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Dear Senators,

For five years I have tried to be a worthy member of the Golden Party, that appears to have the majority at the current Consiglio. I am performing wonders with the limited funds available and planting the seeds for a Golden future for our children. Through our performance in previous wars, we have gained a new respect from our neighbours. Even the Osmanli sultan, Suleyman the Lawgiver does not dare to provoke us. Do not think that we live in boring times, as there is a chinese curse that our fellow Marco Polo learned in his travels that says "May you live in interesting times". There are always interesting things happening around us, and I will do my best to relate them.

Vannoccio Biringuccio, our master metallurgic at the arsenal, has delivered on his promise. We have now bronze cannons in all our ships, increasing greatly their efficiency (level 9). Our navy is the class of the Mediterranean.


Again troubles between our Greek subjects. A member of the Kantacouzenos family thought that he could revive the Byzantine Empire, but met with very limited support. He got some supporters in Mystra, former capital of the Despotate of Morea, so the Council of Ten had no choice but order his beheading, but we chose to not prosecute his family to try to not make matters worse. Despite our clemency, the outrage was great, and some rebels took to the streets. The lust for blood of Loganni Cornaro, who with massed Albanian cavalry exterminated the rebels to the last, seriously damaged our stability. Regretfully for the most part of this period we have been forced to divert our monthly funds to increase our stability, losing three years in infrastructure research.


But our centralization shines. An opportunity arose for the Doge to concentrate more power. Yes, I remember what happened to Doge Marino Falier, who was beheaded in the Stairs of the Ducal Palace for attempting the same. But I reasoned that a +1 centralization at -1 stability is standard cost, but due to our reduction in Aristocracy, we are now at 19.6/39, and by increasing +1 in aristocracy, it will go to 19.6/40 and the cost of stability drops from 1138 to 979/level, which is an added benefit over the centralization. So l'état c'est moi.

Now most of Europe is in religious upheaval. Austria has converted to Protestantism. I do wonder what Emperor Charles thinks of his brother and vassal Ferdinand abandoning the true faith. So far he hasn't said anything.

Bayreuth has become the ally of Savoy, so at the next border problem that they have with us, we can make a move on Emilia, one of the few remaining provinces in Italy not in our hands.


I thank the members of the Golden Party for this most opportune contribution. Thanks to it and to our efforts we have been able to fund two conversion campaigns in Macedonia and Hellas, but our treasury is almost exhausted. Let's just hope a crisis does not hit us now.


Now read again the first phrase. It perfectly describes our Democratic Endeavour :D. In 1537 we have enforced an anti-vice brigade. Too bad we just reached maximum centralisation at the expense of our stability. Clearly the times of the prophetic doges are long gone. I remind you that voting senators have filled the available posts of the Council of Ten, so from now on you are in charge of making sure that proper behavior is maintained in all our communications ;).


My diplomatic skills shine. Our international stance is still not too good, but Berg is finding a new respect for us. Theodoros is also the subject of our attention. We have been showering their local chieftain, a guy named Tonder (where the hell did he come from? he is not in the list of monarchs for Theodoros/Gothia, aka KAL). Fortunately he is a cheap bastard unlike the Emperor Charles, who requires scandalous bribes.

But then things start to get hairy around there. There have been a few harmless wars in the North of Europe, as some German minors re-accommodate their changing religions, and as Russia vents her aggressive instincts. But suddenly, Janos Zapolya of Hungary decides to take on his weak neighbour Wallachia. The great Easter alliance, a behemoth formed by Hungary, Poland, Bohemia, Livonian Order and Brandenburg, declares war on Wallachia, the Ottoman Empire and Mughal Empire. But Protestant Austria decides to abandon the alliance. This is of consequence because as vassals of Spain, they cannot join any alliance now.

I must claim credit for it. Our diplomats and spies have worked hard to confront our two menacing neighbors, and we have scored a hat trick. Hungary and her dangerous alliance are fighting the Turks, Austria is weakened without allies, and Tonder of Theodoros, finding himself with his neighbours at war got scared and accepted to join our alliance to feel protected, despite our relationship being only at +122.


I would predict several important outcomes from this war. First, Janos I Zapolya has been able to stabilize the country after the death of King Lajos at Mohac, dismissing the Habsburg claims over Hungary. Hungary will remain a strong neighbour for a long time and we should accomodate them. Wallachia is very likely to disappear in the hands of whoever conquers them, Poland, Bohemia and Hungary are the most likely candidates. After that the Ottoman Empire will have to reach a peace agreement as new war leader, and it is likely that they will lose one or more provinces in Europe. In any case the Hungarian alliance is likely to be strengthen by the war.


In the midst of these events, a noted diplomat came to offer his services to the Serenissima, but the price was steep. 150[,000] ducats that we don't have and an astounding +3% inflation. Is anybody in his right mind paying these inflated prices for diplomats? Besides I have good reasons to doubt about how good he is, since he would improve relations with Switzerland (+50) and Palatinate (+25) moderately, while significantly worsening relations to France (-75). Not the best credentials in my opinion.

So we have accomplished much in this period. Theodoros is now secured in our orbit of influence, two new conversion attempts are being made, and we develop peacefully while our potential enemies fight each other.

PS. I have to mention also that a war between the turks of the black sheep (Kara Koyunlu) and the Uzbek mogols has broken the perpetual alliance of Egypt, Kara Koyunlu, Oman and Yemen. The Bey of Egypt, of all the countries in the world, has chosen Dulkadir as their new ally. The chances of an Ottoman-Mameluk war have increased dramatically, once Suleyman and Janos Zapolya make peace.

your Doge,

Andrea Gritti, LXXVII Dux Venetiarum. Dec. 1538.
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The Suebian said:

what is the actual standing of the Protestant Heresy?

Many provinces in the North have turned heretic and a few of the princes are supporting their subjects. Henry VIII has created the church of England. The Pope is not too happy with all this, but he rarely is happy with anything. He still pays us his tribute every year, despite the hatred he professes us. I will try to paste a religious map in this post in a couple of days.
[size=+1]1538 Report (December)[/size]


Stability +1
Stability cost = 976D/level
Treasury = 19D
Inflation 10.5%

Number of provinces:
1419     6
1443    11
1468    13
1493    20
1518    25
1533    26
1538    26

Yearly income from provinces:
           Tax       Prod     Manp
1419      29.86      23.48     6.2
1443      80.78      55.47    12.0
1468     111.33      90.87    17.0
1493     180.55     175.82    27.5
1518     199.73     206.22    34.5
1533     219.30     240.89    41.8
1538     219.50     259.08    42.5

Monthly income:
           Tax     Prod     Trade    Gold    Total   mil. maint. (50%)
1419       9.3      2.0       5.9     0.0     17.2       -1.7
1443      17.7      4.6       7.9     0.0     30.3       -3.4
1468      22.8     11.8       4.4     0.0     39.1       -4.1
1493      33.7     16.7      16.0     0.0     66.9       -5.7
1518      38.7     21.1      17.9     0.0     79.2       -8.2
1533      48.4     23.1      26.2     0.0     98.1       -8.0
1538      48.3     24.6      23.3     0.0     96.7       -7.6

40 merchants in CoTs (-6). 5.2 merchants/year
cost of placement is 4-7 in Italy, 7-8 in Europe, 14-25 Rest of the world.
Trade efficiency is 69% (first nation). Production efficiency is 57% (first nation)

Monarch Andrea Gritti
Military Average (5)
Administrative Good (7)
Diplomacy Average (6)

Domestic policies:
Year 1500 +     1419 03 08 13 18 23 28 33 38
Aristocracy        4  3  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Centralization     3  8  -  9  8  -  -  - 10
Innovative         4  5  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Mercantilism       5  8  -  -  -  -  -  7  -
Offensive          2  4  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Land               2  1  -  -  -  0  -  -  -
Quality            6  8  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Serfdom            4  1  -  -  -  0  -  -  -

Technology + % of next level (estimated date, current investment)
Land 11 + 65% (1545, 5%) [Bonus = 2D]
Naval 9 + 96% (1539, 20%) [Bonus = 4D]
Trade 5 + 64% (1555, 0%) [No bonus]
Infrastructure 4 + 37% (1549, 75%) [No bonus]

Refinery in Crete (finished in 1456)
Weapons manufactory in Veneto (by event, 1473)
Refinery in Morea (finished in 1478)
Refinery in Napoli (finished in 1495)

Provinces of wrong religion: Orthodox (Kosovo, Macedonia, Hellas & Kerch).


Lomellini, Rear Admiral (Naval 3, 2, 3)
Grimani, Admiral (Naval 4, 4, 4)

Army 31k infantry, 38k cavalry, 0 artillery
maintenance cost at 50% is 5.6 D/month
Army support limit = 92 000 (19 000 from trade)
Cost of army units:
Infantry 18D
Cavalry 35D
Artillery 33D

Navy 8 warships, 87 galleys, 21 transports
maintenance cost at 50% 2.0 D/month
Navy support limit = 220
Cost of naval units:
warships 41D
Galleys 9D
Transports 13D

Manpower pool = 51 (25,000/year)


1) Standing
Allies: Spain, Bulgaria and Theodoros
Bad Boy 19.0/40 rather bad
Permanent CB: Genoa
Temporary CB:

Countries with permanent CB on Venice:
Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Papal States, Spain, Savoy, Bulgaria


Dark Green represents countries with > +150 relationship to us. Light Green represents countries with +75 to +150 relationship to us. White countries have -75 to +75 relationship to us. Bright red countries have between -75 and -150 relationship to us, and dark red countries have < -150 relationship to us.

2) Neighbours and near-neighbours by areas (allies). Underlined countries have land/strait border to Venice:

Papal States
Venice (Spain RM MA, Bulgaria, Theodoros RM MA)
Savoy RM MA (Scotland, Bavaria, & Bayreuth)
Austria MA
Hungary (Poland, Livonian Order, Bohemia, Brandenburg)
Balkan/Carpatian/Asia minor:
OE (Mughal Empire, Wallachia)
The Knights
Egypt (Dulkadir)
Black sea:
Uzbek (Golden Horde, Sibir, Chagatai Khanate)
France (Burgundy)

3) Vassalages:
Wallachia is a vassal of OE
Papal States and Bulgaria are vassals of Venice
France is a vassal of Burgundy
Austria and Genoa are vassals of Spain
Bohemia is a vassal of Austria
Nubia is a vassal of Egypt
Hungary is a vassal of Poland

4) Changes in our area:
1534-1538 Account:

Year 1534
Our naval technology advanced to level 9. Bronce cannons. Improved CRT

Important international events nearby

Our diplomacy
-Sent 57D personal gift to Theodoros, relations improved by +59 to -117
-renewed royal marriage to Theodoros
-Sent 57D personal gift to Theodoros, relations improved by +14 to -88

Year 1535
Sent missionary to Macedonia for 244D (54% chance of success)
Treacherous noble happened to us. We beheaded him and left his estate to his heirs. Stab. -2, central. +1, aristo. -1, revolt in Morea, revolt risk +6 for 12 months.
Stability dropped to -2. Investment shifted to stability
Stability rose to -1
Reining in the merchant princes happened to us, we chose l'état c'est moi, Stab. -1, central. +1, aristo. +1 (vs. -25 VPs)
Stability dropped to -2

Important international events nearby

Our diplomacy

Year 1536
Stability rose to -1
Gift to the State happenend to us, +200D

Important international events nearby

Our diplomacy
-Sent 57D personal gift to Theodoros, relations improved by +61 to -27
-Sent 57D personal gift to Theodoros, relations improved by +11 to -16

Year 1537
Sent missionary to Macedonia for 292D (54% chance of success)
Stability rose to +0
Council of Ten (historic event) happened to us. Centralization +1 (but we were already at 10)
Diplomatic move happened to us, relation with Berg +25 diplomats +1

Important international events nearby

Our diplomacy
We renewed our royal marriage to Spain

Year 1538
Stability rose to +1. Investment shifted to research.
Noted diplomat happened to us, we sent him away, -5 VPs (vs. -150D, Monarch DIP +4 for 60 months, +1 diplomat, Inflation +3, Relations to Switzerland +50, Palatinate +25, France -25, France -50)

Important international events nearby
Hungary, Poland, Livonian Order, Bohemia & Brandenburg DoW Wallachia, Ottoman Empire & Mughal Empire. Austria dishonored.

Our diplomacy
-Sent 57D personal gift to Theodoros, relations improved by +88 to +72
-Sent 57D personal gift to Theodoros, relations improved by +52 to +122
Theodoros accepted to enter our alliance.
And now back to election time.

[size=+1]Election 47. 1539-1549 International Situation[/size]

This election is to orient the work of our diplomats and advance our goals. State as many countries as you want that we should befriend or attack according to the following categories.

1. Dear Friends. Countries that we should try to ally (or keep in the alliance), marry and get military access with. Look in the report for CBs and current relationships.

2. Friends. Countries that we want to keep good relationships and marry, but we don't want in our alliance.

3. Adversaries. Countries that we would like to hit if the conditions are right, but are not currently direct targets. Military access is not out of the question since we don't plan to DoW them but could find at war with them.

4. Enemies. Countries that we should get at war with, if the conditions are right. This should include countries that are not strictely enemies, but that we could take a province or vassalize to pursue long term goals.

5. Warmonger clause. Enter (War) if you believe we should declare war under the right circumstances in this period to advance our goals. Enter (Peace) if you believe we should remain at peace during this period, unless attacked. Voting War does not mean we will go to war, it means we will not let a good oportunity of declaring war to a ripe target escape. Such opportunity may not present itself.

Remember that this is an important election, since events are possible that could grant us a CB depending on our choice, or a temporary CB could come along and your choices will let me know what the senate wants. As a general rule I will not DoW without a CB, and I will not DoW countries outside 3) or 4) even if CB, and I will not DoW if 5) Peace. As always, special circumstancies will be brought to the senate for discussion.

[size=+1]Election 48. 1539-1559 Domestic Policies changes[/size]

Indicate what the next three sliders movements should be. I will first select the three most popular movements and then I will order them according to their frecuencies. Repetitions within the same ballot will be considered separately. For example a vote:
will not count as two votes for one increase in centralization, but will count as one vote for two increases in centralization and on the third movement an increase for aristocracy. Use (L-) for an increase in Naval for example.

Initials and current values are:
(A)ristocracy      3
(C)entralization  10
(I)nnovativeness   5
(M)ercantilism     7
(O)ffensive        4
(L)and             0
(Q)uality          8
(S)erfdom          0

Remember that if you vote C+, C+, C+ it counts as one vote for 3 increases in centralization, and not three votes for one increase in centralization. It does not make the first increase in centralization any more probable that if you vote S-, S-, C+
Noble Senators,
Honourable Doge,
Fellow Venetians,

I’m glad to see, that our Serenissima Repubblica finally found the inner and outer peace its people deserve.
As you all know, I’ve just returned from Germany, where I visited our old trading partners in the cities of the Suebian League – the Muntprant of Constance, the Humpiss of Ravensburg, and the Vöhlin of Memmingen, just to name the most prominent.
Fellow senators of the Council of Ten, I have to bring concerning news. Most of these cities now openly confess to the Protestant Heresy after Ferdinand of Austria himself betrayed the True Catholic Faith. It won’t take long until they’ll shift their trade towards their Protestant brethren of the Hanseatic League.
Fortunately, we don’t depend on the goodwill of these merchant houses, and we surely can more than compensate the loss in income. But as this Heresy grows, the danger of a great war arises. Sooner or later, the day will come, on which we will have to choose our side.

In my and my family’s opinion, it is our duty to defend the Catholic Church against its outer and inner enemies. The Holy Church’s condition is catastrophic. The years under the Medici Pope Clemens VII brought corruption and weakness. The Vatican is entangled in intrigues, and its politic caused severe unrest throughout Italy.
But then, the Holy Ghost inspired the Conclave to elect Alessandro Farnese as Pope Paul III. As the Farnese family has been our friend and ally for more than a century, this is not only an opportunity to improve our relations with the Papal Sate, but a divine sign to lead the Holy Church to a better future.
I’m sure, that we should be able to convince Paul III to drop his claims on our territories in Marche and Romagna. Maybe the Pope would even join our military alliance with Spain. Believe me, fellow senators, our glorious republic even could become protector of the Holy City within the next years.
Of course, we would first have to prove our noble intensions by funding several hospitals, building new churches or similar deeds of charity. But in my honest opinion, this would be a better investment of our nation’s money, than paying good ducats every month for the upkeep of troop transports, we don’t need at the moment - an expedition to Alexandria may be an option in the future, but now it’s just a phantasm of some few among this council.

Just think about the joy and glory it would be, to see the Lion of St. Marc over St. Peter’s Cathedral on Christmas 1540, and your heart will lead your hands in the upcoming elections.


Massimiliano Pesaro

Election 47:
1, Dear Friends: Spain, Papal States, Theodorus
2, Friends: France, Savoy, Hungary, Bulgaria, The Knights
3, Adversaries: Egypt, Ottoman Empire
4, Enemies: Genoa
5, Peace

Election 48:
A+ A+ M-

[OOC: Paul III is a realy week Pope; we should use this oppurtunity to annex the Papal State (one country with permanent CB less, and we would gain a FAA). Do we need those transport ships? IMHO we have enough galleys.]
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Quick reply to Suebian---any nation that annexes the Pope gives EVERY catholic nation a CB against themselves. Better to keep them as a vassal than enrage the entire world (or the Catholic part of it).

I'll vote later when I have more time.

I agree strongly with Carlec, we do NOT want to own Rome. Our relations are bad enough already. We might however take this opportunity to grab Tyrol from Austria, and maybe force convert them back.

Fodoron, what is Austria's religious composition? What provinces would we have to take to make them stay Catholic?

Sorry, I must apologize. I got the report from our intelligence that Austria had converted to Protestantism and somehow I got mislead. It is the province of Austria that has converted, but the country remains catholic. I receive reports on both provinces and countries, and when the name is the same there is room for confusion. Of the seven Austrian provinces, only Austria and Würtemberg have turned protestant so far.

I display here the religious map. I have put the border between countries in black. The red border is still HRE.

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carlec said:
Any nation that annexes the Pope gives EVERY catholic nation a CB against themselves. Better to keep them as a vassal than enrage the entire world (or the Catholic part of it).
Hungary, Spain and Savoy already have a CB against us. Relations with France, Burgundy and Hungary can't get worse. Spain can't attack us and I don't think, that Austria would declare war against Spain's alliance.

We don't have to annex the Papal State right now (if we wait another 20 years our BB goes down and some Protestant nations more (maybe Hungary) won't care about it anyway). But now is the perfect time, to improve relations and maybe get the Pope into our alliance - to quote Fodoron: Paul III is a cheap bastard. And the province Roma with its FAA is worth the money.

Further I just think it would be stylish for the Serenissima to become Protector of the Holy City.
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Forgive me Doge for only having time to rush in for a quick moment. I am still pondering the latest vote and will discuss that later.

But I MUST state this openly and clearly---this news about that little monk Luther is MADNESS. And we must remain vigilant to keep such heresy from our lands! Were any of our provinces or (heaven's forbid) our nobles to contemplate such heresy, I would personally want to oversee the effort to root out such error! The Pope's continued failure of personal morality and institutional control tied to young Charles V's inexperience is the cause of this madness and perhaps watching his own province fall to the craziness will shock the Emperor into strong action.

Now we hear rumors that Geneva has taken the madness to root with the teachings of this French ex-priest, Calvin. One would think the Swiss would have learned their lesson two decades ago when the double shock of the heresy of Zwingli and then Conrad Grebel [imagine, they honestly were trying to tell good Christians like ourselves that we had to be re-baptized] was first brought forth. Now word has reached my traders that Calvin has written a scandalous work called The Institutes of the Christian Religion. I have not seen it, but it probably is as worthless as most of Luther's writings (though I will admit a bit of glee to see his masterful attack on the Pope's moral failures!).

I am surprised that the Emperor deserted his allies in their attempt to free Europe of the infidel, but perhaps he is still planning a secondary move to that effect. He must know that the Sultan still is eager to make Vienna his second capitol and probably will hope to springboard from this war with Hungary towards Vienna. If Charles is not aware, he will find himself with religious war throughout his Empire.

We MUST stay true to the One True Faith and never waver. I think our alliance with Spain will come even more into good stead in these days, beset from the outside by infidels, now from the inside by heretical traitors. The Spanish will, I believe, stay ever true. The Spanish Church has already undergone a thoroughgoing reform under Cardinal Ximenes de Cisneros and individual reforming bishops such as Gian Matteo Giberti, Bishop of Verona, are doing much to clean up the Italian Church. The concern for reform has even led to the establishment of a new religious orders, Theatines [by Carafa and di Thiene]. The New Pope is even considering yet another group, the Jesuits led by St. Ignatius Loyola. Perhaps Pope Paul III will even more for a general meeting of the faithful; who knows, his efforts might even temper my families feelings toward the Holy See and their previous treachery to our family, indeed to Venice herself.
Venice has a long standing record of tolerance. We are now receiving many Jews from Spain and Portugal, to join our native Jewish population. They know that they will never be prosecuted in Venice, even if restrictions have to be applied to them. It is true that in times of my predecesor Leonardo Loredano, on March 29, 1516, due to Papal pressure, the Consiglio decided to relocate all the Jews in Venice and chose for them and old foundry (Ghetto) in S. Girolamo. The place, now named Ghetto Novo, is connected to the rest of the city by two bridges, that are closed at night and during certain Christian festivities. But in fact we are just placating the Pope, because the Ghetto is a very prosperous comunity, and the Jews consider it a biblical camp of Hebrews, a place of Holiness. In fact they are coming in such numbers that there is already talks of an enlargement to take adjacent parts.


In fact the custom of segregating merchants by their origins is very extended. We learned it from the muslim funduqs in the Levant, where our merchants are locked at night and during Friday prayers. But they protect and encourage trade and our merchants feel safe inside their walls. Conversely, we have the Fondaco dei Turchi, where the Turkish merchants are protected during our periodic wars with the Ottomans from public hatred. In the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Luteran Germans find protection against Papal prosecution. It also simplifies their vigilance by the agents of the Council of Ten.

Venice is a shining light of civilization in the midst of an ocean of barbarism. We should think twice before letting intolerance enter our minds. As heirs to Rome, we must conquer the Barbarians to educate and enlight them, while tolerating their differences. Our state religion must be advocated, but not imposed by force, little by little the Greeks are being convinced of adopting the true faith.

Our Empire will not be complete until Rome joins, but perhaps the time hasn't come yet. We are now the Pope protectors, as we guarantee that nobody will attack them by isolating Rome from enemy contact. The Pope pays us for that protection a little money every year, although he hates to do that. Perhaps the catholic countries of the world are not prepared yet for a restriction of the temporal power of the Pope, but as senator Massimo Pesaro (The Suebian) points out, our relationship to most catholic countries is a flat -200, the question is if we care or not about them ever improving, but the matter, as always rests on the Consiglio.
Fellow Senators,

It is good to see our committee "The Ten" formally recognized by the Republic.

I am not very knowledgeable in diplomacy, so forgive me a question. If we were to diplomatically annex the Papal States, would it be possible to keep good relations with our ally Spain? I understand the desire to own Rome, but it was my belief that all relations with Catholic countries would deteriorate.

Election 47

1. DF Spain, Bulgaria, Theodoros, Knights, Pope
2. F Austria, Genoa, Bavaria, Hungary
3. Ad Portugal, Savoie
4. Ottomans, Egypt
5. Peace

Election 48
A+, A+, O+

I believe we must continue to improve our reputation for the near future. Increasing our Aristocracy will help this.
Once it is restored (can keep BB < 1/2) we should look to gain the great port of Alexandria, and any other Christian land (Lebanon, Aleppo?) held by the infidels. If we could do this in a defensive war, so much the better.

Ernesto Gandolfi II
Dear Ernesto,

As a former diplomat at the Porte (I never tire of showing off my glorious past), I can answer about the diplomatic effects.

Any diplomatic annexation takes a heavy toll on the relationships with all your allies and vassals, a somewhat lesser toll on the relationships with all countries of the same religion of the annexed, and gives a Casus Belli to any country with which relationships are lower than -150 for two years.

Annexing Papal States gives in addition a permanent Casus Belli to all Catholic nations of the World.

Having a Casus Belli means a worsening of relationships of -10 every year only for that cause.

After annexing a vassal you always have to grease your allies, so you have to pay before and after the annexion and expend some diplomats. This limits the amount of vassals you can gobble in a short time.

Regarding our service at the Council of Ten, it was instituted in 1310. Now it seems a new role has been added. We have to watch and prosecute those that bestemmi or blasphem.

So dear senators, swearing is not allowed from now on :D


Tolerant, perhaps my Doge, in the area of commerce--of course we'd want to welcome others in trade and would wish for the same in their centers of trade. But in the end, heresy is heresy and we should strive to keep it out of our land!

Election 47
1. Spain, Austria, Bulgaria
2. France, Bavaria, Brandenberg, Poland, The Knights, Savoy, Bohemia
3. Ottoman Empire, Burgundy, Genoa, Egypt, Hungary
5. PEACE!!

Election 48
O- Q+ O-

The move to defensive is very important tactically as it allows us to train ALL of our commanders to be able to handle their sieges quickly. We will increase our morale through quality. I would not urge us to mess with the Aristocracy slider as it moves enough on its own through random events.

[OOC--I tell you, I make the move to defensive now one of my first efforts in the first century in my games to get that +1 to siege. Controlling land is ALWAYS the way to win wars in EU2 and you can (and I think should) avoid land battles anyway to save $$ on troop builds. Watching my sieges go down in record time compared to my enemy is tons of fun! Just my .02]
Aluysio Barbarigo​

I have very little time for our meetings right now. I'm directing all those craftsmen needed to get the palace of my family in good shape. I promise to hold a great masquerade there for all of noble Venice as sson as it's done!
Election 47.

1. Spain, Theodoros, Bulgaria
2. Austria, France, Hungary, The Knights, Papal States
3. Genoa, Portugal, Savoy
4. Ottomans, Egypt
5. Peace

Election 48.
O- O- O-
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I stand by my old convictions about our friends and enemies.
I remember someone saying something about going to war against Austria. I would just like to say that I find that to be outrageous! The Austrians have done us no wrong, and they are great friends to our allies, as they even share the same king. It is unfortunate, the heresy of Vienna and the provinces around it, but let's just hope if is a temporary thing, shall we?

1. Spain, Theodoros, Austria, Bulgaria
2. Hungary, Papal States
3. Genoa, Ottomans, France, Burgundy
4. Portugal, Egypt
5. WAR!

As for our policies, I chose to abstain, as I am already happy with the current outlook, as the only thing I would have voted for anyway would be the navy, and also, I am a new senator, and I don't feel I really know what we need and don't need in our republic, as far as internal policies go. I leave the finer parts of ruling our republic to men who know how to.


/Leonardo Lando