The First Contact Story Pack is available now!

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Am I the only one experiencing the "pre-sapients don't show up in the species list" bug?

I'm getting a notification that I can uplift them, but they're not in the Empire or Galaxy species lists.
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I went for Payback origin, stomped the MSI out of existence as militant xenophiles and then... nothing...

Achievement didn't trigger, and during the course of my playthrough all three of my pre-FTL planets nuked themselves out of existence, including one that went back to the stone age, was revitalised, and then nuked themselves again. Twenty hours into this run, so, so many clicks to spread tech and awareness :(

I remember now why I always go early end date and small galaxy
It's cool so far (playing Payback origin) but the story is not very surprising due to the spoilers upfront during the marketing phase of this DLC. Maybe you can be less descriptive the next time you want to release a story pack. I admit it won't be easy to find a balance between getting attention and telling too much of the plot but maybe you will find a way.
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Could be due to the influx of pre-sapients and pre-FTL civs now generated...Mo' pops, mo' render issues. Just wait when you have a billion ships that need independent rendering....are we back to the 'the player was the real galactic crisis all along because we make the universe stutter'...?
Such a wonderful explanation. It's like we're not who we are when our minds are flying through the galaxy.