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Jun 9, 2021
shapers have the might to do true good miniature earth (or map as they call it, only it isnt verily map any more). i sense they have to lessen the cities or to much the map, i see paris feeling creil (to this day she doesnt), and why to add this? it was 1690 souls in 1836 and 10899 in 1936; naples, salerno, foggia, vasto, ancona ill ubicated and cities uglily great

they may do much beter and more both in orography and hydrography ―they did in imperator, but is perfectable― if they will simulate a true earth, and they have to discard map shape to do true sphere shape doing all in its truest dimensions

be mounts and rivers and plains true spectacle,
may shapers shape very well
Jan 4, 2020
Possible issue I see on the main map is that the entire Oregon Territory (the present US states of Oregon and Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia) are marked as being British. Now this isn’t exactly ahistorical - Britain, the US, Russia, and Mexico all claimed the land and of the four, Britain arguably had the most presence there in 1836, but I am worried that this will somehow translate Britain’s holdings into a permanent control situation that the US would have to go to war over if it wants Oregon and Washington (and almost certainly lose prior to the late-19th Century), instead of the amicable partition in 1846.
It should be owned by many decentralized native tags (Salish, Haida, Chinook etc).
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