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Mar 14, 2012
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So a Short description. I wanted to test out the new Anime Portraits mod so I loaded up CK and hit the random button about fifty times and eventually it hit the count of Passau with a funny name. I've never done a CK Austrian Megacampaign game (Starting in Austria Proper) So i figure, why not make it an AAR and see where it goes.

A Few Rules i'm keeping too:
1.Balkanization before and After conversion, probably Only I'll need it.
2.No Cheating (Obviously)
3.Custom Empire or Holy Roman Empire only, were forming Austria after all.
4.Stick with the Anime Portraits mod, even if it's terrible!
5. Charlemagne start up to 1444 unless a patch forces an early conversion.
5.More as I see fit to add or are suggested.

A Few Goals for the CK phase of the campaign
1.Turn Europe Catholic, by any means possible. I will not rest until Persia and Mali bow to Rome.
2.Put my Dynasty on every King or Higher Independent Title in Europe by the end at least once.
3.Murder every Karling I find.
4.Open to more suggestions.

Chapter List
1. Humble Start
2. Real Men Wear Pink
3, The Fighter, The Kinslayer and a Cuckold
4. King of Kings
5. Teutonic Trouble
6. War of Imperial Succession
Intermission #1 The Calm before the Storm
7. The Investiture Controversy
8. The Crusade for Jerusalem.
9. Clash of Titans
10. Twelve Angry Men
11. Half a World Away
12. He who stares into the Abyss
13. The Abyss Stares Back
14. Moving On
15. When Brothers War
16. Take it Back!
Intermission #2 Imperial Integrity
17. Two Front War
18. Here we go Again
19. The Fourth Crusade
20. Out with the Old
21. Take your time
22. Out of the Frying Pan
23. The Succubus of Austria
24. Event Horizon
25. The Greatest, Emperor, Ever
26. Kaiserine Diaries
27. Celtic Defiance
28. The Soap Opera Continues
Intermission #3 Gott Mit Uns
29. Keeping up with Christopher
30. Arabian Knights
31. Round 2
32. Tales of Sunset
33. Things Get Worse
34. Liberte
35. Back to Sea
36. Something Completely Different
37. The Dark Arts
38. Into the East
39. End of an Era
40. As the Ashes Fall
41. Voices in my Head
42. Spain is the Emperor
43. Endgame
Post Game Wrap up

The Story Continues in Part 2 Anniona Universalis
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Chapter 1: Humble Start
Here is where the tale of House Anniona begins, with Sieghard. A young man from Passau with stars in his eyes, big dreams, and possibly also a serial killer. The First move of Sieghard would be to appoint a new council following his appointment to lord of northeastern Austria.


Unfortunately nobody particularly liked Sieghard that much. The new count wasn't particularly skilled with words, or numbers or theological matters so its unsurprising that the refined lords and ladies of Passau wanted him dead or otherwise didn't like him. A few honorary titles, compliments, and some gold would solve those issues and the council was quickly put to work.


The weak count of Osterreich didn't have a very firm grasp on his own realm, likely because of not giving out the aforementioned gold and fancy titles himself. This allowed Sieghard to press his rightful claim to take Osterreich, that and he bribed the king to allow it, and had a bigger army.

The War was short, and quite humiliating as the lord of Osterreich charged his entire army over the danub to lay siege to a garrison equal to the size of his own force. He was then promptly encircled, defeated and sent back running to his home county. It was shortly burnt to the ground and claimed by Seighard later that year.


Feeling quite proud of himself, Count Sieghard paid the necessary bribes and declared himself Duke of Austria. Nobody particularly cared, except the church who weren't amused with Sieghard's wanton aggression in Bavaria.

An inquisitor was sent from the Bavarian capital, where he experienced Seighard's court of debauchery firsthand. When asked straight, Seighard simply denied such accusations, declared he was duke and that the inquisitor would leave or be subject to Austrian law. The inquisitor returned home, and while chancellor (and previous lord of Passau) Anniulf returned with a claim to Salzburg this time. Seighard immediately readied his troops to march and then a letter arrived.


The Potential implications of this would be great, excommunication, execution, torture. A civil war could threaten to rip Bavaria apart and leave it open to pagan conquest. There was also the Heretic King of Lombardy, who threatened to intervene and potentially conquer the entire kingdom. Sieghard wasn't amused at either of those outcomes and chose a third option.


Intrigue focus is so op
With that done, Sieghard returned to matters of state, rebuilding Salzburg and Osterreich and setting a proper succession law in place, or well, he council did anyway, Sieghard is suspected to have spent most of this time hunting small animals. The new succession law would ensure the duchy would remain in in Annionan hands for the foreseeable future. Further dukes of Austria would be elected by peers of the nobility within Austria itself, since Seighard controlled nearly the entire region, he would be able to choose his own successor.

The King, in prison, decided it best to appease the Duke in hopes of his release, despite the duke's repeated terms of a 350 gold ransom being denied. Sieghard thanked him for the kind effort, and returned him to his cell. He then died in said cell a few months later and his son, likely out of fear attempted to appease the duke with a gift of more substance.


With more than half of Bavarian land Austria looks to be on the rise. Elsewhere Karl led a crusade against the Heathen Widukind. Lombardy converted to Heresy, and Conquered the Pope. Karl in his generosity allowed the Pope to reside in Avignon until he could be restored to Rome. Meanwhile the Pagan tribes of Bohemia and Pannonia have begun to look Upon Bavaria with Hungary eyes, perhaps it wasn't the best idea to imprison the King.

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Good start and wishing you well on this long journey.

Ein Osterreich, Ein Volk, Ein Leistung ein die welt.
Have a pretty big Backlog so i'll probably be putting up one a day until the AAR catches up to me.

Chapter 2: Real Men Wear Pink

Sieghard continued with his scheming. Purely for defensive measures of course. The King could not be allowed to interfere for what Sieghard had planned was conquest far outstretching the mere bounds of Bavaria. To make this a reality Sieghard approached the Jews and took out a large loan to fund his new war.

When all was prepared the armies of Bavaria gathered in Osterreich and were sent south to reclaim the old roman province of Illyria, Starting a series of violent conflicts known as the Austrian Holy Wars for Croatia, likely because Historians aren't good at naming things. The weak and disunited Slavic tribes fell before Sieghard's men, land was seized and it looked as if Croatia would soon be bowing solely to rome.


Of course not everything went to Plan. The more clever Slavic overlords converted to Christianity and thus were protected by the Pope. Not wanting to risk another Heretical incident Sieghard turned his armies towards the remaining Chief of Croatia. He also ordered that all messengers from and to the chief be killed on sight, There would be no more last minute conversions, especially after the Slovenian Chief died and his Pagan son quickly renounced his father's catholic conversion and joined the war against Austria.


Perhaps the sudden shock of the Holy War proceeding as expected, or his life of debauchery and murder but Sieghard quickly fell into poor health afterwards. His eldest son Friedrich would quickly declare himself regent and later Co-ruler and settled into administering the newly conquered territories.


The Death of Sieghard the Shadow would echo across southern Europe. Some cried, and mourned, most likely celebrated and his funeral was a dull affair, only including his loyal retainers and immediate family. However there probably was also another reason why nobody could attend the funeral.


The Heretics of Lombardy and the Slavic pagans returned with a Vengeance. While the land taken was mostly of no consequence it would take decades for the Kingdom, and Austria to return to full strength. Rather than fighting, or dieing fighting a Futile war, Friedrich entertained another option and left for greece.


The Byzantine Emperor was both impressed and worried about the emergent power of Austria on his northern border and sealed a marriage alliance that would be maintained for generations. While he made no promises to defend Austria in offensive wars against Christianity, the opportunity to remove the Heathens from Serbia, Pannonia and Bulgaria was too tempting. With Rome in bed, Friedrich raised the armies of Austria and retook the land that was rightfully his.


However to make good on his end, and become an Equal partner in this alliance Friedrich had to do something drastic, He sent a letter of Grievances to the Queen of Bavaria citing several fabricated reasons for his independence. Armies were raised, and as predicted the Queen was not amused. The war would be short, but hardly without benefit for Austria.


With the army (And Mercenaries!) still Raised Friedrich enacted Phase three, the Subjugation of Serbia and culling of Pannonia. Revenge for their part in the attempted conquest of Austrian land years before.


The war lasted for little over half of Friedrich's current reign up until that point. While the Emperor's levy was numerous his commanders were unable to comprehend the Idea of Austrian Wayforts. The Wayfort was Friedrich's personal idea, Built in hostile pagan territory it would provide a point where outriders could keep raiding parties weak and scattered and prevent any attrition to the primary armies. The Byzantines who refused to adopt any non-greek technique of war died by the Thousand, the Austrian causalities in contrast were merely a few dozen outside the major battles.


A short council was called in Zagreb. Austria would retain all conquests, in exchange for defending the Empire against the mighty Abbassid and Umayyad Caliphates who were now making moves upon her borders. The pagan lords, simply were present to officially sign their signatures, however crude to paper and legitimize Austrian rule over their former lands. In the wording of the Treaty, Friedrich was not mentioned as the duke of Austria however, He was mentioned as Archduke of Austria, King of the Croats. Nobody was quite sure what this meant until a few years later..​



Why is Austria pink you may ask? I have no idea, but It's only temporary I assure you, we have much more to do.​
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Well there's more Austria to come.;)

Chapter 3: The Fighter, The Kinslayer and a Cuckold


Successful against the Pagans Friedrich consolidated the Territory of Austria, taking control of both the remaining pagan held provinces in Illyria along with returning to Bavaria to reclaim several provinces in Tyrol. Eventually the warrior king was wounded in Battle and later died and the Throne of Austria passed to his Son Berhard, a quick minded but otherwise unremarkable ruler who spent the majority of his reign wrestling for control of the realm with his three brothers.


A mixture of Bohemian domination of Pannonia, Ruthenian Domination of Eastern Europe and Lombardy's re-conversion to catholicism Berhard's reign was quiet if uneventful as a whole. Berhard would use this peace to re institute elective succession in Austria, Further the Capital of Wien and invest in converting the Pagans of Croatia.


However the Annonian Brothers became notorious for Kinslaying and Bernhard was no exception. Each made a claim to parts of the Kingdom upon Friedrich's death and Bernhard the Eldest resented the loss of his rightful lands. Some suspect the King had other motivations however. Meanwhile the Almohad caliphate had entered southern France and shattered the Karling hold over western europe. Many officials within the faith began searching for something, anything that could reverse the fortunes of the catholic church and rescue it from the moors in the west.


Berhard however had other concerns and soon grew less and less interested in running the realm, and many accounts suggest he spent more and more time with his mistress on long retreats in the Austrian countryside.


With Bernhard gone for months at a time one of his sons, the Zealous Bernhard Junior fell into running the realm. While not the Eldest son, Junior quickly became respected in the court becoming unofficial regent. Seeing this Bernhard named the son that carried his name as the Heir and arranged a marriage with a cousin in hopes their offspring could bring greatness to Austria.


Shortly after King Bernhard fell ill and eventually passed in his sleep. Leaving Bernhard II King of Austria, King of the Croats.


Bernhard's reign was one of Change the Young lord was driven as if mysome unnattural force to Modernize Austria and make it not only a petty roman successor but a Powerbase that his dynasty could expand and dominate all of Europe.​

The Young king first set upon returning the Jews to Austria, their technological expertise would be required to expand the realm. With the Jews back new taxations laws were put into place, Osterreich was the site of a large development campaign designed to bring wealth and prestige to Austria.

As the Young King grew older he set about expanding the borders of the Realm. The duchy of pest was seized along with more Bavarian land and loyal Austrians were appointed to take the place of the local nobility. The King's word became law and his advice became respected across Europe, who knew him as Bernhard the Wise


With respect came Loyalty. the Oppressed German nobility across Francia and Burgundy flocked to Austria for protection from the Karling and French Kingdoms of the West. Bernard merely asked for Loyalty to House Anniona and they would be rewarded.


Amidst this all Princess Gertrude grew up. Sought by lords from across Europe, Gertrude was quick of mind and fair as any maid in Europe at the time, With her came the inheritance of all Bernhard built. A Kingdom and a Queen that the heavens themselves would weep for. Bernhard promised the Lord who could impress him the most would receive her hand in Holy Matrimony.


Sadly this was not to be, Gertrude fell under the sway under her own brother the duke of Slovenia and was stolen away under cover of night on one fateful evening. The Hunt lasted for Months, until Gertude returned to Wien in the dead of night, clutching a newborn bearing deformities of her sin.​


This game hurts me so much.
The Child died within weeks, unable to survive such a curse from god. The King was beside himself and was often seen pacing the walls of Wien. His sons returned and called a feast for the return of Gertrude. When Bernhard's sons presented a boar they had skewered the King is said to have turned red as a hot coal and then fainted.

Worried for their lord, the Lords of Austria addressed the King in a letter praying for his recovery, begging for his return to court. Bitter, the King refused, and grew increasingly paranoid, Suspecting even his own wife of betrayal.


It just screws you when you think your at your strongest​

Bernhard made peace with himself and returned to court, though he was different, disillusioned. When the spymaster returned with his findings he brought his wife before the court and demanded a confession. While furious Bernhard would not become what he despised, he allowed his wife to leave, and even remain in the keep, though it pained him greatly. Later that day in court the King had an outburst and forever more retreated into the Depths of his castle.


But it only makes me love it more
Bernhard would grow old as a broken and defeated man, He built a Kingdom that rivaled Charlemagnes own but could not stop his own family from betraying him at every turn.

Meanwhile other events were conspiring to change the face of the world, Forever.


And Here, We, Go​
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That actually Wasn't intentional at all, I was controlling Bernie the entire time and these kids did this crap on their own. :eek:

Unless your referring to Maria there, she was actually part of an offshoot branch of the Dynasty we will be seeing very, very, soon so he isn't a close relative at least for Bernie there.
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Indeed, though the Second-Cousin to Second-Cousin Marriages seem to be producing quick kids so Paradox is giving me mixed messages.

Chapter 4: King of Kings


Bernhard the Wise passed Peacefully in his sleep as he grew older, a Broken Man but a Successful King. The Council of Electors within Austria did not see fit to elect any of Bernhard's children and instead voted his brother in law Emich the Italian as ruler of Austria.


Emich, also called the Usurper by the Lombard rulers of Italy conquered the Lombard kingdom years prior to the election, however when his allies returned to Austria a Lombard conspiracy overthrew him and Emich fled to back to Austria as well. There he gained the support of the Austrian lords to become King of Austria with promises to retake Italy for House Annonia and disperse the vast wealth of old Rome among the Austrian nobility.


Pope Anastasius, who also shared the same taste in facial hair as Emrich and Bernhard grew worried at the growing Umayyad presence in France. With such a powerful heathen state next door and the Austrians threatening to leave Italy defenseless through their blatant wars of conquest Anastasius gathered a massive meeting of the faithful in Rome and demanded the return of Aquitaine for the defense of the Christian Faith.


To Entice less violence between Christians the Pope promised absolution to all sinners if they would fight in the Crusade. King Emich however refused to end his war and continued his campaigns in Lombardy even as his men continually left for nearby France.


The War was Brutal for both sides and though the Austrians had secured Northern Italy Emich in his old age passed in a tent outside Firenze. His eldest son Matthias was reluctant to take command, being more of a Scholar and black sheep among his family but accepted the crown all the same and led his armies to victory in Italy. Meanwhile the Karlings, long loyal members of the church led the charge in Aquitaine, Nearly half the leadership of Charlemagne's house died in France and forever damaged the great house's hold on western Europe.


With Italy secured Matthias set about the work of integrating the Kingdom of Lombardy, Austria, Croatia and Bavaria into one continuous realm. For this he assembled the Legendary Council of Milan


Walram of Varazdin the only Non Anniona on the Council of Milan. Given the Position for his work with Bernhard the Wise for securing claims on Bavaria, Serbia and parts of East Francia as well as Negotiating the argument for Emich's succession.

Adam Anniona the Finest Military mind in Austria. Brother to the King and feared throughout Austria for both his skill as a Knight and tactical genius both on and off the field of battle. Adam was Austria's finest general and Loyal to his brother to a fault.

King Wido, of France was an Often forgotten member of the council of Milan being he passed not long after his appointment. One of the few sanctioned actions of Bernhard the Wise in his later years was he allowed Wido and Adam's use of the army to secure the throne of France for Wido's wife. He was Mattias' Uncle on his father's side.

Duke Eginolf the Pale. Eginolf ruled his predominately pagan realm in Pecs with brutal and cunning efficiency. While his loyalty was suspect he was efficient and had no valid claim to the Throne. He continued to serve as the feared and perhaps too competent spymaster of Austria.

Finally Albrecht of Osterreich, a Son of King Bernhard the wise, Albrecht and Mattias grew up together under Tutelage of the Pope in Rome and were childhood friends. Albrecht was a learned man and great friend to Pope Anastasius, his purpose on the council would soon become clear.

King Wido's Wife the Karling Queen of France and considered by many his better half. Thier Children are the Heirs to both Aquitaine and France
While King Mattias had not particulated in the Crusade many of his family did. Lessons however had been learned. Christianity could no longer stand divided in the face of the Byzantine Heretics, Pagans in the North and Muslims in France. Two Families could unite the faith. The Karlings were one but the Crusade had led to the deaths of nearly half the house. With the remaining members restricted to Queen Bourguine the Bastard of France and the dynasty members in isolated Burgundy. There however was another Option.

The Annionas a few generations past were a minor house farming dirt and scraps in the border counties of Bavaria. Now they stood to inherit both France and Aquitaine while they also controlled Italy Proper. Further still Mattias and Albrecht both Annionas had been Papal Wards since the age of Six and had profound respect for the faith and Holy Father. Pope Anastasius called the Lords of Europe once again this time to Rome to congratulate the leaders of Christendom for victory in the Crusade but he also had yet another Purpose.


The Ceremony lasted for over a Month. However the Karlings and Lombards were furious. The Primary participants in the Crusade were mainly Lombard and French and the Pope had crowned a German Emperor of Rome and rightful ruler of the West. This would not stand. When the Ceremony had ended the Lombards of Italy formally declared thier independence, and started to kill German and Papal Personnel on sight throughout Italy. The New Emperor had to take action.


Italy exploded into a Firestorm between the Italian North and Lombardic South. Rome was encircled and put to the torch and Lombards seized Italian trade ports from Capua to Firenze. Further still the Karling Queen in France had died leaving Aquitaine and France to her two squabbling Annionian sons. The Emperor was Alone against the largest revolt since Widukind's uprising a century earlier.


Not Deterred Adam Anniona took the Imperial Army to Sienna in a desperate move to liberate the siege on Rome. The Forces were even and Adam himself was grievously wounded in the conflict but continued to command from his tent in between bouts of unconsciousness. The Battle raged for days and the Arno ran red for weeks after as the Lombards quickly attempted to halt the Germany advance. Christian fought Christian, brother against brother and it looked as if both armies would grind eachother down to nothing.

Finally upon the break of dawn nearly a week after the battle had begun Adam Anniona returned to the field with his elite retinue of Knights, Smashed through the Lombard center and butchered them where they stood. When the Lombards attempted to flee back to thier mountain fortresses in Sienna and Spolleto, Adam gave chase and had them all killed and set upon Pikes outside the Lombard Capital. The Harrowing of the South was over.​


Mattias set about removing the Lombardic nobility in its entirety, they had been proven heretics once again and were replaced. The Few loyal lords in Northern Italy were rewarded and given overlordship of Lombard land. In the south Minor relatives of House Anniona were appointed in hopes German nobles could finally subdue the violence in the region. For his Defense of Rome the Pope named Mattias a Saint of the Catholic Church, Austrian Dominance of Europe had become Absolute and now all her enemies in the west, barring the Umayyad who were still licking there own wounds had fallen.


Administrative map of the Austrian Empire. The Archduke of Austria was separated from the Imperial Title to better suppress the Slavic populations in Croatia and Serbia.


Dynasty Map of Europe at 910 AD
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Damn, you host a lot adminstratively and dynastically.

How likely is it that you'll eventually gain all that lovely dynastic land?

All the best and gl to the future of this campaign.
Well I know for a fact I'm going to be kicking the French (My Dynasty or not) out of Germany. I have No intention of giving the Initiative to Blurple and The Big Blue Blob in EU.

Otherwise I'll probably leave them alone.

Debating if I should let Umayyad Spain survive or not. I suppose I'll see what the pope wants to do as far as the next Crusade.
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This has been entertaining so far. I like your style, and the anime mod is great. Looking forward to more.
Yea the mod's starting to grow on me. Gives all the characters a little more personality.

Chapter 5: Teutonic Trouble


With Peace came an disturbing quiet over Europe. The fallout of the Harrowing of the South kept the Empire uneasy. Religious fervor grew strong in europe. The Successful defense of Aquitaine let to the formation of Two powerful knightly orders. The French order named after Saint John took upon the name Knights Hospitaller. As the Crusade the order settled into what could only amount of a healthcare role, sanctioned and supported by the church the Knights Hospitaller cared for the sick, and poor in the wartorn areas of Europe such as Aquitaine and Sicily.

The German Order however as a different breed entirely. Named the Tuetonic order they were sanctioned and formed by papal authority much like the Knights of Saint John had. The Teutons however were unruly, and openly violent outside of times of war. In fact Teuton raids on pagan and Muslim camps often started wars such as the Umayyad Reconquest of Barcelona, a war that only ended thanks to Holy Roman intervention. The order was promptly banned from conducting their own operations south of the Pyrenees and promptly traveled north, to Poland.


Years passed and the Order grew in strength. The Old guard that had participated had been phased out by a younger and more politically inclined knight. It was only a matter of time before an Anniona was appointed to become Hochmeister the consequences of which would be felt in time.


Meanwhile Emperor Mattias' age began to catch up with him. A life of warfare in Italy and Pannonia had taken their toll on his health and he soon became bedridden.​


Trapped in Osterreich the Emperor had become stir crazy. He would often be seen in darkest hours of the night simply walking the castle to keep active. Unfortunately walking dark stone hallways in the middle of the night isn't the best for ones health and one night Matthias slipped and took a severe blow to his head after falling down several flights of stairs.


By almost all accounts when the Emperor awoke from what could best be described as some sort of Coma he was different, and not quite all there. The Emperor often spoke in vague prophecy, strange tongues and constantly repeated himself. He began to see Lombard heretics coming for him in the middle of the night and there are accounts of several servants being burned alive for looking too Lombard for the Emperor's liking. Worse still the Court Chaplain Albrecht supported these habits for reasons unknown.


Perhaps through a sheer dumb luck or a blessing from god the maddening Emperor did not live long after. One day in court the Emperor took to screaming obscenities about Serbs, Prussians and Hungry men from across the mountains plotting to destroy his empire. He later had a stroke and died that night.​


Perhaps for the best the Council of Electors voted Hupold the next Austrian Emperor over Matthias' own children. Hupold was a descendant of Bernhard the Wise (His Grandson to be exact) and was considered to be a generally boring ruler aside from the fact that he was a Twin.​


However as what seemed to become a habit with New Emperors he inherited the largest war yet fought by Austria, One that would be fought against the entire Pagan world.​


The Teutons had took it upon themselves to crown an exiled Bohemian Prince with the intention of land, gold and the glory of bringing Christendom to an entire Pagan realm as their reward. However things quickly spiraled out of Hand as the Belojevic Dynasty of Russia and Poland came to the King of Bohemia's aid, The Slavic warlords marched soldiers across the Carpathians and threatened to lay siege to Pannonia.


The Emperor was forced to respond, and deployed the army into the Carpathians to fend off the Pagan assault. The Battle was feirce and the Carpathian terrain forces the Teutonic and Austrian Knights to fight on foot. The disorganized pagans broke and dispersed across the north and Imperial soldiers began to garrison new territory as compensation for the unprovoked attack on Austria.​



So you went from an insane zealous emperor to a boring guy... Not sure if this is an improvement.
Dont worry, his son is much more interesting. More Politics, Sex and Intrigue are coming.;)

Chapter 6: War of the Imperial Secession

With peace once again established in the frontier Hupold looked inward. Hulpold's line was the original line of Bernhard the Wise, the Glory of being the first Emperor in Austria was denies to his father by Fanatics and Lunatics. Hupold made moves to dissolve the electorate system previously established by the Council of Milan. With no real opposition to his rule within the empire at the time the Imperial Electorate had no choice but to accept the reform or be declared enemies of the emperor. Once this was finished Hupold looked to marginalizing the power of the church in the Empire.


However many considered his reforms to be borderline Heretical. Church land and income was seized to pay the growing debt to the Tuetonic order as well as other mercenary companies and unrest quickly began to gather throughout the realm. Hupold through experience and mild competency at diplomacy held the realm together, but only just and like many rulers of Austria before him he passed from this world just has his hair had turned grey.​


The Kaiser's eldest son Martin inherited an empire ready to revolt. Worst still Martin had almost no knowledge of diplomacy, theology or court politics, While being a competent administrator and Superb warrior. His supporters named him Friedrich I come again, his opposition called him Martin the Monster, declared him an oppressive Tyrant and did not take long to turn mere insults into a declaration of war.​


The Emperor's Opposition mainly came from German, Italian and Lombard dukes, members of the So Called "Confederation of the Tiber" who demanded the reforms of Hupold to be repealed, An Election called for a true Kaiser of Austria and of course the oppression of Lombards and Italian nobility to cease. The Kaiser's response was the only one he knew, An Iron Fist.


The Imperial army found the Rebels hiding in the mountains near Parma. Martin quickly had the Rebel army encircled and starved, after several months the Emperor led the charge on the primary rebel camp an the Battle of Parma had begun.​


Caught completely unaware Martin routed, humiliated and then hunted down the Confederate soldiers. If the Kaiser would god forbid be overthrown it would not be done with Martin the Murderer at the Helm.

This time the Rebels of Italy retreated to their castles and attempted to seek help from the Kings of Aquitaine and France. To their disappointment the French and Occitan lords supported Martin, sent several more detachments of men to Assist the Young Kaiser, not that they were particularly needed.​


(For the Record the Commander of these Battles is Martin's younger homosexual lunatic monk Brother)

Victorious yet again, the Kaiser removed the Rebel's from power and placed new Loyal Austrians in charge of Italy. With the exception of the Republics of Genoa and Venice who could afford to bribe their way out of imperial Prison.

With the Pagans suppressed, Italy put to the torch yet again and the Pope, uneasy about current events in the Empire the Teutonic Order revoked their oath to the Holy Father and pledged instead to Martin. In exchange the order would cease all Violence against Pagans on the border but would be given Imperial protection against foreign states who seeked to rob the Teutons of land in France and Aquitaine.

There would be peace in the Empire but Martin would continue his father's wars in the North, and secure even more land to house Anniona as well as assist in the Reconquest of Navarra. However years on campaign tend to breed problems, metaphorically of course, well mostly. Some problems were actually being bred .


I'm starting to see a pattern here game.
Did Duke Johann expose himself? Ignoring that, nice to see succession law established and the Church's power lessened. Only the Emperor needs power!
Yes, Yes he did. I'm just going to read into this that he is announcing that the Child she is currently Pregnant with is his, and that he isn't trying to get himself thrown in jail on purpose.
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Can you post maps of independent realms and religion?
Very nice and bizarre, as the events of this aar seems to throw up each time,
still liking it, you got a nice style to your work, keep it up.