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May 30, 2013
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This is my second attempt of an AAR, this time however, instead of images and screenshots I will be covering the action with a livestream. (www.twitch.tv/LowesyPC) Already I have streamed 60 years of the game that I am hoping will end with the end of the DH mod The Grand Campaign in 1991, however we will see how the limitations of the mod go and therefore the game and AAR may end in 1936. If I have the energy and if the game doesn’t end that is.

Ah I see you are looking at the tombstone of Erich I. I can remember what my grandfather told me about him, he of course got the story from his grandfather and he of course. Well you get the idea. Would you like me to tell all about the Counts of Gottingen? Why of course you would that is why you are here isn’t it.

The Von Valdenz. That was the family name of the Counts. A name that would be forever linked with Gottingen. It was 867AD when the first von Valdenz, Erich took over the county. He was a young man, a mere 21. Unmarried, and without an heir yet given the county by the then Duke Otto I. Erich was given the land after saving the life of Otto. Erich always had a way with spies and the darker arts of leading, but more on that later.

When he was given the land he very quickly became a man of myth. When he finally married 2 years after he became count, to a young girl by the name of Katherina. He didn’t collect the usual tax that many lords of East Francia did at weddings instead deciding to impress the guest with his own grandeur and wealth. Of which many of the local townsfolk would come to question. Within the two years a darkness had set over Gottingen. Peasants and serfs were told stories of the kinslaying tendencies of their new lord. And many believed if their lord was willing to kill a member of his own family what chance did they have. Many peasants therefore refused to travel the already precarouis route up to the castle along the stone road that was the only way into Gottingen.

The count rarely travelled down either.

In 870 there was tremendous news for von Valdenz Clan. Arnulf the first son was born. Erich not yet 30 had produced an heir. Yet many of the townsfolk had no idea what to make of this news, whether to be grateful no awkward transition was to take place or that already dread Von Valdenz would be ruling for the foreseeable future. In the same news there was sad news in the extended duchy of Saxony. Duke Otto I was murdered, in a explosion at his own castle. An explosion that smelled rather strongly of manure. The Spymaster of the Duchy promised that he would get to the bottom of the case and very quickly the spymaster did. The bottom of a case of West Francian wine that was imported to Gottingen only a week before.

The new duke Bruno, the brother of Otto was now more powerful than his brother, controlling twice as many counties as his brother once did. Thus Erich’s hope and view was that one of these counties would pass into the hands of Gottingen. Yet Bruno held onto his land like a spoiled brat. Bruno had also removed the old spymaster and replaced him with an imcomptent fool. This sent Erich into a fit of rage. At this time the second son of Erich was born. Faust. While no one could argue about the linage of Arnulf with the dark black hair being much the same as his father’s. Faust was born with a tuft of bright orange hair. A trait that would be shared by the third son of Erich, Waldemar a year later.

These children were not shown to the villagers of Gottingen and the only way they heard of it was through the heralds that would occasionally frequent the village to announce the banning of that year’s fair. There was a time before the birth of the 4th child and in that time there was plenty going in the wider kingdom of East Francia. In the north coast, and therefore the north coast of the Duchy of Saxony, there was frequent Viking raiding and thus some men of the County of Gottingen became skilled in the ways of warfare due to frequently levied in Bruno’s Armies.

The King of East Francia, Karl the Fat as he was known to all, was an jealous family member. Being a member of the prestigious Karling Family he believed he was one of two god’s representatives on earth. The other being the food that landed in front of him. He was jealous of his brothers, believing that they were given the greater kingdoms of West Francia, Middle Francia, Italy and Burgundy. And thus he frequently attempted to claim them for himself. His first attempt was Lotheingina and that ended in disaster for the king, yet a valiant and noble attempt was made by Erich to win the war. In the Province of Gelre to the Northwest a large Army of Middle Francian troops besieged the county. And thus in reaction Karl the Fat sent his own Army Northwards. However, Karl was a foolish and rather timid bastard and thus he failed to make a decisive engagement against the enemy. Therefore it was left to Erich to make the move.

Fearing an attack on Gottingen itself he prepped his own levies and march to attack the much larger force. Night due to a close of the 15th of March and many of Erich levies were confused by what their lord was planning. Yet that night he march around every campfire and told each of the men that he had news that the Army of Karl was on the move and the scouts had spotted them to the north. All Erich had to do was hold the Middle Francians off for just long enough that he could allow the King to finish the job.

That morning the Gottingen levies marched towards the vast foe. Erich set up his army into between a forest and the large cliff known as dead mans rock. He stood at the front of the army with his helmet off and was baiting the enemy onwards. Arnulf and Faust were both postioned onto of Dead Man’s Cliff 30 feet above the army of Gottingen and their father looked up and bashed his shield and the ranks of men behind copied him. Quickly 600 men seemed to become 6000 and when the opposing army march towards the bashing got louder and screams and jeers were sent flying. Soon the arrows of the archers dotted amongst the men flew from either side and within another 5 minutes the javelins, axes, stones and other throwing weapons followed. Erich threw his javelin and it caught a enemy in the lower jaw tearing it off in a flash of red. He then drew his sword and braced for the impact of the enemy charge.

It came with ferocious power and it was difficult to stand ground but the front rank of Erich’s army did that and soon there was blood being split left right and centre. In the early charge Erich quickly put down 2 men and killed another after dropping his sword under the shield of his attack and thrusting upwards penetrating the man’s leather and feeling the warmth of his blood trickle between his fingers. The battle was however, not going the way that Erich was hoping and his men were being pushed back and the enemy were soon climbing Gottingen dead rather than their own, and as the front line fell backwards Erich slipped and came under attack from a brute of man with a large axe. The consistent attacks ended up breaking Erich’s arm and he presumed that he was doomed. Yet in a moment of madness a flash of red came from the sky and the man fell to his knees screaming in pain, when Erich recovered his footing he saw that his attacker had been stabbed in the back of his neck by a young boy. No less that Faust von Valdenz who had used his dirk to kill his father’s attacker. When Erich realised what was happening he pulled Faust off and fell to the rear of his armies. He asked Faust why he jumped down from the cliff, he replied my father and my lord was in danger any boy would do the same. Arnulf looked down on the exchange with a look of contempt for his red- haired brother.
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