The BATTLETECH “Surrender” Button

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Prussian Havoc

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May 12, 2017
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We had one of these back in Beta right?

When was it removed?


I had a friendly match with a new Multiplayer Enthusiast today. I answered a few questions, gave a bit of advice and we generally enjoyed a fun match.

Being a good sport as the match turned against him, he did not rage quit. But neither did he want to play out the final few turns.

I directed him to the “Surrender” option and he couldn’t find it. I then looked and couldn’t find it. I never used it, even back in the day. But the longer I thought on it, I could not pinpoint when it was removed and I would like to know.

The BATTLETECH “Surrender” Button was a Community Friendly option that expedited both gamers moving on to the next match. Rather than the experience related to me by one of our newest Multiplayer Enthusiasts who clearly wasn’t having fun in our match any longer.

After we both confirmed that Surrender as no longer a supported option, he stopped firing and stood still, expediting as best he could the end of our match.

It was rather frustrating for us both as I overheated and his Mechs refused to die.

Anyhow, does anyone recall the specifics of the “Surrender” button?