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Amnistiado por viejuno
May 12, 2004
[size=+2]Join the Democratic BAR[/size]​

The Democratic before action report is an EU2 game where everybody gets to participate. It is also an experiment in democracy, where you (the readers) vote on all the policies (domestic, economical, religious, military) that an EU2 game requires from the player.

The readers decided on November 2004 that we were going to play Venice on very hard/normal in the AGCEEP grand campaign. Then they constituted the Council of Ten or Venetian Senate and became senators. I took the role of the Capitano Generale (chief commander) and of the Doge of Venice, one for the game military point of view and the other for the game historical and political points of view.

We have two threads. In this one reports are issued about the game, policies and historic events are discussed and voted.

In the brother thread:
we post what usually goes into an AAR. A semi-historical account of what takes place in the game.

You are encouraged to join us at any time to vote in one election, to post your comments and opinions, or to simply say if you like it or not, as in any other AAR. It is not necessary, but if you find yourself enjoying it and want to get into character, you can adopt a Venetian noble family. Here you can find a list with some famous families of Venice.

A final book that will have both threads narrated into the story of the AAR will be made at the end. If you want to see a sample of how it will look, I hanged a first draft of the first 8 pages here

This post also constitutes the table of contents of this thread. Below you can navigate easily through the thread:

A. Rules

the original rules:
1. Membership of the council. Everybody can be a member of the council just by posting. One person one vote. Experience schmerience, Peter Ebessen's vote counts as much as a first day recruit. This is democracy.

2. Field Commander rules (that's me). I will play a maximum of 5 years per session, there is no minimum limit. I will try not to take any decision unless required to play the session. I will have freedom over the armies and navies according to the war strategies outlined by the council. After a session I will issue a report as complete as possible with pics for the council to evaluate performance.

3. Mechanics of votations. A period of time not inferior to 48 hours and not superior to one week (except vacations or trips) will be opened for discussions after every report. I will then present all the choices to the members and a period of time not inferior to 48 hours and not superior to one week will be opened for casting the votes. The results will be reported with a period of 24 hours for comments or reclamations. After that, the next round of year/s will be played as soon as feasible (we all have families and works to distract us from EU2).

4. Safevalve clause. I reserve the right of cancellation or postponement if the number of active members in the council drops below five. The democracy becomes an oligarchy.

5. The game will be played on a vanilla version of EU2. 1.08. I play on a mac, so no betas available. Only scenario available is AGCEEP (version unknown, could be 1.34 or 1.32) in case you want that one.

Votation rules. Please read them.
Participant rules Please read them.

B. Country, game settings and specific policies

Election 1: Country. Closed. We will be playing Venice
Election 2: Game settings. Closed. We will be playing at very hard, normal.

Election 14: War/Peace policies. Closed.

Election 4: 1419 Hungarian war strategy. Closed. We have to gain Dalmatia.
Election 8: Byzantine Empire Policy. Closed. We have to conquer Thrace.
Election 15: War on Saxony. Closed. No war was declared.
Election 19: The Ottoman Menace. Closed. War was decided.
Election 20: The Albanian Question. Closed. War and vassalization decided.
Election 21: War on the Ottoman Empire. Closed. We are to request Macedonia and Kosovo
Election 26: Defensive war on Tyrol. Closed. We are to request Lombardia
Election 29: Casus belli on the Ottoman Empire. Closed. We are not to declare war.
Election 32: Casus belli on Genoa. Closed. War was decided.
Election 38: The annexion of Albania. Closed. Albania will be annexed.
Election 40: League of Cambrai Crisis. Closed.
Election 45: Maps to know the World. Closed.

C. Game reports
Here you can review how the game is proceeding. Every 5 years I issue one general report. The summaries are a year by year account on what happened. "Il Senato della Republica Venetiana: Collaborative AAR" usually has more detail and pics.

1419 Report.
1419-1423 Summaries.
1423 Report.
1424-1428 Summaries.
1428 Report.
1429-1433 Summaries.
1433 Report.
1434-1438 Summaries.
1438 Report.
1439-1443 Summaries.
1443 Report.
1444-1448 Summaries.
1448 Report.
1449-1453 Summaries.
1453 Report.
1454-1458 Summaries.
1458 Report.
1459-1463 Summaries.
1463 Report.
1464-1468 Summaries.
1468 Report.
1469-1473 Summaries.
1473 Report.
1474-1478 Summaries.
1478 Report.
1479-1483 Summaries.
1483 Report.
1484-1488 Summaries.
1488 Report.
1489-1493 Summaries.
1493 Report.
1494-1498 Summaries.
1498 Report.
1499-1503 Summaries.
1503 Report.
1504-1508 Summaries.
1508 Report.
1509-1513 Summaries.
1513 Report.
1514-1518 Summaries.
1518 Report.
1519-1523 Summaries.
1523 Report.
1524-1528 Summaries.
1528 Report.
1529-1533 Summaries.
1533 Report.
1534-1538 Summaries.
1538 Report.
1539-1543 Summaries.
1543 Report.
1544-1548 Summaries.
1548 Report.

D. Scheduled elections

Election 3: 1419-1439 Domestic policies. Closed.
Election 12: 1449-1469 Domestic policies. Closed.
Election 27: 1479-1499 Domestic policies. Closed.
Election 37: 1509-1529 Domestic policies. Closed.
Election 48: 1539-1559 Domestic policies. Closed.
Election 5: 1419-1429 International policies. Closed.
Election 9: 1429-1439 International policies. Closed.
Election 10: 1439-1449 International policies. Closed.
Election 13: 1449-1459 International policies. Closed.
Election 18: 1459-1469 International policies. Closed.
Election 22: 1469-1479 International policies. Closed.
Election 28: 1479-1489 International policies. Closed.
Election 30: 1489-1499 International policies. Closed.
Election 34: 1499-1509 International policies. Closed.
Election 36: 1509-1519 International policies. Closed.
Election 41: 1519-1529 International policies. Closed.
Election 43: 1529-1539 International policies. Closed.
Election 47: 1539-1549 International policies. Closed.
Election 6: 1419-1444 Research priorities. Closed.
Election 11: 1444-1469 Research priorities. Closed.
Election 23: 1469-1499 Research priorities. Closed.
Election 33: 1499-1529 Research priorities. Closed.
Election 17: Manufactory decision. Closed.
Election 7: 1419-1469 Economic priorities. Closed.
Election 24: 1469-1519 Economic priorities. Closed.
Election 42: 1519-1549 Economic priorities. Closed.
Election 31: Extraordinary expenditures. Closed
Election 35: Trade Diplomacy. Closed.
Election 44: Military Research priorities. Closed.
Election 46: Economical Choices and more. Closed.
Election 39: 1515-1565 Long Term Goals. Closed.

E. Open elections. You can participe here.

Election 48b: Offensiveness Domestic policy. Still Open.
Election 49: 1549-1559 International policies. Still Open.
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I'm in. Let's go, you'll be my LONGA MANUS.
I'll be your pontifex, lets hope for an auspicious game.
I vote for Ottoman Empire, mapstealing and trading it's way east into the Indian Ocean and muslim Indonesia. I don't know if we might suggest strategies or if it will be a democratic shortsighted mess :p At least OE would be nice, there is a lot to do.
Great idea, I petition to come in.

And since my fellow Council Members have already started, I propose the Serenissima, Republic of Venice.

You would be the Doge (off course), and we the Council of the Ten would survey your action, and see to the security of the Republic. :)
Refrain from proposing countries, please. There will be seven days to do that, and for proposing first you don't get a higher chance.

Regarding strategy, Norrefeld, it was here:

Fodoron said:
The council decides the rules, the country to play, the wars to declare, the game strategy,...

Wether I am able to implement or not remains to be seen. I will try.
This is a great success. We have already the minimum number of council members. Lets start. These are the voting rules from now on

[size=+1]Votation Rules:[/size]

To cast your vote make a post sourrounded by quoting marks with only the required information:

-First indicate election number
-Then write down question numbers followed by choice letter
-Write any comments outside the quote box.

A question mark indicates a vote in blank for that choice. Anything you don't want to chose put a question mark.

You can edit your post before closing of the election, but you must state what is edited and why, otherwise your vote will be invalid. The date and time of closing will be set by those of a post of mine indicating so. Any editing or voting afterwards will not be taking into account and may invalidate your vote if precedes the counting. Do not worry if you miss an election. There will be lots of them as long as we keep it interesting.

Last edit: to request the ballot to be placed within quote box
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[size=+1]Election 1. Country.[/size]

Country votation:

To make sure the election gets the majority of votes, we will make it in two rounds, making sure the preferences of the majority are respected and are not lost due to excesive spread of votes.

This is probably the most important decission. Before voting think for a little while about the tipe of game you will like to participate (be ready to accept other majoritarian decision). If you choose an isolated pagan, it may turn into a boring game, but it is up to you, I accept any choice. Do not rush and think again on how the game might evolve and the type of things you will like to see (diplomacy, wars, religion, exploration, colonization, technology...). When you are sure you are ready to vote.

Please vote on the following:

Part I, general preferences (they don't have to be absolutely coherent)

1. 1419 size of preferred country (my grouping is not exactly as that of the game)
A. Minor (1-3 provinces)
B. Small (4-7 provinces)
C. Large (8-12 provinces)
D. Huge (over 12 provinces)

2. 1419 religion of country
A. Christian
B. Muslim
C. Exotic (hindu or confutionism)
D. Pagan

3. 1419 location of country capital
A. Europe
B. Africa
C. Asia
D. Americas

4. Scenario
A. Plain vanilla

Part II

5. Write two countries that you would like played (they don't have to agree with part I). Just the names. They have to be alive in 1419 (AGCEEP countries are elegible). Write only one if you don't have two.

Part III Comments. Anything you want to say that might convince other voters.

To make my life easier, a vote should look like:
Election 1
1A, 2C, 3A, 4?
5 Lalaland, Whowholand
If we play a country in the america's we will die of boredom before we are discovered...
A question mark indicates a vote in blank. Anything you don't want to chose put a question mark. I will compute the general preferences and discard any proposed country that does not fulfill the two most voted entries for each preference. For example if 48% want Europe, and 31% Asia, any african or american country will be discarded. I will then present the results with the list of elegible countries for a second election.

PS. This election is closed.

Given that a country has 80% of support. A second round is unnecessary.

The results are:
1. Small country (14/19)
2. Christian (20/20)
3. European (20/20)
4. AGCEEP (10/18)

The country chosen is Venice (16/20). Second choice was a far distant Denmark (3/20).
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Let me in (and I'm going to vote now, without waiting for your agreement if you don't mind :) )

Election 1
1B, 2A, 3A, 4A
5 Venice
I'm with lawkeeper on this one. You want a democratic game, let's play a republic then. Medium sized, Latin tech, so that we don't screw up too much :) Vote for plain EU2 - I don't know much about the mods.

BTW, OE has a capital in Europe, not in Asia. Check how the continents are defined in EU2 - and being a European rather than Asian power has some consequences.
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If I can get in on this too:

1. B, 2. A, 3. A, 4. B.

I have to say I like Venice too. A lot of possibilities, decent starting position and cultures, lots of danger. So many different goals we could set.

If not Venice, how about one of the Orders (Teutons or Livonians). Guess that's three countries.
robin74 said:
Let me in (and I'm going to vote now, without waiting for your agreement if you don't mind :) )

BTW, OE has a capital in Europe, not in Asia. Check how the continents are defined in EU2 - and being a European rather than Asian power has some consequences.

Election 1 is open now.

I knew this was going to bring trouble, since most people do not know where continental boundaries go in EU2.
For this particular election, east of the Bosphorus is Asia. Muscovy and Lithuania are in Europe, Golden horde and OE are in Asia (Just bear with me will you?)
Fodoron said:
I knew this was going to bring trouble, since most people do not know where continental boundaries go in EU2.
I could post a map with the Europe - Asia boundary :)

I'm not going to sabotage the vote - but as mentioned before, in EU2 the difference between a European and Asian country has serious implications, and whether the country is one or the other is not defined by the boundary you proposed. I'm just saying - from the game point of view, it makes more sense to ask whether we would like the country to be considered European by the EU2 then whether we prefer to have a capital East of Bosporus.

But you're the boss here. Feel free to tell me to remove this post if you think it causes too much confusion.
robin74 said:
But you're the boss here. Feel free to tell me to remove this post if you think it causes too much confusion.

No, you all are the bosses here. I will not impose anything that is not absolutely requiered to keep going. Let it as it is. People voting for OE should vote for Asia, but since OE is a special case, I'll make sure it doesn't fall through the cracks of the rules if people chose OE as one of the countries and Europe as continent.
Election 1.
Part I: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4B
Part II: Naples or Ak Koyunlu
Part III: A comment on my second choice Ak Koyunlu: I suppose they (or Qara Koyunlu, I'm not sure) can become OE, don't they? Anyway, I suggest any minor that can become OE, it would be interesting...
Hastu Neon said:
Part III: A comment on my second choice Ak Koyunlu: I suppose they (or Qara Koyunlu, I'm not sure) can become OE, don't they? Anyway, I suggest any minor that can become OE, it would be interesting...
One of the Sheeps (Qara Koyunlu, I think), can become Persia, but I don't think anybody can become Turkey.
Election 1
1A, 2A, 3A, 4A
5 Navarra, The Knights
Comments: The Knights rulez, great cultures, poor starting position, almost uncaptureable capital... :) I strongly recommend not picking any pagans, it will be hard to play them with this AAR.
(Submitting membership application with vote)

Election 1
5 Venice, Denmark
I think that the version played is more important for this exercise than the country. Keeping us in Vanilla 1.08 would make the game accessible for more players.
Democratic BAR was a great idea. If you can post screenshots, I think it would help draw people into the game. Thanks for taking on this project.