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So, I'll start another high-quality AAR, which I will update regularly, as I update my other AAR, The Legacy of Lancasters. Mod will be Magna Mundi Platinum 2 Christmas '09 Edition. I picked up Ethiopia after having an enjoyable game in vanilla HttT. I'm looking forward for some interesting events - even during peacetime. Ethiopia is badly represented in Heir to the Throne (as are other Africa & American native nations), and I've noticed that MMP2 fixes things a lot.
This AAR is history-book-styled, I have written AARs of just about all other styles but not like this. I got the idea from trashing mad and his Mali AAR. Many thanks!

* * *​


Chapter I - What happened before the end of 14th century

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa. It is also the possible home of all humans in the world.

Before the Medieval Era
Axum, in the northern Tigray region near Adwa, was founded in early 5th century BC. The city's economic importantance through trade was born around 330 BC and flourished with the expansion of the Roman Empire. Ethiopia was mostly living off their trade.

10th to 14th Century
Little is known about the medieval times of Ethiopia.
Judaism and Islam grew to be powerful forces in Ethiopia during the hundreds years that had passed. Queen Yodit, who had seized the throne of Ethiopia just little more than 20 years earlier, led a destructive expedition against the Kingdom of Axum north of Ethiopia in late 10th century.

Legends tell that after Yodit had died, the Zagwe dynasty, first based in Lasta, emerged. Many of Ethiopia's churches at Roha date from the reign of the Zagwe king Lalibela. Many fortresses were also erected during the dynasty's reign. Zagwe dynasty was culturally rich. King Yekuno Amlak arose the throne around 1270, ending the Zagwe dynasty. His origins are unknown.

During the fourteenth century, Ethiopian ruler Amda Siyon made a huge effort at expansion, annexing territories and merging them into an the empire which was more or less similar to the boundaries of today. He did it by suppressed ethnic movements and firmly establishing Ethiopia as purely Amharic and Christian nation. He granted autonomy to regional rulers as his feudal vassals with authority over fiefs. In 1382, Dawit I became the
Negus of the despotic monarchy of Ethiopia. His reign still continues in 1399...


Countries of eastern Africa in 1399
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Looks interesting - lets see how an eastern African state would fare. Though you`ll have more difficult game than me with Mali - no gold, no CoT and heathens everywhere. Since it`s Magna Mundi, it will be damn hard (and thus entertaining :)).
Looks interesting - lets see how an eastern African state would fare. Though you`ll have more difficult game than me with Mali - no gold, no CoT and heathens everywhere. Since it`s Magna Mundi, it will be damn hard (and thus entertaining :)).

Actually, if I do the same that I did in my test game (expand south to take Swahili and Mutapa), I gain control of 5 gold-producing provinces.

Although I spent over 5 hours making the map, I still don't think it's as pretty as yours. Maybe you're just better with combining the effects.
Will be following this AAR as well. Your AAR's are intersting...
You're really picking up on your map making skills! Keep up the good work (and the AAR as well, I've always wanted to do an Ethiopian one, although I'd never even contemplate doing it with MMP ;))!
Ethiopia is an interesting choice. Looks like fun. Good luck!:)