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Dec 3, 2003
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Here's an attempt to restart the story. I have NOT lost interest but fleshing out the middle is harder than I thought. Tell me what you think!

The Crusading Tradition:
The Glorious rule of Henry III
Piety and the Gypsy Woman

Some weeks later…

Alright! I can’t believe I convinced you guys to sing Ghetto Cowboy with me! Oh man this is gonna be a blast. Here’s the problem though, youz mother fuckers is a tad drunk, but luckily we’re 12 songs away so we can get sober.

…That’s right Gabe, I’z iz gonna sckoo ya on English history, and if that doesn’t sober you and Nate up in a hurry I don’t know what will.

So here goes…Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a boy king named Henry. His father left the realm in turmoil but with a modest amount of funds to put it right and a huge army to keep its borders secure.

Yes, Nate, this was England, but I’m not finished! This boy wasn’t just a king; he was Emperor of Rome, or at least the Greek part of it. And as he grew up he grew up in the pious learning of his regents who were determined that England should remain in the Pope’s good stead, making Henry both pious and superstitious. When he was 13, he attended the festival of St. Mary’s in…well, Canterbury I think but it’s not that important.

A gypsy woman who name is popularly handed down to us as Morbala, read his palm at the festival and told him though he would have long life, he could choose glory for himself, or glory for his kingdom. He would assure the supremacy of England all the days of his life and afterward, but at the cost of never appearing on the battlefield. This is a painful concession to a dark ages ruler of any grit because manly displays of courage where what endeared men to their rulers. Even Baldwin IV of Jerusalem, decades before, rode out into battle and he was a terribly afflicted leaper. Nonetheless, he heeded the old woman, and it seems to have worked. I guess.


A historical reactor plays Morbala at the Ohio Renaissance Fair

So Henry III, never noted as a particularly great administrator and only average diplomat sought to create the greatest fighting force that the world had seen since the Legions of Trajan! From the London, where he was likely never to see any combat, or any of his realm for that matter. Only in extreme old age did he finally go and see the glories of Constantinople, and Jerusalem.

And I’m going to get myself some more coffee flavored vodka! No no, I’m not walking funny, I just need some drink to quell my performance jitters, don’t you know!


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Aug 1, 2002
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Well, if he stays off the battlefield yet his armies are successful who cares?