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Beloved Doge,
In 1443 Hungary appeared to be getting the worse of their war against the Turks then in 1444 Poland and Lithuania stabbed this bulwark of Christendom in the back. Though I fear to hear the answer, I must ask how goes the valiant Magyar's struggle against the enemy of God and his Polish cat's-paw.

Also I would be interested in seeing a map of the current state of Christendom away from the cockpit of Italy. Or failing that, let us have your assessment of the wider situation: how did England's struggle with France resolve; did the Teutonic knights gain land from the treacherous Poles or were they driven back; have any of the German states been doing to their neighbours what the overly temporal Holy Father has been attempting to do to his neighbours?
Atlas of the World known to us.
Commissioned by Doge Francesco Foscari
in the year of the Lord of 1449


Page 1: Our neighbours from Hungary are doing badly in their crusade against the heathens. Serbia and Transylvania have already been lost. Presburg, Ruthenia and Banat are at risk.


Page 2: The North. Sweden (Dark Blue), Denmark (Bright Orange) and the orders, Livonian (Orange) and Teutonic (Green).


Page 3: Central Europe. Scenary of many wars. The alliance of England with German minors and Castile has caused that Holstein is in the hands of Castile, and Vor Pommern in the hands of England, fueling even more wars. Poland and Burgundy, still strong, limit the area in the East and West. The alliance of Austria, Bohemia, Hungary and Styria is likely to determine their future. Right now the alliance of Tyrol (Light Orange), Bavaria (Blue), Wirtemberg (Green), Palatinate (Dark Orange) Berg (Orange) and Bayreuth (Light Grey) is the strongest player.


Page 4: Western Europe. England (Red) holds Calais and Gascogne. The alliance of France (Dark Blue), Burgundy (Dark Red), and Scotland (Blue) keeps England at bay. Brittany and Ireland have survived so far.


Page 5: South Western. The Iberian Peninsula. Aragon (Dark Grey), Castile (Yellow) and Portugal (Green) are in different alliances, so wars are starting to erupt between them. Navarra and Granada are still alive. Morocco (Light Brown), Tlemcen (Light Grey), and Tunisia (Bluish Green).


Page 6: South Eastern Mediterranean. Egypt (Light Brown) one of the biggest countries. Nubia (Orange), The Hedjaz (Light Grey), Karaman (Orange), Ramazan (Dark Grey) and Kara Koyunlu (Dark Grey).


Page 7: The Arabian Peninsula, with Yemen (Green) and Oman (Blue). More provinces of Egypt and the Timur Empire (Dark Brown), at the brink of collapse.


Page 8: The Middle East. Uzbek (Bluish Green) and Sirvan (Blue).


Page 9: The Steppes. Golden Horde (Yellow) and Muscovy (Red). Lithuania (Light Brown), and Poland (Light Orange). Kazan, Ryazan and Tver are still alive, but Novgorod is gone.
[size=+1]1449 Report (January)[/size]
The report was delayed one month to wait for the end of the war.


Stability +2
Stability cost = 443D/level
Treasury = 315D
Inflation 3.0

Number of provinces:
1419     6
1423     7
1428     9
1433     9
1438     9
1443    11
1448    13

Yearly income from provinces:
           Tax       Prod     Manp
1419      29.86      23.48     6.2
1423      46.80      37.43     6.2
1428      68.13      44.40     8.8
1433      78.78      44.14     8.8
1438      79.68      44.37     9.8
1443      80.78      55.47    12.0
1448      95.84      72.49    14.8

Monthly income:
           Tax     Prod     Trade    Gold    Total   mil. maint. (50%)
1419       9.3      2.0       5.9     0.0     17.2       -1.7
1423      12.8      3.1       9.7     0.0     25.7       -2.2
1428      16.1      3.7       8.3     0.0     28.1       -2.2
1433      16.8      3.7       7.2     0.0     27.7       -2.5
1438      16.7      3.7       7.6     0.0     28.0       -2.6
1443      17.7      4.6       7.9     0.0     30.3       -3.4
1448      20.8      6.0       6.2     0.0     33.1       -3.1

19 merchants in CoTs (-4). 5 merchants/year
cost of placement is 4-7 in Italy, 7-8 in Europe, 17-25 Rest of the world.
Trade efficiency is 55% (first nation).

Monarch Francesco Foscarini
Military Good (7)
Administrative Good (7)
Diplomacy Good (7)

Domestic policies:
Year 1400 +       19 23 28 33 38 43 48
Aristocracy        4  -  -  -  -  -  -
Centralization     3  4  -  -  -  -  -
Innovative         4  -  -  -  -  -  -
Mercantilism       5  -  4  5  -  -  -
Offensive          2  -  -  -  -  -  -
Land               2  -  3  2  -  -  1
Quality            6  -  7  6  7  -  6
Serfdom            4  -  -  -  -  -  -

Technology + % of next level (estimated date with current investment)
Land 2 + 25% (1490)
Naval 2 + 57% (1468)
Trade 3 + 15% (1506)
Production 3 + 1% (1606)


Maximum morale displayed at 50% maintenance (Not real morale): 1.75 + 0.5 - 0.02 = 2.23


Army 14k infantry, 15k cavalry
maintenance cost at 50% 2.1 D/month
Army support limit = 40 000 (9 000 from trade)
Cost of army units:
Infantry 14D
Cavalry 28D

Navy 7 warships, 33 galleys, 9 transports
maintenance cost at 50% 1 D/month
Navy support limit = 109
Cost of naval units:
warships 43D
Galleys 9D

Manpower = 10
Manpower pool = 20,000 (1000/month)


1) Standing
Cores (Permanent CB): Cyprus (Cyprus)
Allies: Naples
Bad Boy 8.4/37 tarnished
Permanent CB: Cyprus
Temporary CB: none

Countries with permanent CB on Venice:
Albania, Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Papal States.


2) Neighbours and near-neighbours by areas (allies). Underlined countries have land/strait border to Venice:

Tuscany +48 MA
Papal States -43 (Aragon +125, Navarra, Brittany)
Venice (Naples +200 MA)
Genoa +71 (Provence, Saxony, Friesland)
Tyrol +95 RM (Bavaria +126, Berg, Palatinate, Bayreuth, Wirtemberg +125)
Schwitzerland +140 RM (Burgundy, France, Scotland)
Austria +187 RM MA (Styria +65 RM, Savoy +125 MA, Hungary -98 RM, Bohemia +46, Denmark)
Balcan/Carpatian/Asia minor:
Bosnia +82 MA
Moldava -98
Wallachia -86
OE -200 (Egypt -105, Kara Koyunlu -199, Ramazan -70)
Karaman -200
The Knights +125, (Cyprus -37 RM, Georgia, -98, Theodoros +25 RM, Albania -200)
Black sea:

3) Vassalages:
Wallachia and Bosnia are vassals of OE
Savoy is a vassal of Tyrol
Moldava is a vassal of Lithuania
Naples and Tuscany are vassals of Venice

4) Changes in our area:
Papal States has lost Marche to Venice
Tuscany annexed Modena
Tuscany has lost Romagna to Venice
Switzerland has lost Schwyz to Tyrol
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[size=+1]Election 13. 1449-1459 International Situation[/size]

This election is to orient the work of our diplomats and advance our goals. State as many countries as you want that we should befriend or attack according to the following categories.

1. Dear Friends. Countries that we should try to ally (or keep in the alliance), marry and get military access with. Look in the report for CBs and current relationships.

2. Friends. Countries that we want to keep good relationships and marry, but we don't want in our alliance.

3. Adversaries. Countries that we would like to hit if the conditions are right, but are not currently direct targets. Military access is not out of the question since we don't plan to DoW them but could find at war with them.

4. Enemies. Countries that we should get at war with, if the conditions are right. This should include countries that are not strictely enemies, but that we could take a province or vassalize to pursue long term goals.

5. Warmonger clause. Enter (War) if you believe we should declare war under the right circumstances in this period to advance our goals. Enter (Peace) if you believe we should remain at peace during this period, unless attacked. Voting W does not mean we will go to war, it means we will not let a good oportunity of declaring war to a ripe target escape. Such opportunity may not present itself.

Remember that this is an important election, since events are possible that could grant us a CB depending on our choice, or a temporary CB could come along and your choices will let me know what the senate wants. As a general rule I will not DoW without a CB, and I will not DoW countries outside 3) or 4) even if CB, and I will not DoW if 5) Peace. As always, special circumstancies will be brought to the senate for discussion.


1. Dear Friends: Tuscany (10/11) and Naples (9/11)

2. Friends (with carry over votes from 1): Austria (6/11), France (6/11), Castile (5/11) and Styria (4/11)

3. Adversaries (with carry over votes from 4): Aragon (6/11), Tyrol (6/11) and Egypt (4/11)

4. Enemies: Genoa (8/11), Ottoman Empire (8/11) and Papal States (4/10).

5. Peace (6/11), but with 2 votes for a change of status if a CB is obtained against Genoa, our most bitterly hated enemy.
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Dear Senators and most honorable doge.

I wish to be the first to congratulate the doge on his victory in the recent war against the Tuscan alliance, it is good to see so many of the Italians enjoying living under the grand republic.

The Danish ambassador.

EDIT: adding vote:

Election 13
1: Tuscany, Naples (eventually diploannex)
2: Bosnia, Stiermark, Tirol
3: Papal States, Ottoman Empire
4: Albania
5: Undecided
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Election 13
1. Dear Friends : Tuscany, Naples
2. Friends : Burgundy, France, Castile
3. Adversaries : Egypt, Portugal
4. Enemies : Genoa ( :cool: ), Papal States, Aragon, Tyrol, Savoy, Ottoman Empire
5. War

Barcelona, Aragonese Court

My dear fellow-citizens and friends, respected Senators,

My arrival in Barcelona in the middle of the war, and my subsequent meetings with King Alfonso of Aragon, have allowed me to get a good grasp of the situation in the eastern mediterranean, Mare Nostrum as much as the eastern mediterranean. The hostility King Alfonso has manifested towards us is amazing : the only reason I can find is that he is planning to get a dominating position in the italian peninsula and to destroy us. Democracy is frightenning him, in my opinion.

'My enemy's enemies are my friends', or so goes the saying. And so France and Burgundy could be useful against Savoy and Tyrol, and Castile against Aragon, in order for us to free our italian brothers.

Our enemies are those tyrants who illegally rule italian lands, be they foreign scum, crazed bigots or treacherous shopkeepers (=Genoa). But also the Ottoman Empire, those heathens who will one day strike at us, maybe as soon as their war with Hungary is over. Now is probably the time to give them a tremendous blow, before it's too late, as soon as we can get a 'valid' reason to declare war to them.

And concerning Egypt, while they don't have made any move against us, is the door to the East, the lavish, rich East. Spice Trade is passing through Alexandria, and Alexandria, the City of Alexander, is in heathen hands. While not a cause to make war immediately, we should stay ready to grasp a good opportunity.

During my stay here in the western mediterranean, I've heard that portugues sailors are trying to find a way to India and China, a way around Africa. As foolish and crazy as it may seem, they still pose themselves as competitors, and we should be ready to remind them that there is only one way to access the eastern trade : through Venice.
At the very least, this could allow us to check the reality and feasability of their endeavours. So, Capitano Generale Fodoroni, stay awake and ready.

Senator-Ambassador Lawkeeper Dandolo

Honorable Senators,
my deepest gratitude I will reserve to St. Mark that took us through this perilious war. Our military seem to have performed splendidly, the outcome was better than I had hoped for.

Election 13
1. Tuscany, Naples
2. Uphold current RM's
3. Papal States
4. Genoa, Ottoman Empire
5. Peace

Senator Lawkeeper Dandolo have a view on how Venice and its merchants should prosper that I share. To acquire the trade centers of the Eastern Mediterranean and open a Christian route to the Indian Ocean should be our long term goals.
We have to be careful to not get a reputation that might scare our German neighbours in the north or make our vassals fear us. But concerns like this should not keep us from eventually strike to get to the trade centers we desperately need to control.
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Are we playing AGCEEP version 1.32? From 1.33 there are many new Venetian leaders. Updating the save from 1.32 is a lot of work, since ther are many tag switches.

EDIT: We could also only update the Venetian leader file. More leaders, but less siege experts.
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Election 13

1. Tirol, Austria, Hungary
2. Tuscany, Naples, Aragon, Stiermark, Papal States
3. Ottomans, Albania
4. Genoa
5. Peace (as I don't see us getting a CB against Genoa)

I feel our entanglements in the Italian peninsula have distracted us from the Turkish threat to Christendom. Though I rejoiced in our victories over both Milan and Rome I feel that now is the time to restore our relationship with his holiness. We will need a secure rear when the Turk comes knocking at the gate of Constantinople, which we will not get by squabelling with the pope over the fate of every last city state. Certainly it would be nice to persuade the Tuscans and Neapolitans to join our glorious republic, but if the cost of giving them our protection is to have no ally worth the name, then I say let them look to their own defence.

We need allies who can pull their weight when it comes to fighting the Ottomans, which means the Habsburg-Hungary alliance. Though I fear our joining their war now would be too little too late. We must, instead, look to the next war which God willing will see our armies standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the rejuvenated forces of Hungary and Austria.

Needless to say no opertunity should be missed to take the jewel of the Black Sea out of the unworthy hands of the Genoese.

Senator Leonard Steno

Election 13
1. Tuscany, Milan
2. Wallacia, Bosnia, Steirmark. Bavaria, France, Swiss, Aragon, Austria
3. Tyrol, Papal States, Genoa
4. OE, Albania
5. War

I know Aragon attacked us and thus could be our enemy, let us be wise and not add too many enemies at once! Currently they are still favorable to us in general (+125); lets keep them there. We can go get them later when or if we need them. Perhaps, all the events on the Iberian Peninisula will lead to further changes in which, at some future date, we'll even find them a worthy ally. Let's not seek conflict with them.

Let us work diligently to move Tuscany into our alliance. Certainly not a priority from our past, but events have caused this moment. Already we have previously lost a vassal. Let's not lose another!

Lawkeeper has spoken true, at least at one level---we MUST stay focused on the infidel. Is there actions against Hungary not proof enough? Our tenuous control of the Straights is not enough to halt their aggression. With Egypt in their alliance, they have no worries on that front ensuring they will push further north unless, well, who will stop them.


And as far as needed just cause, is not their mere presence in Europe cause enough? I think a special vote should be taken on this matter allowing the Doge to strike at the OE WITHOUT a CB. Would not now be a good time while they are still struggling with Hungary? Perhaps not now, but soon and the Doge should be able to move. I call for a vote!

Carlo Cornaro
Annex to election 11 has been closed. The results are valid until 1469 or until a new level is reached in Trade or Infra, whichever happens first:

1B (4/6 votes) We will invest now in trade (70%)
2B (6/6 votes) 30% will be invested in military
3- Tie. We will invest 15% in Land and 15% in Naval.

Election 13 is still open. If you haven't voted yet, please cast your vote.
Election 13
1. Dear Friends : Tuscany, Naples
2. Friends : France, Castille
3. Adversaries : Aragon, Ottoman Empire
4. Enemies : Genoa, Papal States
5. Peace

Dear Senate
Capitano Fodoroni

I'm still concerned how this honorable and civilized recint of the government of our Glorious Republic, have gradually became a cage of wild animals roaring for a piece of meat; and I'm truly sorry for the tone of my words, but we must settle ourselves, and look what we have accomplished. Yes, thanks to an agressive mentality, we have become the most powerful country on the eastern side of the Mediterranean sea, and kings and princes must think twice before they can be hostile to us, because they have so much to lose. But we have reached a point where we must fortify our gains to make them last longer or otherwise we will lost them as fast as we won them.

Also, people around us are looking our several victories with an eye of concerned, and even though we managed to beat and make them beg for peace to an slight strong alliance; we can not and must not, let our victories get in our heads and think that we can beat whoever we want. Yes, our Republic and its citizens have proved to be very brave and have completely supported this Senate on whatever decisions we have made, but everything has a limit; our people will reach some point where they can't stand another war as a normal thing. Remember that our main priority is trade, and this activity is only prosperous on peace time, when we can guarantee that our merchants will work without any interruption.

In order of that, I desperate beg this Senate to settle and think logically before enter our Republic into another war that may damage or destroy what with a huge effort have accomplished. Let ourselves out of the Danubian and German events; of course, protecting our investments and rising in arms when they are violated.


Senator TG Delfino
Election 13:
1. Dear Friends: Tuscany, Naples
2. Friends: Hungary, Castile, Austria
3. Adversaries: Aragon, Tyrol
4. Enemies: Genoa, Papal States, Ottoman Empire
5. Peace (Except when CB on Genoa)

With great shock did I hear the words of senator Cornaro (Carlec). Strike without a CB?! Doesn't the senator remember the words of the late Doge Mocenigo! Remember them and listen to people like senator Delfino (the_genius) who sees the dangers.

We should remember this and we should not start war after war after war.
The only exception would be our arch-enemy Genoa. Control of the trade in the Black Sea should be in our hands.

Of course we should defend our interests when attacked. And we should be prepared as I fear the Pope and our vassals in Naples and Tuscany will be at each others throat in the near future. When that happens we should not abandon our vassals!

My feeling is that the only way to bring peace to the Italian peninsula is to bring the whole peninsula into our control, either through direct rule or through vassals. And we should bring peace, if only to prevent getting involved in wars between all these city-states.

One last remark; my family has recently bought some excellent sugar plantations in Crete. When surveying our and other plantations it occured to me that our Republic could make a lot of profit by building a refinery there.

Election 13

Dear Friends: Naples, Tuscany, Austria, Bavaria
Friends: Castile, France, England, Portugal, Knights, Cyprus
Adversaries: Papal States, Aragon
Enemies: OE, Genoa, Egypt, Tyrol
WAR (but only in very favorables circumstances)


Count Moro​

[B]Election 13[/B]

1. Naples, Tuscany, Austria
2. France, Cyprus, Knights
3. Pope, Aragon
4. Genoa, Ottos, Tyrol
5. Peace
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I also want to congratulate venetian senators for their civic contribution to the greatness of our Republic.

Election 13 is closed. The results are:

1. Dear Friends: Tuscany (10/11) and Naples (9/11)

2. Friends (with carry over votes from 1): Austria (6/11), France (6/11), Castile (5/11) and Styria (4/11)

3. Adversaries (with carry over votes from 4): Aragon (6/11), Tyrol (6/11) and Egypt (4/11)

4. Enemies: Genoa (8/11), Ottoman Empire (8/11) and Papal States (4/11).

5. Peace (6/11), but with 2 votes for a change of status if a CB is obtained against Genoa, our most bitterly hated enemy.

Comments: The cut out is stablished after the election to give a list that is not too short, given the spread. In this case is 4 votes. Papal States has more votes for adversary (6), but qualifies for enemy (4), so is elected for that category. Despite the simplification of results, every opinion by all senators is taken into consideration when sending our diplomats.
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Noble Senators, Most Serene Doge,

it is with great joy that, returning to this senate after extensive travels, I find this august assembly stirring with ideas and projects that do our republic much honour. Already before my departure had I spoken to you about the need for our commercial interest (and indeed our survival) to gain a foothold on Egypt and access to the Red Sea. I have indeed just brought back maps that I myself bought for a dear price in Alexandria, showing the oriental seas as charted by the infidels. They are far more expansive than we had thought and show cities covered with gold in fabled India.

These maps I have entrusted to the Chancellery of the Republic, and I am convinced that, when you are shown them, you too will understand what opportunities await us. We must gain Nile, Alexandria and Cataract from the sultan of Egypt. As for the rumors of a Portuguese way around Africa I would tend to dismiss it as nonsense for, as Aristotle says, the southern lands are known to be uninhabitable. And yet, these rumors have engendered preoccupation among the infidel merchants in Alexandria, for they say one of their Pharaohs of old had commissioned Phoenician merchants to do the same, and they succeded, although they reported an unbelievable story of having the sun on their right while sailing due west. Think what you will of it.

Yet, the time may not be right for a war with Egypt, or anyone else for that matter. Our war against His Holiness, although just, has nevertheless alienated many a ruler from our cause. It is time for patience now.

Gabriele Mocenigo

Election 13

Dear Friends: Naples, Tuscany
Friends: France, Castile
Adversaries: Genoa, Aragon, Papal states, Tyrol
Enemies: Egypt, OE
Warmongering clause: peace
Dear senator Mocenigo,

Your vote will be included with the rest, since the time of your post was so close to the results. Let's not a vote go to waste :). Your opinion is very much in line with all the other senators of this wise Council. In addition to you, three other senators have expressed their interest in Venice taking direct control of the Alexandrian commerce. Egypt is therefore included in the list of Adversaries as a result of your vote. Nevertheless, as you yourself point out, the Mammeluk al-Zahir Caqmaq, Bey of Egypt, rules over one of the biggest countries of the world and it would be unwise to seek open confrontation. I can promise you that our diplomats and spies will keep close watch on the events of Egypt. Given the despotic and oppressive nature of the Mammeluk Government, in sharp contrast with our republican tolerant policies, I foresee religious troubles worsened by their rivalry with the Ottoman sultans. Future events might make necessary to call on the senate for further consultation on this matter.

Pietro Cantarini
Secretary of the Dogal Council