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Dec 3, 2003
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OK, here's the deal. I tried doing a CK AAR, and while it wasn't too badly slammed, it was poo-pooed. Simple reason: I mod, a lot. Now I have DV, and I like that even less than CK cause I don't wanna role play, I wanna role play and stomp my enemies down (whatever the enemy happens to be.) Today, I want to crusade Mongol Empire Scenario. I'm playing the game right now, I just want to know if anyone would be interested in a story springing from said story. This will be England 1150-1419:

Objectives (in order of importance):
1. Survive
2. Unite the British Isles (and Iceland if possible)
3. Destroy all Muslim powers in former Roman territory (this includes Dagestan, Basra and Baghdad if the Pax Romana maps are to be believed)
4. Convert Muslims and pagans therein
5. Convert non-Catholic Christians
6. Save Byzantium
7. Convert Byzantium to Catholic (even if I have to annex, convert and release.)
8. Create a Catholic de-facto Russia
9. Conquer Muslim and pagan territory outside of Roman Empire to Samarkand
10. Conquer and convert other Christians outside former Roman territory
11. Save the German Kingdom (not likely to happen though)

So I've got a lot of work to do. This is where the role playing comes in:
Here are the proposed house rules:
1. Do not expand French holdings beyond the historical Plantegentant Empire (Normandy, Aquitaine, Brittany)
2. Trigger Magna Carta at historical time.
3. Lose all French possessions under John I
4. Lose most, if not all, of the Empire by 1419
5. No wars in Europe except to conquer Muslims and Pagans
6. All Muslim and Pagan powers can and will be annexed in one go (religious enemy bonus)
7. Effective CB an all non-Christians, no BB for annexing non-Christians.
8. 10,000 ducat bonus to fund the initial Crusade, which represents both Papal money and the selling of crown lands and and the general crusading spirit.
9. Play on Very Hard and Aggressive
10. Right to add culture the following cultures: Andalusi as long as I don't try and convert. This represents medieval tolerance, and so I don't get the double whammy of going broke conquering territory and falling behind because I can't create a vassal that will take the territory off my hands. That is until one province of said culture coverts, at which time I lose the culture and have to convert as normal.
11. I reserve the right to use the excellent minister command once every five years to aid conversions. If you wish to suggest an appropriate penalty as a cost, I will listen.

Story format would be the form of a fictional me telling my friends about the Crusading Era. That should keep it short, simple, and most important entertaining. Would anyone be interested in reading my yarn based on this game? Well, back to the game, I'm looking forward to any responses.


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Nov 12, 2006
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Good luck! Looks interesting.