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Jun 24, 2004
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can you remember when you last ended an update without a hook? :rofl:

marvelous updates ! !

Ha! Probably not! :) I remember when Coz1 (or someone - Draco?) accused me of "wanton cliffhangery"! lol Thanks for dropping in, GhostWriter!

Finally caught up. I am considering dusting off Rome. I bought it when it first came out and was very disappointed. Looks better. Great AAR.

Great! Thanks for saying hi. I actually do intend to continue this. I'm currently finishing up 2 other AARs which are in their final stages and have been around longer than this one (or one has been anyway). Once I'm done there, I plan to pick up my HOI 3 Kriegsgefahr, and probably this one. More to come. Every once in a while I consider just doing a random update here for the fun of it, even if I'm not quite ready to start playing the game again.

I've always enjoyed Rome, even in its early stages. I haven't tried VV yet, but I'm enjoying following the two other more recent AARs.

Welcome Forster! More to come in another month or two, I hope. In the meantime, if you do dust off the game, maybe you could do an AAR! Alot of us old-timers around these days, it seems. Looks like you started with EU 1, yes?