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((When you say we can make characters as country leaders, does that mean we can make ones for the rebel states? If we do that, can we also have our usual character in the Senate possibly represented as a minister as well, or would having two characters be a bit much? I'm just wondering because I wouldn't mind controlling a certain fascist dictator in Italy so I could fuel Donatello's never-ending feud with Italy as the war progresses. :D))

(( I still have to ask the mods about interactivity, but I was planning for the Senate to make a return. These other characters would be second characters for each of you, so that plan would work perfectly. ))

((Speaking of which, have you been thinking about my Prime Minister suggestion? Konstantinos wouldn't allow it, but perhaps his successor will? The PM doesn't have to be a country leader, which will be the Emperor, of course.))

(( That was actually one of the motivations for making Prince Konstantios such a jerk. If he alienates the Senate, someone is going to have to take charge. Given the HoI4 system, we'll need to sort out some of the story details in advance, but more on that when I have the time to set up a thread and write some initial background. ))
(( Those would be acceptable places to create your extra character. As always, more detail forthcoming soon when I have some time to start writing things up. ))
112. 1931-1936 - After the address
Rajah was angered and frustrated,when some mad fascist stated,that Empire needs to exterminate rebels totally,but he haven't joined the mob,that tried to kill idiot - and luckily,because all of them(as well as fascist himself)were thrown out of Senate chamber.
"A new age have begun" - radio broadcaster said.
"Begun,begun" - sighed Akbar , drinking coffee at his home - "with parliamentary scandal".

Following the session, Franco just stood outside of the meeting hall, back against the wall, as what he told Irene echoed in his head. He truly wondered whether he could deal with the jingoistic tendencies of what is supposedly the heir apparent, the Emperor to be. But what worried him most was not whether he could deal with it, but whether Timon could. The boy always seemed worried over his future last time he visited, and thinking on it really hard, he understood why. Timon was the only heir to the Thaddai estate, being Nestor's only son and closest relative, thus making him eligible for the senatorial seat the estate had held for a long while not. Not just that, but he was the son to the Exarchess of Aotearoa, and considering the opinion of weaker federates the Prince displayed, Franco wondered what would happen with the seat - whether Timon would be the one to receive it, or if the Prince will just put someone who agrees with his ideology. And if the former happened, then Timon had to balance his senatorial seat and the position of Exarch, a difficult task to be sure, especially since he knew the lad was more attached to Aotearoa at this point.

Franco sighed. He worried for Timon despite knowing that he's already doing that for himself. He guessed he just needed to vent mentally, since today's Address was not to his liking because of the Prince. He looked over to his side, watching as the senators slowly left the hall, talking amongst themselves over what they had witnessed today. He waited for a bit longer, to see if there was anyone else venting about Konstantinos.

The radio said nothing about the Senate session, only that it went well.

Franco continued watching on as the senators left the hall. Almost all of them had left, with a few still gathering their things. He shrugged and thought that he might as well leave at this point. He could always rant about the heir apparent back at the HQ.


Meanwhile, in Aotearoa

Timon Thaddas was at home, faced with something he hadn't been faced with in a while - having nothing to do. For the past while, he had been so strung up over preparing himself for the future he'll face that now, following the news and his parents' activities, that he had nothing to do at the very moment. His mother Kyrene was busy with her exarchal duties, and his father Nestorius was taking a nap, having tired himself out due to interacting with folks at a rally. Tim took a seat, and wondered what he should do.

He thought of his group of friends first. He considered the idea of visiting one of them and hanging out, but he knew most of them were probably working their own jobs right now, or as it is with a few of them, going through post-tertiary education to guarantee their own professional future. He thought of the group of girls that lived nearby, two of whom hang out in his group. Perhaps they were available for some friendly fun. But then he remembered that one of them was going overseas for work experience, a few were getting married early, and two were becoming mothers already, and the rest were probably busy with work or post-tertiary education. He sighed, as even the girls he enjoyed spending time with were probably busy.

He looked over to the bookshelf nearby, and thought about possibly reading a book or two to pass the time. He got up and began inspecting the rows upon rows of books - he had read all of them by this point. He damned himself for being a bookworm. Then, he remembered at that very moment that his mother was still working on her autobiographic stories, currently adapting her time with Nestorius back at the mainland and all the hijinks and terror that had happened in that time. He had already read the first part of her youth and time at the Parthenopean governorship, having checked the book for her before having the publisher give it a look, and she had already professed her want for him to do the same with this second part.

He walked to her room, where her writing table was located, and began searching for the rough draft of the second part. As he looked about, a small book next to his mother's personal journal fell down by accident. As Timon put it back, he noticed its odd title on the front - "Of Angels and Seers". He inspected the book in closer detail - it was a journal, of similar style of his mother's personal one, but separate, almost as if it had been tucked away for some reason. He decided to put it back in its place, but he made a mental note to give it a read through later. Eventually, Timon found the rough draft of the second part of her autobiography, and began checking it for any mistakes.
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(( At long last, after five and a half years, the AAR returns with part four! ))
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(( I forgot to mention this. Many of you have already noticed, but when I do an initial update, I send PMs letting people know what their Senator would have known from their position. The idea is to give the potential for more RPing. So there's a very slight advantage to being in charge of a ministry. ))

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