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carlec said:
Many times in my life and in history, the better option was to NOT be greedy, to NOT push a weak position, but get out with our armies and nation intact. The day will come for payback.

My dear Cornaro,

The possibility D is always available. If we see that the Germans are going to eat us alive I will take the best path out of the situation and justify it later to the Senate. But the recovery of Milan is too good an oportunity to pass it without fighting as much as we can for it. The election is, as senator Barbarigo would put it, a check on our greed.

Your Doge Marcello.
Esteemed Doge,

I agree that the opportunity to take Milan, especially in a defensive war is too great to pass up.

Forgive an old man, but I have two questions, as I have been with the troops in Serbia and out of touch.

1) On what conditions did we make peace with the Turk?

2) How did a besieging army get into Veneto? Was our fleet absent? Was it a ruse to trap their army?

I suggest in the future that a fleet of no less than ten galleys be assigned to home waters, no to leave the adriatic on pain of death to its commander.


Arturo Gandolfi
We own Macedonia, Kosovo and 125[,000] ducats that were previously in Mehmet's pockets. That is 27% warscore. We were entitled to 29% since we obtained 40% in the war. But Mehmet was broke from raising so many armies.

We are playing 1.08 no betas, so Venice is still land accesible and a fleet in the upper Adriatic will not help.
1469-1473 Account:

Year 1469
-Serfdom -1 (now 1)
Stability dropped by -1 to +2
-Built TC in Macedonia
Implemented new investment policies

Important international events nearby
Tyrol ceded Alsace to Burgundy by event

Our diplomacy
The Knights rejected our alliance proposal
The OE rejected our request for Macedonia, Kosovo and Bulgaria
The Knights rejected a new alliance proposal
The OE rejected again our request for Macedonia, Kosovo and Bulgaria
The OE accepted our request for Macedonia, Kosovo and 125D (27% warscore)

Year 1470
On January, Admiral P. Mocenigo (naval leader 5,4,3) showed up in the Aegean.
Our Trade increased to level 4
Our stability decreased by -2 to 0 due to our war declaration
Started investing in stability 75% of the budget.
We chose "I don't need more power in the reigning of merchant princes. -25 VP instead of +1Cent, +1Aristo, -1Stab.

Important international events nearby

Our diplomacy
-We declared war to Cyprus. Albania joined them.

Year 1471
-We built a TC in Kosovo
Stability raised to +1
-Recruited 1000 inf. for 15D in Crete.
Nicolo Tron was elected Doge
We declined the offer of a foreign drill instructor (we lacked funds)

Important international events nearby

Our diplomacy
Albania accepted to become our vassal and paid 75D.
-sent 39D gift to Albania, relations improved by +33 to -117

Year 1472
Tyrol, Bavaria, Berg, Palatinate, Bayreuth & Wirtemberg DoW to us. Naples & Tuscany were not invited.
-Recruited 4000 inf. for 60D in Romagna.
Stability raised to +2
Investments directed to minting.
-Recruited 4000 inf. for 60D in Mantua.

Important international events nearby
Savoy had civil war.

Our diplomacy
-Cyprus accepted a white peace (we had +2% warscore)
-Renewed our royal marriage to Austria

Year 1473
Copper coins happened to us (+50D, inflation -1, Trade +200)
-We captured Lombardia
-Recruited 4000 inf. for 60D in Mantua
Internal trade ordinance happened to us (Basic tax value in Istria +1)
Enlargement of the Arsenal happened to us: Gain manufactory in Veneto (weapons), Quality +1, Innovativeness +1, Basic tax value in Veneto +2, +5000 inf. in Veneto
Our land technology increased to level 3
Nicolo Marcello was elected Doge
-We captured Tirol

Important international events nearby
Ramazan became a vassal of the Ottoman empire
The government of Tuscany fell.

Our diplomacy
-sent 35D gift to Albania, relations improved by +19 to -102
-sent 35D gift to Albania, relations improved by +53 to -50
-Entered a royal marriage with Cyprus [Caterina Cornaro]
[size=+1]1473 Report (December)[/size]


Stability +2
Stability cost = 673D/level
Treasury = 279D
Inflation 3.9

Number of provinces:
1419     6
1423     7
1428     9
1433     9
1438     9
1443    11
1448    13
1453    13
1458    13
1463    13
1468    13
1473    15

Yearly income from provinces:
           Tax       Prod     Manp
1419      29.86      23.48     6.2
1423      46.80      37.43     6.2
1428      68.13      44.40     8.8
1433      78.78      44.14     8.8
1438      79.68      44.37     9.8
1443      80.78      55.47    12.0
1448      95.84      72.49    14.8
1453      97.74      78.34    13.8
1458      88.09      81.13    14.8
1463      82.48      90.87    16.0
1468     111.33      90.87    17.0
1473     113.76     102.01    17.0

Monthly income:
           Tax     Prod     Trade    Gold    Total   mil. maint. (50%)
1419       9.3      2.0       5.9     0.0     17.2       -1.7
1423      12.8      3.1       9.7     0.0     25.7       -2.2
1428      16.1      3.7       8.3     0.0     28.1       -2.2
1433      16.8      3.7       7.2     0.0     27.7       -2.5
1438      16.7      3.7       7.6     0.0     28.0       -2.6
1443      17.7      4.6       7.9     0.0     30.3       -3.4
1448      20.8      6.0       6.2     0.0     33.1       -3.1
1453      21.3      6.5       9.4     0.0     37.3       -3.8
1458      20.8      7.8      12.1     0.0     40.7       -3.9
1463      20.4      8.6       7.2     0.0     36.2       -4.7
1468      22.8     11.8       4.4     0.0     39.1       -4.1
1473      18.4      9.3       3.7     0.0     32.0       -3.9

13 merchants in CoTs (-3). 4.6 merchants/year
cost of placement is 4-7 in Italy, 7-8 in Europe, 17-24 Rest of the world.
Trade efficiency is 58% (first nation).

Monarch Nicolo Marcello
Military Regular (3)
Administrative Regular (3)
Diplomacy Regular (3)

Domestic policies:
Year 1400 +       19 23 28 33 38 43 48 53 58 63 68 73
Aristocracy        4  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  3  5  -  -
Centralization     3  4  -  -  -  -  -  5  -  7  6  -
Innovative         4  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  5
Mercantilism       5  -  4  5  -  -  -  -  -  6  -  -
Offensive          2  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  3  4  -
Land               2  -  3  2  -  -  1  -  -  2  -  -
Quality            6  -  7  6  7  -  6  -  -  7  -  8
Serfdom            4  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  3  2  1

Technology + % of next level (estimated date, current investment)
Land 3 + 5% (1498, 15%)
Naval 3 + 46% (1497, 20%)
Trade 4 + 5% (1987, 0%)
Production 3 + 14% (1824, 0%)

Refinery in Crete (finished in 1456)
Weapons manufactory in Veneto (by event, 1473)


Maximum morale displayed at 50% maintenance (Not real morale): 1.75 + 0.5 + 0.21 = 2.46

Bartolomeo Colleoni (land) 4,4,3
P. Mocenigo (naval) 5,4,3

Army 16k infantry, 20k cavalry
maintenance cost at 50% 2.8 D/month
Army support limit = 46 000 (6 000 from trade)
Cost of army units:
Infantry 15D
Cavalry 28D

Navy 6 warships, 51 galleys, 9 transports
maintenance cost at 50% 1.1 D/month
Navy support limit = 131
Cost of naval units:
warships 47D
Galleys 10D

Manpower = 12
Manpower pool = 23,000 (11,000/year)


1) Standing
Cores (Permanent CB): Cyprus (Cyprus)
Allies: Naples, Tuscany
Bad Boy 11.3/35 tarnished
Permanent CB: Cyprus
Temporary CB:

Countries with permanent CB on Venice:
Albania, Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Papal States.


Dark Green represents countries with > +150 relationship to us. Light Green represents countries with +75 to +150 relationship to us. White countries have -75 to +75 relationship to us. Bright red countries have between -75 and -150 relationship to us, and dark red countries have < -150 relationship to us.

Please note that Castile has been extremely unfortunate in the 3 simultaneous wars that she was waging when she was hit by terrible de-stabilizing events and taken over by rebels. She has lost Murcia to Tlemcen and several provinces to Portugal, while the rest have defected to Portugal. And she is still at war with France and with rebel problems. I leave to you the consequences/oportunities that this could bring.

2) Neighbours and near-neighbours by areas (allies). Underlined countries have land/strait border to Venice:

Papal States
Aragon (Castile)
Venice (Naples MA, Tuscany MA)
Savoy MA (Denmark, Scotland, Saxony, Austria RM MA)
Tyrol RM (Bavaria, Berg, Palatinate, Bayreuth, Wirtemberg)
Hungary RM
Balcan/Carpatian/Asia minor:
Bosnia MA
OE (Qazak Horde, Transoxiana)
Egypt (Kara Koyunlu, Sirvan, Oman, Yemen)
The Knights
Cyprus RM
Black sea:
Georgia (Theodoros, Moldavia)

3) Vassalages:
Wallachia, Ramazan and Bosnia are vassals of OE
Savoy and Wirtemberg are vassals of Tyrol
Naples, Albania and Tuscany are vassals of Venice
Ramazan is a vassal of Egypt
Bohemia is a vassals of Poland
Sirvan is a vassal of Kara Koyunlu

4) Changes in our area:
Ottoman Empire lost Macedonia and Kosovo to Venice
Tyrol ceded Alsace to Burgundy by event
Bohemia became a vassal of Poland by event
Albania became a vassal of Venice
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Many thanks Doge Marcello, an excellent outcome.

Has Captain-General Fodoron received his knighthood yet? So many victories can not go unrewarded.

Arturo Gandolfi
Fellow Senators,

It is with great interest that I read the latest reports, excellent work Fodoroni!

I notice many nations are without allies. It seems to me that once this war is over, we should try to expand our alliance. The Knights do not seem to want to join us, but Aragon, Hungary, Cyprus and Genoa (I know, I know) are without allies. I assume we will also invite Albania.

With the decline of Castile, Aragon is an interesting potential ally, and Hungary would guard our northern flank, and help us expel the Turk from Europe.


Arturo Gandolfi
Senator Gandolfi,
I apologize for inducing you into a mistake with my poorly redacted reports. Castile and Aragon are allied and at war against France and Burgundy. I would put my money on the latter if they persist in the war.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice--we conquer! Capitani Fodoroni--well done. I say again well done! Though we had worried about our chances against the infidel, Christian valor prevailed. Now our land connection is secure, though there may be some struggle with rebels who don't understand the grandness that is our Republic. Was it not so with our ancient forefathers when they also vanquished the barbaric Macedonians with the power of Sulla, Pompey and Caesar? Time will be on our side and soon, with the glorious news of Albania joining us, before long we will have prevailed.

I will remind you that our struggle against the Ottoman is not over. He remains a vicious foe. Let me call to your ear the old adage to not allow your weakened enemy up; when he is down, strike the killing blow. Again, we see the folly of not following through in Caesar himself, who allowing Cassius to live only saw the result through the treacherous dagger of the same Cassius. However, I wonder if we might be in a position to wait for some time and allow the Ottoman to strike at us? Whether he does or doesn't, we are not finished in the Balkans. And did my ears deceive me, Senator Gandolfi? Do you actually think the Hungarians want to join an alliance with us? Have you forgotten their long hatred with us and even today they are bitter against us? Don't you remember that the did NOT help us against the Turks!

Do not neglect my friends to see that we should move to remove the Ottoman lest we find ourselves warring on two fronts in that area. I tell you true, once we eliminate the Turk on our side of the Straights, we will not have to worry much about him again. Stay vigilent Doge---long did my father Carlo warn your predecessors; I too, independent of party, will sing this song to you.

But of other news, my cousin Marco tells me of great news for our family and indeed for Venice. The [post=3836647]Cyprus News[/post] is wonderful and our future there is wonderful with my cousin becoming Queen. We Cornaros hope you will each be able to join us in Cyprus for all of the celebrations.

Doge, I have another question. Through my families dealings, we already knew of Castille's weakness (indeed our personal fortunes have grown as we have taken over some of their trade income), but we only recently heard rumors about France? I have never been to that land of course, but recently I heard from a merchant from France that things were not well in the kingdom. Your recent report showed France much smaller than I was led to believe about the ancient land of the Gauls. Has our enemy Burgandy grown that large? And is it true that the Burgundians are contemplating some marriage or arrangements with the Hapsburgs to the north of us? These are tidings that I think we should know more about. Perhaps not in our lifetimes, but it would seem that if our grandchildren have to fear some monster to our north of Burgundian blood, we should prepare in some way. It was for this reason that I placed France in our friends list, but also Bavaria and Bohemia. Yes, we should keep our relationships with the Austrians strong, but should they intermingle with our enemies, it could be bad for us. Better to have strong friendships with others in that area. Yet, of course, if France is reduced to a small state, then. . .

I'll leave the matter of Genoa to Senator Dandolo to reply, though I have thought the same--why win through war what you can win through diplomacy?

Let us finish this wretched war with Tyrol and attempt to take care of our own house. We must put tax collectors into our new areas. And we must prepare for a glorious future for the Cornaros, ah, I mean Venice, as it relates to Cyprus!
Senator Cornaro,

There is no information in Captain General Fodoroni's on our current relation with the Hungarians, but as of 1463 they were neutral towards us (0), and we do have a Royal Marriage with them. They seem to be getting over their defeat so many years ago. Perhaps a small gift would induce them to join us.


Arturo Gandolfi
aegandolfi said:
There is no information in Captain General Fodoroni's on our current relation with the Hungarians

In fact there is, although the numbers were wrong (I'll have to check if I have them right now). The relationships are coded in colors.

The bright red of Hungary indicates a relationship between -75 and -150. It is currently at -94. They must have new grudges against us.
Fodoron said:
In fact there is, although the numbers were wrong (I'll have to check if I have them right now). The relationships are coded in colors.

The bright red of Hungary indicates a relationship between -75 and -150. It is currently at -94. They must have new grudges against us.

Oops, sorry, forgot the color code :rolleyes:

Well, maybe a big gift would help.

Freakin me out there aegandolfi-- :p I'm thinking, "I think I can read the colors, but my wife says I'm colorblind at times, so you never know." ;)
carlec said:
Freakin me out there aegandolfi-- :p I'm thinking, "I think I can read the colors, but my wife says I'm colorblind at times, so you never know." ;)

sometimes you just see something the way you want to see it
Election 26: A
Election 26 is closed.

The Senate, as generous as usual, has decided unanimously (7/7 votes) to request only Lombardia from our enemies (option A).
Victory, my Lords,

The Venetians have raised once more over the Barbarians that surround us. Not only we have liberated Milan from the dirty hands of the Germans, but Firenza has chosen to join our growing empire. We applaud their wise decision. Read everything about these wondrous events in the Chronicles of our Serenissima Repubblica.

Capitano Generale Fodoroni
Venice, December 1478
1474-1478 Account:

Year 1474
-Recruited 2000 inf. for 30D in Corfu

Important international events nearby
Hungary DoW Bosnia
Austria, Savoy, Denmark, Scotland & Saxony DoW Hungary

Our diplomacy
-renewed royal marriage with Castile
Cyprus became our vassal by event
-sent 46D gift to Albania, relations improved by +54 to -2

Year 1475
-We built a TC in Lombardia
Boundary dispute with Palatinate happened to us. We settled (-50D, +1 Stability, Relationships +25)
Bartolomeo Colleoni (land leader) died.

Important international events nearby
Bosnia was annexated by Hungary

Our diplomacy
Accepted peace with Tyrol gaining Lombardia
-sent 46D gift to Albania, relations improved by +64 to +58

Year 1476
-Refinery started in Morea (1003D)

Important international events nearby

Our diplomacy
-sent 48D gift to Albania, relations improved by +21 to +76
-sent 48D gift to Albania, relations improved by +14 to +87

Year 1477
-Stopped minting (inflation 6.2%)
Internal trade ordinance happened to us (base tax value in Ionia +1)
-We built a TC in Firenze

Important international events nearby
Ottoman Empire, Transoxiana & Ramazan DoW Karaman

Our diplomacy
Tuscany accepted our annexation proposal

Year 1478
Roberto Sanseverino (land leader 3,3,3) showed up
Refinery finished in Morea (April)
Foreign drill instructor happened to us. We declined (-1 VP)

Important international events nearby
Austria lost Steiermark and Odenburg to Hungary
Karaman was annexed by Ramazan

Our diplomacy
-sent 44D gift to Albania, relations improved by +2 to +58
-sent 45D gift to Albania, relations improved by +75 to +132