The Case of The Bloody Brew Issue:

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Aug 16, 2022
Hello I am playing as the woman for the white circus, and I went to war with Las Luceros. Then the mission popped up for the case of the bloody brew and it tells me to confront the black hand gang. Well it is in her precinct / brothel. So I go there I fight the enemies in front of the building. Then I'm about to go inside and it says do you want to attack the brothel the only option I have is to click yes there's nobody there to confront. I go inside everyone's shooting each other and then it tells me mission I missing something? I even tried to break war with the old lady and if I do that it says mission failed. When I enter the building it says that Las Luceros hired The Black Hand Gang as her groups defenders and her group is the enforcers? So I'm not seeing a way to get around this without it failing =(
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