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May 13, 2003
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I was painfully reminded that inheriting a country is not all roses, there are a few thorns to be aware of.

England managed to end two long, costly wars, one against France with a White Peace, and the other versus Burgundy, in which Burgundy relinquished a few core claims. That left England with maximum War Exhaustion, and badly depleted armies insufficient to put down the multiple revolts in Scotland and Ireland, which they had been unable to gain automatic "mission" cores on due to the lack of two provinces held by Denmark. The English king passed away soon after, leaving the country in the hands of a relative with low legitimacy. I jumped on the opportunity, scrounging up the 100 ducats to seek for scraps of old documents, or created them if they didn't exist, in order to prove my sovereign's right to rule England. Note, it's normally rather unthinkable to invade England when your Naval Force Limit is 2.

Taking advantage of military access rights to Scotland (who were down to one province), I sent almost my entire army to the British Isles, one brigade at a time, enacted the spy mission, presented the documents, and declared war. England fell fairly easily, with barely any forces to contest it. A few bribes, an alliance, and military transit rights later, and Relations were back to positive (barely). Not even 4 months after the end of hostilities, my own king passed away. Unexpectedly, despite the "will continue" status showing for the status of the Personal Union, his son (4/6/5) inherited England. His low Administrative skill was inadequate to avoid an "OVEREXTENTION" penalty for all of the new non-core provinces.

That was the obvious and at least somewhat expected situation. What I had not anticipated was that England had put a ridiculous amount of effort into establishing colonies in the frozen wastes of northern Canada, and built a few colonies in the Caribbean as well, but had put no money into them due to the war and the economic collapse that followed. That left me with around 12 colonies with less than 100 colonists, all of them requiring money, but not generating any revenue because none of them had been completed. It also left me with a pirate problem, and a shortage of ships to guard my trade routes in order to gain tariff income if/when any colonies were actually completed.

In other words, the simple 100 ducat investment has turned into a massive money pit, and it will be decades before I can straighten out the finances, build ships to drive off the pirates, and burn off the Revolt Risk that's currently reducing the meager 10% of the displayed tax revenues that one actually gets from the non-core provinces down to essentially nothing. In the long run, it's a game-changer. In the short run, it's an economic disaster. Be careful of what you wish for.