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Nov 20, 2006
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Looking at the riot reports Overlord Jorim dem Hullos was clearly disappointed by this cowardly, anti-rational and unscientific behaviour. It was improper of our people and should make these individuals ashamed. Psychological analysis of the contact message sent by this Figyar were made public stating the facts: they are an upstart race of pacifist weaklings unworthy to be our neighbours and already wishing to be like us. The Planification would not lend much attention to them if only for one thing. Many important planets, which investigation would give a great jump forwards to our spices, lie within their claimed space; the rare Betharian mineral would be found in their home system and, indeed, they are weak from the military standpoint (not even talking from the philosophical viewpoint). The main worries lies on the Figyar neighbours. Lolehndra, the hideous race of militaristic democratic bigots already made clear co-existence would be impossible after a conquest of the planet Yarus Prime, and the Figyar Grand Duchy act as a convenient buffer between them and us.

For the time being Jorim would be content with asking (not with great expectation, given their hopeless pacifism) for the expatriation of the Fist of God last remnants taking refuge inside the Figyar borders while regretting as many rich planets lie within the territory of an inferior race that will not take advantage from them. Certainly the gods of ancient had a strange humour sense.


Even then, invasion plans would not be entirely overruled. Waiting further discussion orders were sent to General Birm den Adasga to be ready for any eventuality. Although the Cognition is more a race of scientists than soldiers, Adasga is already a laureate officer, sent to the conquest of the Iron Age race of the Othethi, getting that world renamed to Adasga as reward. The Overlord is weary of the charismatic officer, and although he is less dangerous behaving as some feudal lord in a faraway primitive planet he recognizes his undeniable value. The Othethi themselves are a strong race of militarists and, due their backwardness, they secretly admire their betters, even if they don't know it yet. Maybe they would be more productive soldiers than slaves someday, maybe as the personal guard of this upstart general?

With many dangers lying on the horizon it is know we have Mother Reason on our side. The childlike idealism of our neighbours can't rival with it. Even then Jorim was disappointed. Previously we expected sentient beings would be... more like us. Was this everything the galaxy would offer? Iron Age tribes and fungoid warlord brutes fighting for naive ideals? Would the Cognitio find their equals someday? Or are they the only beings gifted with true intellect in the galaxy? That only makes his responsibilities even greater.


Oltheri slave race in the Propus starsystem under the supervision of general Birm den Adasga
The Cognition are still searching for a servile race able to perform physical work, preferably in the tundra worlds they live, freeing them from menial tasks
If other spices prove to be more able for this end the Oltheri race would be terminated


2208, October 1
Cognition Planification
Overlord Jorim dem Hullos
Deputy Overlord Rodrig den Polosch​


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Jan 22, 2013
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