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A mod bringing the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra to Crusader Kings II.

Download now at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2113039890

This mod is currently in early alpha and many bugs, changes and unfinished features are to be expected. But it's in a playable state and we all wish you fun trying it. Please leave any bug reports and suggestions in this forum.
NOTE: The portraits are from the Anime Portraits mod and must be downloaded separately. Please search on the Steam Workshop or use the link below if you wish to use them.






- The full world of Avatar
- Start the game as Fire Lord Sozin and try to conquer the world, or play one of hundreds of other characters.
- Fight bending battles against your opponents in battle
- Learn new bending arts though a reworked education system
- New cultures and religions
- New events

Future Features:
- Industrial Revolution with new units such as tanks, airships and mechas
- Custom character portraits and event art
- More flavour
- New CBs
- New Governments

DLC Requirements:
The following DLC is required for the following features:
ROI - Pick your heir as fire nation
The Republic - Play a republic
HL - Have tributaries
CM - Have Viceroyalties and use the Chronicle
WoL - Use focuses
All DLC - Get any of the dlc locked events that we simply modified to fit into the setting

It's strongly recommended that you use the Mongol Portraits, Mongol Units, Cuman Portraits, Turkish Units, Sunset Invasion and the Horse Lords.

Old Changelog:

For more recent updates, please see the Steam page.

27/01/2018 - v1.05
# General
- Updated to Crusader Kings 2.8
- On Steam Workshop, the mod is now avaliable as one download instead of many parts. The mod has been uploaded for download from the Paradox Forum, ModDB and Steam Workshop.

# Features
- Completely overhauled the disease system. All vanilla diseases have been replaced by new ones, which have their own symptoms, events and traits.
- Added a new RPG style duel system, allowing two characters to clash using the full extent of their abilities.
- Added several new types of tributaries to model certain relations, such as Earth Kingdom Territories, Earth Kingdom States, Protectorates, Military Allies and more.
- Sun Warriors have a range of unique features added, including the unique ability to field Warriors who ride mighty Dragons into battle. Sun Warrior rulers can spend prestige to gain the loyalty of these mighty warriors, as well as powerful artefacts and reforms that may bring them closer to rebuilding their grand civilisation of old.
- Introduced numerous artefacts, from crowns to space swords. Added the Animal Companion category to the inventory to track pets such as Sky Bison and Ostrich Horses.
- Sandbender rulers who control the entirety of the Si Wong Desert can now take a decision to form their own empire.
- Added several new societies: Art of Agni Kai, The Elder Council, Five-Seven-Fiver, The Enlightened, the Kemurikage Sisterhood and the White Lotus.
- Added 'Customs of the Air Nomads' law to independent Air Nomad rulers. This law determines what bonuses a ruler receives and if they can use any special CB's. This law cannot be changed by rulers themselves, but by decision by the Air Nomad's society, the Elder Council.
- Added a decision to host a grand market, bringing merchants from far and wide. Using your skills, from martial to learning, gain an economic boost for your capital or go searching for merchants selling rare artifacts.
- Re-added Royal Law for the Earth Kingdom, now representing the obligations between the Earth King and Earth Kingdom territories.
- Added events revolving around the Six Hundred Day Siege of Ba Sing Se, and a bookmark, Dragon of the West, to focus on this era.
- Complete rework of Earth Kingdom mechanics, including Royal Authority. Royal Authority is now gained every five years from the number of Tributaries and Vassals the Earth King possesses, and can be spent on special interactions with Tributaries and changing Earth Kingdom laws.

# Balance
- Changes to Landed Titles, such as Players can now create any kingdom-tier title, regardless of culture. All empire titles can now be created only by the correct culture group. The AI is still restricted in creating kingdom-tier titles in another culture's de-jure territory, but can do so in certain situations.
- By popular demand, re-added the ability to convert provinces using the Court Spiritual, though this action is still limited by certain circumstances.
- If lacking an heir or children, Air Nomad rulers can now have a decision to search for a successor.
- Added several Merchant Republics to the map throughout the timeline.
- Slight changes made to Trade Routes.
- Made further changes to units. Armour is now less powerful, and also less expensive. A new unit exclusive to the Sun Warriors: Dragon Warriors, has also been introduced.
- Added new government type for Earth Kingdom cultured rulers, Earth Feudalism, taking features from vanilla's Chinese Imperialism government type, such as removing religious penalties between lieges and vassals.
- Dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes for the Avatar to complete training.
- Adventurer’s can no longer seek to conquer lands belonging to a foreign culture group, stopping a common occurrence in which Air Nomad and Water Tribe territory would often be conquered by Earth Kingdom adventurers.
- Air Nomads have received several buffs to make them stronger in earlier start dates, such as starting with a higher level of technology. The Water Tribe similarly starts with a better technology level.
- Rulers of the Northern Water Tribe now all start with a small stack of free troops, to boost early-game realm stability and allow expansion in earlier start dates.
- The Fire Nation is no longer founded by event, it can now be founded by anyone via decision who meets the conditions after a set date.
- Considerably reduced cost of Restoration of the Earth Kingdom decisions, making it cheaper and quicker for a Puppet Earth King to retake power.

# Fixes
- Fixed issues with Earth Kingdom Royal Authority resetting or becoming lost upon loading a save game.
- Added the ability for the Firelord to convert to Imperialism again if they become Spiritualist again later.
- Fixed issues with using Water Tribe decisions and CB's.
- Fixed remaining portrait issues with Religious and Merchant Republic portraits.
- Kyoshi now correctly starts with the Avatar's Court as her primary title, rather that Kyoshi Island.
- Fixed issue with certain realms starting with the wrong government type.
- Fixed incorrect condition statement which made certain mercenary groups impossible to hire.
- Deleted obsolete and unused content from vanilla for better performance and more stable experience.
- Fixed issue in the northern section of the map where strait crossings would link the wrong provinces.
- Fixed issue in which duplicates of certain characters could appear if they already existed in the current bookmark.
- Fixed issue when landed characters will inherit temples they cannot hold instead of automatically generating a new holder.

# Quality
- Added an introduction/tutorial to the mod's unique features that can be accessed through the era introduction event. The version of the mod you're currently running is also displayed here.
- Made further changes to Coat of Arms. Dynasties belonging to the Earth group will now use Chinese CoA's. New unique CoA's have been added for certain dynasties.
- In addition to the existing event that fires when an Avatar dies, another event has been added to trigger when a new Avatar is born.
- Brought 'Government Flavour' up to date, in addition to adding more variety and titles.
- Made numerous Localisation improvements.
- Added several new icons for new government types.
- Fixed certain inconsistencies in the history files.
- Add two new soundtracks.
- Added additional missing characters.

29/07/2017 - v1.0.1
- Added twenty new unique Dynasty CoA's for all notable families.
- Fixed issues with poorly made CoA's, with vanilla color schemes returning.
- Continued Improvement of Character Portraits, with new options and adjustments.
- Fixed not being able to do Character Customization with Custom Portraits.
- Fixed issue with the mod not properly processing Kyoshi's Death and spawning a new Avatar.
- Fixed issue with descendents of canon characters inheriting their portraits. They now default to correct GFX.
- Removed dummied out Minor Titles, improving performance.
- Removed Ostritch Horse decision once and for all (I really mean it this time!).
- Readded set death dates for Avatars & Canon Characters. Kyoshi will no longer die as soon as the game begins.
- Fixed issue with Destiny of the Fire Nation decisions showing up for later Firelords.
- Fixed issues with the Water Tribe decisions.
- Fixed issues with Holy Orders using Mongol portraits instead of Mod Portraits.
- Wrote a Change Log for once.
- Added the Cabbage Man.
- Rebalanced certain Traits.
- Fixed issues regarding Raiding with certain religions.
- Avatar and Fire Nation events are now more stable and unlikely to bug out.
- Founding the Fire Nation will now flip yourself, your realm provinces, your court and immediate vassals within the Fire culture group to Fire Nation culture.
- Fixed issue with random courtiers inheriting the Avatar's Court.
- Sandbenders can now reform to feudal government, and how to reform has been made more clear. - Vanilla option to go feudal has returned, but once feudal it is also possible to 'uplift' tribal vassals via diplomacy and a small cost.
- Fixed and improved upon Air Nomad Pilgrimage events.
- Optimized some poorly written events and decisions for better performance.
- Signficantly reduced the rate of natural disasters in the Fire Isles.
- Added QoL improvements from latest patches.
- Fixed Steam Workshop Version specific bugs, such as faulty history files.
- Introduced several new unique buildings around the map, with useful buffs for several holdings such as the Fire Palace, Earth Palace, Omashu, Northern Water Tribe, Yu Dao and Gaoling.

30/07/2016 - V0.0.4.1
Bug Fixes:
- Island Provinces can't convert Religion: Certain provinces can convert religion now when they either border a compatible religion or are two sea zones away.
- Fixed Localisation issues: Cavalry mistake has been fixed, and Nickname localisation improved.
- Southern Raider Crash: The Southern Raider events should no longer cause the game to crash.
- Missing Startup Events: New characters at the Hundred Year War bookmark didn't receive an introduction event.
- Fire Imperialist Avatar: Certain canon characters will no longer convert away from their starting religion.

22/07/2016 - V0.0.4
Link to Release Page

14/12/2015 - V0.0.2
Events, jobs, decisions and plots:
- Barred the avatar from marrying before mastering all four elements
- if you have a bending teacher in court, you won't get another
- removed trigger for animal friends from culture to de jure liege
- Prevented normal children from learning certain specialisation bending abilities
- Added a minor decision to hunt for an ostrichhorse
- Added new events to discover and learn special bending techniques
- Added decisions to spread a character’s special bending techniques

- Gave the Firelord an opinion bonus off 20 for same religion
- Reduced the chance of gaining animal friends
- Cut the short reign penalty in half for fire spirits
- Readjusted age of adulthood to 18
- Time before betrothal breaks is now 22
- Female attraction cut off raised to 55
- Naval attrition reduced to 0.2
- Emperor creation cost raised
- Raised female max childbirth age to 50 (average modern age of menopause)
- Added infant death chance
- Added new religions
- Added tributaries
- Added new governments
- Made factions less aggressive towards the top liege

Graphics and interface:
- Added all fire nation and water tribe flags
- Added and changed many other flags

- Rearranged some rivers
- Expanded and enlarged city sprawl
- Fixed minor river issues

- Gives the Avatar the title Avatar
- Adapted minor titles to the ATLA world

- Updated on_actions to fire added events
- Added nick_the_popular nickname
- Made sure the introduced eunuch gets the appropriate bending trait
- Added pictures for new events
- Made friends and ward training events mtth 10 times longer
- Fixed empty seduction events
- Made republics playable
- Updated CB’s

- Added generic characters to fill republicsTributaries:-Added tributaries to the earth kingdom
-Made tributaries inheritableReligions:
-Recreated religions from the ground up-Removed heresiesGovernments:-Added nomadic government-Added commune government-Added dynastic theocracy government
-Readjusted starting republics

23/8/2015 - V0.0.1 - First Release

Original Dev Team:
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The Earth King event line is not finished. He is always under regency. If you don't find that fun don't play him yet.

Spoilers by start date:

Death of Chin: ATLA: ??? LoK: ??? ATLA Comics: ??? LoK Comics: ???
Founding the Dai Li: ATLA: ??? LoK: ??? ATLA Comics: ??? LoK Comics: ???
Sozin's Coronation: ATLA: S03E06 LoK: None ATLA Comics: None LoK Comics: None
The Hundred Year War: ATLA: S03E06 LoK: None ATLA Comics: None LoK Comics: None
Firelord Azulon: ATLA: ??? LoK: ??? ATLA Comics: ??? LoK Comics: ???
Dragon of the West: ATLA: ??? LoK: ??? ATLA Comics: ??? LoK Comics: ???
The Last Airbender: ATLA: S01E01 LoK: ??? ATLA Comics: ??? LoK Comics: ???
The Disharmony: ATLA: ??? LoK: ??? ATLA Comics: All LoK Comics: ???
The Republic: ATLA: All LoK: S01E01 ATLA Comics: All LoK Comics: ???
Avatar Korra: ATLA: All LoK: S01E01 ATLA Comics: All LoK Comics: ???
The Earth Empire: ATLA: All LoK: S04E01 ATLA Comics: All LoK Comics: ???

Do not snoop around the mod files, especially histories, if you don't want to get spoiled.

Compatible mods:
Old Portrait Frames
Plot Assassinate Your Children

Known Issues:

Q: Is X character canon?
A: In the Sozin's bookmark the only canon characters are Sozin, Roku, Gyatso, Sud, and Ta Min. The rest were inferred like the previous earth kings and fire lords or made up for gameplay reasons.

Q: What other bookmarks are planned?
A: We hope to release an ATLA, LoK, and Kyoshi bookmark some point in the future.

Q: Why CK2 and not HoI, Vicky2, EU4, or skyrim?
A: Tirenedon decided to make the mod for CK2 and the rest of the team joined after. We're all major ck2 fans and players so we decided to stick to CK2.

Q: Why isn't my favourite character a 80 martial legendary bender?
A: We're trying to be conservative with our stat allocation and some of your favourite characters may not have the stats or traits you expect. Feel free to argue with us over it though because if you're convincing enough we may readjust them.

Q: How do I get those cool portraits you guys are making?
A: They're not quite ready for release. Stay tuned for future updates!

Q: Why is there a mix or Chinese, Inuit, and English for the names of characters and places?
A: We're following a convention of the series. By rewatching ATLA and LoK you may notice that characters like Lily and Buttercup live side by side with Unalaq and Kahchi. There are also locations like Whaletail Island and Ba Sing Se in the same world.

Q: Dogs, Wolves, Cats, and Bears? What are they doing in this mod?
A: Although some of these animals, like bears, are... weird, others like cats and wolves are actually common and show up fairly often in both LoK and ATLA. As far as we can tell there is no strong rule about which animals are combined and which are not, but just to be safe we will only put in canon uncombined animals into the mod.

Q: How are you allowed to share this mod here even though it contains genocide?
A: The air nomads Genocide is not yet included in the mod and a very touchy subject. We want to prove that we can broach such a touchy subject respectably. Like in the show we will reference to some of the nastier non G rated topics in the mod through euphemisms and implications. If a moderator would like to discuss the issue of the inclusions of these subjects in the mod please feel free to message me.

Q: House Hou-Ting? How does that make sense before she was born?
A: It's one the weird quirks of avatar canon.

Q: Why is there both bending type and bending proficiency.
A: Separating them makes events using bending less complicated. If you have a better solution feel free to join us and help us improve the mod.

Q: Why does it take until 18 to finish your education and be able to get married?
A: Like in the show some conventions like education and marriage appear to follow our own western standards more than ancient eastern standards. If you have proof that it should be earlier feel free to let us know.

Q: My ship should sail even though it has holes and no canon.
A: We will only put in canon relationships for the mod. When it comes to Asami and Korra we consider their relationship completely canon even though there is still some how controversy over it.

Q: Why is the earth king always a puppet and the Earth kingdom disunified?
A: Since Kyoshi's defeat of chin the conqueror the Earth king has exerted no influence outside of Ba Sing Se or even left his palace until 52nd earth king Kuei. During this time it was the Dai Li who ran the day to day affairs of Ba Sing Se, which left the earth king nothing more than a puppet as designed by Avatar Kyoshi. Eventually we will have a long event chain to stop the earth king from being a puppet to the Dai Li but it is yet to be implemented. Even a strong earth king will have to fight to regain full power over the whole of the earth kingdom though. It may even take... an emperor.

Q: I am from nickelodeon and I am mad you're using content from the TV show for this mod.
A: Please contact me through these forums or speak to a forum moderator. I'm sure we can work something out.

Q: I made a mini mod for this mod can I share it?
A: Please do! Remember to give credit to us if you use any of our work.

Q: I have made an unrelated mod I want to make compatible with this mod. What do I do?
A: Please contact us and we'll do everything in our power to help make our mods compatible.

Final words:
If you have any other problems please let us know!
By the way it's not too late to join us. Especially if you're a musician, event moder, or just dedicated to the mod!
Thanks for playing the mod.
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Well I played a bit, and there are a couple things so far.
2. I played a bit a Sozin: put down a revolt, won a agni kai (challenged by vassal), was imprisoned by vassal (intrigue), son died to same vassal (assassination), ransomed myself/proceeded to imprison and execute, wife cheated/divorced, married my sons wife, dodged a number of further captures, produced four more children, assassinated on January 26 807: return to start, but as 12 year old granddaughter of Sozin.
Roughly speaking it seems the ai is currently quite blood thirsty, though it might have to do something with this next point

~Edit: Just remembered, first game Sozin died somewhere in 780's (imprisoned by vassal and became a lunatic before dying), sole daughter inherited then died of disease ending the Hong Dynasty :3

4. For the hiring someone to teach kid fire bending, am I suppose to switch educators to the new Courtier?
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The ai being bloodthirsty, or at least being percieved as such seems to be because it runs extremely fast. If it is a huge problem I will take a look at it, and tone it down a bit. But again, I think it is because a decade goes by so fast, it just seems like it.
The new courtier works like any other character. If they have better traits than you, consider switching guardian, otherwise just keep the child. Just remember that the better bender, the better the kid will be, generally speaking.
Congrats on the initial release! Goodbye productivity, hello Avatar mod.
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Compatible mods:
Patrinia Villosas portrait pack
Chinese Portraits
Retouched Mongolian Eyes
Just about any other portrait mod

Known Issues:
Vanilla loading screens show up - Fixed in next update
Some events missing text/spelling errors
Air nomads unplayable
Republics may be unplayable
Earth King will attack and vassalizes if somehow missing his trait
Some events fire too often
The minimap is a little off

If you have any other problems please let us know!

By the way it's not too late to join us. Especially if you're a portrait moder or musician!
I haven't got a chance to play it yet, why are the air nomads unplayable?
I downloaded the file, but I can't play it. I moved the RAR file to my mods, but it isn't showing up in my launcher. Any help?
I haven't got a chance to play it yet, why are the air nomads unplayable?
Partially because the Air nomads canon life is very complicated and we don't yet have all the events necessary for them to work and partially because we have yet to implement their new government type.

Originally they were just going to be unplayable but now with new government types we've decided there's no reason for anyone to be unplayable so we will be adding plenty of new government types in a future patch. Government types are a fairly new addition to modding though so we're still getting the hang of it and thought it wasn't worth waiting to release the mod just to add them.

I downloaded the file, but I can't play it. I moved the RAR file to my mods, but it isn't showing up in my launcher. Any help?
You need to open the .rar and put its content in the the mod folder.

I am not getting any cassus belli as Sozin or his heir now that he died in a fight. Is there a event that I missed? I am a fire spirits heresy. I just don't understand what happened. I thought it was because Rolu was alive so I dueled and killed him.

The new avatar showed up and it's a female dwarf air nomad.
No casus beli at all?
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Played it a bit and enjoyed it. A few considerations: Sozin should be stronger (at the moment he's the same thing as his elderly vassal); Sozin should have a brother; How does the Earth King mechanics work? Can i get rid of that Puppet King trait?