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The Anthology of Hearts of Iron II AARs

  • Democracy's Last Legs: A US - UK DAIM AAR ({LD}Firestorm‎)

    Votes: 6 17,6%
  • Crossfires, a French AAR for HoI2 Doomsday (Atlantic Friend‎)

    Votes: 9 26,5%
  • The Game (a German Mod-34 AAR) (blue emu)

    Votes: 5 14,7%
  • The Third Empire - An Imperial France AAR (cthulhu‎)

    Votes: 15 44,1%
  • For King and Country (Draco Rexus‎)

    Votes: 13 38,2%
  • The Butterfly Effect: A British AAR (El Pip‎)

    Votes: 14 41,2%
  • First UK Co-operative AAR! (Formula51‎)

    Votes: 3 8,8%
  • Return to Glory: A Germania AAR (Hardraade)

    Votes: 3 8,8%
  • "How the heck do you play this game?!" A simple tutorial AAR (Ironhead 5‎)

    Votes: 2 5,9%
  • Rebirth of the Japanese Empire: A Japan MDS 1.6 AAR (Kaiser_Mobius‎)

    Votes: 5 14,7%
  • Kapituliren? Niemals! (kami888‎)

    Votes: 4 11,8%
  • Fatherland - Deutschland über alles (Kanitatlan‎)

    Votes: 8 23,5%
  • The Prisoners of Silence - NSDAP 1936-1991 (History and background) (Karelian‎)

    Votes: 8 23,5%
  • Nation Shall Rise Against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom (King of Men‎)

    Votes: 3 8,8%
  • Soviet Union AAR - The Bloody Road to Berlin (Klaipedietis‎)

    Votes: 4 11,8%
  • The King's First Minister - a UK AAR (Le Jones‎)

    Votes: 6 17,6%
  • "The Cobras are Smoking!" : a tale of Brazil (LM+‎)

    Votes: 4 11,8%
  • The Presidents: The Vietnam War Edition (Nathan Madien‎)

    Votes: 9 26,5%
  • The Setting Sun - Gotterdammerung, Japan 1944. (Remble‎)

    Votes: 10 29,4%
  • WIELKOPOLSKA - Rise of the White Eagle - A Polish AAR (robw963‎)

    Votes: 10 29,4%
  • Empire of Fu Manchu (The Yogi‎)

    Votes: 14 41,2%
  • Weltkriegschaft (TheHyphenated1‎)

    Votes: 7 20,6%
  • Against all Odds: The British Empire in World War Two (trekaddict‎)

    Votes: 10 29,4%
  • The Channel Pact - Germany&UK Coop AAR (TRP‎)

    Votes: 4 11,8%
  • Baltijas Republika - A Doomsday AAR (Von Uber‎)

    Votes: 2 5,9%

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Nathan Madien

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Mar 24, 2006
Probably should, Enewald. Kind of mystified by the lack of votes for what was a really popular game and AAR sub-forum.

Keep those votes coming, folks. Are you HoI folks going to let Vickie and CK beat you? ;)
I didn't even know about this until about five minutes ago. :eek:

On a personal sidenote, although it's an HOI AAR and therefore ineligible to be voted on here, it was "The United States: 'Advantages without Obligations'" by Mettermrck that first brought me here and inspired me to write my two Presidents AARs (which in turn inspired other writers).
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