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Jul 10, 2012
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I think we can all agree that Rome really started going downhill when they abandoned their republic roots. With their Ceaser and their Augustus and their other silly things. No! We need money and democracy and a republic and a senate and more money. Sadly there is a Pope in Rome right now but we have another place with some Greek's just waiting to start up something great all over again. Amalfi! We start small. Really small but I have grand grand ambitions. So feel free to join the ride. Comment here or on my channel and lets enjoy money in the Med.


Expansion good. Giant tombstone dominating the city bad.

It is certainly a more difficult challenge. Probably could have done it more easily by swearing loyalty to the Byzantines or Italy then break free later but Amalfi will never bend a knee!
A little more blue on the map. Not a huge amount but it is progress. The start of our inevitable victories!

It is certainly a more difficult challenge. Probably could have done it more easily by swearing loyalty to the Byzantines or Italy then break free later but Amalfi will never bend a knee!
Another tasty piece of land gained. A city sure but this means Salerno in the future will be a way we can expand into. If we are quick enough we can take it all without fighting the other major powers around us.

Anyone out there have a favourite Societies mod?

Maybe I will found a new Roman Empire from a seat in Carthage? That would be an interesting approach no?

An attack into the Muslim held lands of Tunis. Brave surely? Wise? I think so. Our money will buy the soldiers to ensure our victory beyond our small size.

Another sneaky move! It is a bit much to expect the rebels to get complete freedom and shatter Byzantium but I can take advantage where I can.

I have never been more interested in another man's love life than I am in this game.

They would dare attack me? What madness! I will send them packing good and hard. I also approve of the lack of pattern recognition of the AI with my assassination plots.

All I want is the King of Italy to have like 5 sons. Is that so much to ask? Is it!? Think of how nice it would be for him to have a nice happy big family right?

Why don't I have Holy War options? I wonder if there is a bordering issue I am lacking. Or did they take away the option for Republics? I don't think they did.

China will get a long reach sure but never quite reach me safe where I am in Italy. Instead my neighbours will have to worry about me.

I just don't want Italy to be successful. All that land they are getting I want it. I need it.

I am attacked! What a foul betrayal! I mean how dare they attack a poor innocent merchant republic who had no plans to do terrible things and conquer them at all. Just cruel and another sign why we must bring down the monarchies.


Amalfi really has an impressive trade presence in the region don't you think?