problem. ;) Looking forward to the next update.
Thank you for commenting, and I'm very proud.

I'll update this tonight. Thanks again for commenting, all of you. :)
:( I'm quite busy and absent minded, lately... Not to mention a bit lazy when it comes the time to post...

Excuses! Don't want to hear it! :p In all seriousness, I was just poking fun.

I'm already pumped for the next update!
Karim Berdi II Genghisid, Khagan of the Golden Horde, Emperor of all Russia's
Lived From 1576.8.11 - 1645.1.10
Ruled From 1623.8.11 - 1645.1.10
8 - 8 - 6


Karim Berdi's reign was perhaps one of the most peaceful in the history of the Golden Horde. Karim Berdi's reign was one of mostly peaceful reign of all Khagan's in history being the only Khagan to never declare war on a state. It was during Karim Berdi's reign that the Siberian forests were mostly conquered and that a corridor to the Pacific was opened. That said, Karim Berdi's reign was anything from not interesting. He played a pivotal role in the destruction of Bohemia's last remaining organs, and the rise of the de Valois.

Karim Berdi was an old soul, being born to lead the country for almost the entire reign of his father, it was expected that the throne would ultimately pass to his son instead of himself. But through careful maneuvering he became Khagan of the Golden Horde following his father's death. Ulug Muhammad made it very hard for any successor to him being able to match his feats. Karim Berdi didn't even try. Upon succeeding the throne he sent out diplomatic envoys to all the nations of the land stating that he wished to further peaceful cultural exchange between his empire and the the rest of the world. So shocked was most of Europe, that many deemed it a trick, a ruse in order for Karim Berdi to take over the world. While they mused this, Karim Berdi moved his focus towards the lands to the east.

Karim Berdi hired an Algerian man by the name of Barbarossa to explore the Siberian forests and claim them, if he could, for the Khaganate. During his ten year employ under Karim Berdi, Barbarossa fought against 8000 natives, discovered a new road to China going around the Timurids, laid claims on several tens of thousands of square miles, and found his way to the Pacific Ocean. Karim Berdi made Barbarossa Emir of the far east, and under Karim Berdi and Barbarossa much of the Siberian Tundra would be claimed in the name of the Empire. One small problem that Barbarossa ultimately faced as a constant problem were pirates which were funded by the Japanese under the newly established Minamoto clan and constantly harassed the colonies there. Karim Berdi, not one to show weakness, sent the entire Genghisid Imperial Navy to the far east, where under the command of his imperial majesty "Admiral" Emir Barbarossa, the pirates were vanquished.


Admiral Barbarossa, Emir of the Far East, Subject of the Khaganate

While the East was being taken care of, there was still the problem of the west. Following the decline of Bohemia as Holy Roman Emperor, there was a great fear that Bohemia would actually become Emperor again following several major blunders of the Imperial family of Bavaria. Cheif among these blunders were alienating the Papacy, recklessly engaging in needless wars, and not removing the heretics from the Empire. None of these were mutually exclusive. Karim Berdi, not wishing to see a strong Bohemia arise on his immediate flank, fostered close relations with Bavaria. The two nations would become closely tied and a Bavarian ambassador would establish a permanent presence in Sarai. While the Bavarians didn't recognize the Horde as their overlords, they were becoming dependent upon them with the world their base rapidly abandoning them.

In order to prevent this, Karim Berdi knew that the family of the Bavaria needed to leave Bavaria so a more popular, more well founded, dynasty could take hold. In order to do this, Karim Berdi would need to find his other ally willing. This ally, was of course, France. The de Valois of France were close de facto allies of the Genghisids. Because of this, Karim Berdi sent an exorbitant amount of money to the country whenever they were involved in a conflict, resulting directly towards their resurgence as a power when they fought needless wars with Bavaria over the Holy Roman Empire territories being conquered by the French. Karim Berdi, basically, asked the French to lay a charge against the Bavarians that the grandfather of the current Bavarian Emperor was illegitimate, effectively making their inheritance invalid. The Grandfather's brother was already integrated into the de Valois through two marriages, making France a more legitimate claim to the Bavarian crown. Once this became public, though initially skeptical, with enough pocking and prodding from the Genghisids and the de Valois Bavaria crumbled into Chaos.


The de Valois of Europe all suddenly turned on the Askaniers who ruled Bavaria. The Papacy refused to help them, and rapidly the electors began looking towards other countries to lead them immediately following the fall of the Askanier Emperor. The electors were mostly divided among three candidates, the Electorate of Bohemia, the Kingdom of Prussia, and the Kingdom of France. While Karim Berdi wanted the King of France to become Emperor, he realized that this would not be wise as the entire Holy Roman Empire would give it it's resources. Karim Berdi wanted a balance of powers in Europe, dominated by allies and enemies to make sure no one became too powerful. Bohemia was a slight problem, but nothing Karim Berdi could not handle.

Without firing a single shot, Karim Berdi destroyed any chance of Bohemia becoming Emperor. This was done by dismantling the final vestiges of Bohemia's Empire, the electorate of Brandenburg. Brandenburg was under the foreign rule of the de Valois for the better part of a century now. Burgundy, while they held Berlin itself, did not hold most of it's territory. While Emperor, instead of coming to Brandenburg's aid when Burgundy attacked, they instead picked at Brandenburg's corpse and annexed the territory. Also, the Lorraine family has been kind of the Saxons of Berlin, unlike the de Valois of Bohemia. Karim Berdi used his money and influence to support the burgeoning powers of the von Hohenzollern family, which had long since held domain in Brandenburg. After one year of funding, Brandenburg was free from foreign rule under the Genghisid aligned von Hohenzollern.



Joachim II Hector von Hohenzollern, Grand Duke of Brandenburg

With Bohemia proven to be incapable of holding it's own territories, the electors left Bohemia for a second time. The problem with this, was the rise of Prussia under the Habsburgs. They garnered four votes for Holy Roman Emperor almost ensuring their successor as the Bavarian and French supporters could only howl at the winds. This was something that could not stand. That said, there was little to do to discredit the Prussians as they were widely considered a noble cultured people under competent leadership. So in order to discredit them, they had to be made into the "opposite" of Holy Roman Emperor material. Three reasons were circulated among the electors. First among them was Prussia's vast colonial empire in Canada that showed no signs of decline.

The Holy Roman Empire needed an Emperor who would look out for their interests, protect the Empire's integrity, and from outside influences. Prussia's colonialism harms Prussia's candidacy because the nation of Prussia would use the funds of the empire to pursue the goal of protecting lands far from the Empire. That the treasury would be used to create new colonies and expand them well beyond Prussia's means. Not only this, but Prussia would get into petty squabbles with the native Empires, which are proving to be more than enough trouble for the French following the Cherokee disaster. Even the Spanish have trouble when dealing with the natives. Prussia's involvement in colonial wars and native wars would be inevitable drains upon the Empire's resources.

The second reason was that the house of Habsburg is in decline. No new stable power has accepted a Habsburg heir in over one hundred years. In fact, the Habsburgs have succumbed to petty infighting and massive divides. The Spanish separated from the Habsburg collective and fought for hegemony of the Habsburg house with the English for many occasions. Prussia and Hungary often opt to remain neutral in the conflicts, but as Prussia's colonial territories are getting closer and closer to the Spanish settlements, either an alliance or war between them is almost inevitable. Furthermore, Hungary has been slowly picked at by the Golden Horde for over a century now. While still viewed fondly as the valiant protector of Europe from the rabid Mongols, it is no longer as strong as it once was. Norway, the most neutral and most stable of the von Habsburgs, were recently overthrown by the de Valois, leading on to the third point.

The von Habsburgs and the de Valois have been fighting each other for centuries. The de Valois are firmly entrenched within the Empire. Bringing in the von Habsburgs will only cause their wars to totally engulf the Holy Roman Empire, causing massive problems for all involved. Instead of the HRE being a free entity, it would merely be a tool of the two houses to use against one another. Also, showing that the von Habsburgs are losing the current war against the de Valois, giving Prussia the resources of the Empire will only rekindle it making the war last longer than it would naturally, and may even destroy several powerful nations inside of Europe. With these three charges, the electors turned away from Prussia, and put their support not behind the Askaniers, but the de Valois. With this move, the Askaniers were finished. Maximilian de Valois rose to the throne of Bavaria and was chosen as Holy Roman Emperor thus installing a powerful ally into the seat of Holy Roman power, while preventing Bohemia's second rise, and the rise of Prussia.


The Askaniers, almost totally aloof of the Genghisids treachery fled to Sarai, where the family was welcomed by Karim Berdi as friends and allies. There they would become top advisers to the Khagan and be given royalty tiles pertaining to the Golden Horde. In fact, the Askaniers were among the chief people in charge of the Genghisid restoration of ties with Gujarat. The Askanier family served as envoys between Gujarat and Sarai and together they formed a common alliance.

This alliance, however, would be short lived. Immediately following the restoration of diplomatic ties between the two houses of Genghisid, Gujarat abused their powers in order to declare a war on Bali and demanded the Khagan aid them. Bali was a small nation that enjoyed great ties with the Khagan. In fact, one of the Khagan's sons was adopted into that noble house's rule. Gujarat lacked even a basic reason for the assault on a fellow Muslim nation other than "colonial ambition." Immediately the Khagan abandoned Gujarat and supported Bali. While too late, he placed the nation in his sphere of influence. Two years later, the Khagan's son became Sultan of Bali. This was the first time in over three generations that a Genghisid rose to power in a foreign state. With Genghisids at war with Genghisids, Karim Berdi found himself disgusted with the overall situation and opted to remain neutral, despite his son's and his cousin's pleas for aid. Karim Berdi would only be a neutral arbiter. One month following his son's succession, Karim Berdi died leaving everything to his eldest son, Muhammad Murad.


Excellent update. The power of Spain is really quite impressive. Nothing compared to the mighty Golden Horde though of course!

Who's that country in the Hudson Bay?
Prussia, I think.

It's rather ironic that, now that Bavaria is going into troubles, she becomes the head of the German Empire. :D
Excellent update. The power of Spain is really quite impressive. Nothing compared to the mighty Golden Horde though of course!

Who's that country in the Hudson Bay?
It would be the wonderful Habsburg Empire of Prussia. That said, Hansa holds the northern coast of Quebec.

Thank you for reading and enjoying the AAR!

Prussia, I think.

It's rather ironic that, now that Bavaria is going into troubles, she becomes the head of the German Empire. :D
Yeah, but if Bohemia became HRE then I would have just invaded and destroyed the country. So, Bavaria's gaining of the throne was the best thing for the HRE, and Europe for that matter.

Thank you for reading and commenting!
I probably contributed only a couple, but congratulations! :D
Thank you Arakhor,

I would like to apologize that I haven't updated this in almost a week. I haven't been feeling well. I will endeavor to update this later on today or tomorrow at the latest.

I apologize further, my health took a turn for the worse and I just couldn't sign on and write. I tried writing other things to get me back in the swing of thing here, but that didn't really work.
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Dewa Agung Sakti Genghisid, Sultan of Bali
Lived From 1602.6.24 - 1649.10.12
Ruled From 1639.11.17 - 1648.11.2


Dewa was the third son of Karim Berdi II of the Golden Horde. From birth he had the name Abdul. For much of his early life he was schooled and never left the capital of Sarai. Abdul's education was fairly sophisticated as he showed that he had the talents of an able administrator, but lacked the talents of a general. In 1623 A.D. Abdul began to act as a diplomat to various Horde aligned nations, visiting his cousins throughout the region as well as making diplomatic missions to states who enjoyed close relations to the Khaganate. One those those states would be the Sultanate of Bali, which had it's fair share of problems. Abdul made many trips to Bali and the two nations became close friends. Abdul actually gained a lot of political clout inside of the courts of Bali. In addition Abdul played a pivotal role in bringing Gujarat back into the graces of the Horde.

Unfortunately for Abdul Gujarat immediately used the alliance with the Horde to attack Bali. The Horde, having enjoyed close relations with Bali, refused. Abdul himself felt utterly humiliated and betrayed by this flagrant act against a friend and being used in such a way. The war with Bali was a long one and during the conflict the Sultan of Bali perished along with his heir and two other close relatives. This left Bali torn between a number of candidates while the enemy forces were literally picking at the appendages of the empire. Abdul, who was positioned in Bali, was offered the throne twice. He rejected both on the grounds that he had no blood ties to Bali's throne and that there were far more legitimate candidates. However when the remaining key players of the Rajasanagara family pleaded for Abdul to take the throne, Abdul had no choice but to accept. He officially requested permission from his father at Sarai while taking on the duties of the Sultanate. His father approved of his ascension to the Throne of Bali and quickly took over.

Abdul changed his name upon being crowned Sultan to Dewa Agung Sakti Genghisid. Among his first orders of business was finding a piece with his cousin in Gujarat, who upon learning that his cousin attained the throne had a sudden turn from war. Nevertheless the price for peace was steep. Dewa had to cede several outlaying territories including one on the island of Java. Nevertheless peace was secured for the moment. Abdul worked with the nobles and the former Rajasanagara to strengthen to state, but he and they realized that Bali was in no condition for war. When the Emirate of Granada's fleet reached the shores of Java Abdul agreed to a partition of the island with them laying claim to all the lands on the western half while Abdul's possessions would be secured. This seemed, to some, as a flagrant act of betrayal against Bali, even if the country had no authority over those lands, the nation that Bali claimed to replace, Majapahit, did.

As more and more enemies began to encroach upon Bali, Dewa realized that no matter how much he was loyal to his family, he could not count on them to protect his small island nation from the Spaniards, Brunei, Granada, and other monsters arriving off his shores. It is with this in mind that Dewa aligned himself to the Timurids, who controlled much of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo under both the Timurid Khaganate and the Sultanate of Brunei. This action, while a smart move, would end up bringing Deccan, Gujarat, and other nations to declare war upon Dewa in Bali. Dewa relied heavily on the Timurids, but Brunei refused to come to Bali's aid. The Timurids would score a number of victories against Deccan and Gujarat, but Bali's front collapsed. More territory would be robbed from Bali in those wars. The nobles, believing Dewa to have failed them, approached him and asked him to resign. Dewa, realizing his failure, did just that. A noble republic was enacted whereby the nobles would have even greater power.

Dewa would not live much longer after this. He had wished to leave Bali almost immediately, but was forced to stay against his will. Under house arrest inside a Palace that was no longer his, he dreamed of what it would have been like if he had succeeded. He realized that the first sultanate to accept a Genghisid in so many generations had officially failed which made it seem unlikely that another would accept a Genghisid for some time. Dewa's son, the crown prince, Ketut Ngulesir Genghisid was only seven at the time. After some pleading, and even some begging, Dewa was able to secure Ketut Ngulesir's passage back to the Golden Horde under his elder brother's protection. Mahmud would take care of his nephew, and Dewa would spend his remaining months in disgrace before succumbing to a disease and perishing at the age of 46.

Mahmud II Genghisid, Khagan of the Golden Horde, Emperor of all Russia's
Lived From 1592.8.11 - 1649.11.15
Ruled From 1645.1.10 - 1649.11.15


Mahmud was the eldest son of Karim Berdi, sovereign of the Golden Horde. Mahmud's life was one of near constant demand by his father. He had to be an able diplomat, a competent administrator, and a capable general. Because Mahmud did not fill this role all that well, he was left constantly in the care of tutors even when he was well past the age of study. Nevertheless, despite some early mistakes Karim Berdi proved himself to be a competent general in the affairs of military matters. Elsewhere he did not have such success. In diplomacy he was as capable as a gifted amateur, not something anyone would willingly put in charge of diplomatic affairs. In terms of administration he was even worse, which would prove to be crippling do to the sheer size of the Horde and it's many Khanates and organs. Ultimately, Mahmud would be in the shadow of his father, until his death in 1645. It would be then where Mahmud would enjoy four years of independence before his own untimely demise.

Upon his coronation as Emperor Mahmud II of Russia and Khagan of the Golden Horde, he began to focus immediately on militarism. Despite his father's much more peaceful and deceitful role in politics, Mahmud decided to abandon politics and most of the Horde's old allies to pursue his own interests which involved visiting his harem, one of the largest in generations, and inspecting the troops in non-strategic locations. After just a few months of this, the allies of the Golden Horde began to feel the effects of such neglect. Bavaria almost immediately began to succumb to the it's internal troubles. While Bavaria was able to stand up on it's own, the fear of losing the Golden Horde as an ally in addition to Bohemia's calls for total war and outright insurrection against the Horde to the East left Bavaria's position as HRE tenuous at best. In just a few years Bavaria would lose all support and give rise to a resurrection of the Bohemian Empire.

Bohemia immediately became Emperor after a series of fear mongering and war mongering campaigns amongst the electors. Surprisingly most of the foreign powers played very little attention to the shift in power away from the Bavarians, in fact many viewed it as a chance to open the HRE to foreign conquest. The rulers of Bavaria had been capable ministers, but very isolationist which left possibly the largest christian reserve of manpower unavailable to the other powers. In 1647 Bavaria was finally ousted from power upon the death of their patriarch and king. Bohemia was elected unanimously for Emperor. This event would immediately reach the hear of Mahmud, but he did not act decisively. It took two years for him to finally make his move against Bohemia following their direct warning of the Horde. This action would be a holy war, or Jihad, against infidels inhabiting Bohemia.


The conflict would open up with the maneuvering of several units into the Bohemian heartland. Several victories would be made there before one devastating defeat that cost the Golden Horde 16,000 troops to just 1000. As three units arose to take up a position of siege along the positions inside of Bohemia, the nation began to utilize it's vast manpower reserves and send an army of over 30,000 men to defeat Mahmud's troops. One by one they fell before the general Kuchuck Muhammad Temur-Chi (Mahmud's younger brother) began to put up a fight against the Bohemian forces, but his forces were far too few to make a difference. At the battle of Erz one of the few captured territories was lost to the Bohemian de Valois after a decisive battle on the outskirts of the city. The Horde's troops fled to Bavarian or Messein territory (both of which were neutral, but Horde aligned states) where they were able to recouperate. Before the year was through, however, Mahmud would perish at home in Sarai after succumbing to a strange illness.


Dudjayn Genghisid, Malik of Haasa City
Lived From 1580.12.22 - 1652.8.2
Ruled From 1614.6.13 - 1652.8.2


Dubjayn's story is very different from that of other sovereigns of other states. The City of Haasa had without a King for almost 57 years. This was the result of the tragic tale of Urayir ibn Dubjayn Genghisid. Immediately upon the death of Sulayman, Urayir was to be crowned Malik (or King). Unfortunately before his coronation as Malik, Urayir was killed by an assassin's blade. In the resulting turmoil few things were certain about the Haasa Genghisids. Sulayman had several children who were of age and now ready and willing to turn Haasa into a blood soaked city in order to attain succession. If the eight sons of Sulayman, four would die within the first three months of the vacant throne. A fifth one would die a year later. The remaining three sons realized that the infighting was making them seem like an easy target (Mamluks) decided to form a separate rule of government. The three sons of Sulayman agreed to a joint ruling upon the throne, and of these three sons they would choose one to take on the position of first prince, this man was Barrak Genghisid a man who was inside the Golden Horde when the initial killings took place making him seem the one with the cleanest hands.

Barrak's reign over the city of Haasa was relatively peaceful. The Haasa City promoted good relations with all the surrounding states, especially Oman and the Mamluks. When Barrack would perish in 1580 all but one of the three co-reigning princes died leading to the regency of Sadun. Sadun never took the title of Malik, neither did his elder brother, but Sadun would prove to be one of the strongest pillars of Haasa. When Haasa's neutrality was violated by the Nedj State with the intent of conquering the city, Sadun was able to rally both the Mamluks and the Timurid Khaganate to come to his aid. Oman provided subsidies. With Nedj's total defeat it became clear that Haasa was to be a neutral city. This allowed the city to thrive as a center of commerce and be the crossroads of diplomatic communication. Barrack would have a long reign as regent, so long that he outlived all his sons. When he died in 1612 the role of regent fell upon Dubjayn.

Dubjayn was not a man to wait idly for a true Malik of Haasa to be found. In fact, he found the very idea of his father and uncle being regents of Haasa for almost sixty years an insult to his line. Afterall, they were all true Genghisids, and his line was without a doubt the true victor in the war of the throne. It is with that in mind that Dubjayn became Malik of Haasa City in 1614, becoming the second official head of state of the city to carry the name "Genghisid." For all the pomp and circumstance behind his claiming the title of Malik, he was actually not one of the more talented individuals when it came to diplomacy or warfare. Nevertheless, Dubjayn would administer the city successfully for forty-eight years. During this time Dubjayn would convert Haasa to the Sunni faith, though most of the inhabitants still profess the Shiite faith.

Despite his long reign Dubjayn would have appeared to have done little besides this change in religion towards the outside world, regarded for his drunken behavior, which should have been scandalous. [Dubjayn never consumed a single taste of alcohol] Nevertheless, he earned no official scorn. As the Khaganate pushed back the Mamluks, he would give private approval of the rising actions of the Khaganate, but ultimately he would remain officially neutral, even rebuking an offer to marry one of his sons to Karim Berdi II's second son, father of the future Khagan. Dubjayn would also outlive his cousin, the next Khagan, Mahmud. It would be another three years before Dubjayn himself would succomb to the weariness of old age and perish from this world, his son would succeed him.