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Mar 31, 2013
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The Alien Invasion

It's almost 1945, and the old German war machine now it's at the mercy of the enemies.The attack on the Ardennes look's like the Reich's last hope of surviving ....

Preparing the plan of the attack, Hitler is disturbed by a general who is trying to tell him that a strange creature it's out of the building and he wants to help the German People.
To get rid of the general, Hitler goes out to see that 'creature' ...
The whole staff was terrified when he started to present himself, even if his english couldn't be strongly understanded...

"We were watching this Planet for centuries. But not just watching. Egyptians knows it better. We were their Gods. We created their Pyramids. We made them stronger, but we were defeated by the God of the Jews! When the Jews tried to escape from Egypt, Moises unleashed the power of their God, Jahweh. He destroyed Egypt by the 10 plagues ... and defeated us.
From then we kept watching and hoping that in one day we'll get a revenge !
The time has come ! We tried to help you indirectly. From the invasion of Poland to the invasion of France. After that we left, surely that the war it's over and our revenge is complete !!
But we were terrified some days ago when we came again. You are losing and this time we will not let anyone to destroy our plan of revenge !

Hitler, shocked...accepted to ally with the Aliens ... but he's sure that something it's not right..​


The cheat used to get the Aliens to Earth it's alienattack id (province id)
To see the id's, type 'showid' in console.
My english it's not so good..



Chapter I: The Invasion
Chapter II: For Humanity!
Chapter III: The Counter-Attack
Chapter IV: Unleashing The Fury.
Chapter V: A New Beginning
Chapter VI: Liberating Europe
Chapter VII: The Fallout
Chapter VIII: Retaking The Lost Glory
Chapter IX: The Invasion of America
Chapter X: The Unknown
Chapter XI: The Revolutionary Weapon
Chapter XII: The Invasion of Eurasia
Chapter XIII: The Final Offensive
Chapter XIV: The Sirus Planet
Chapter XV: The Total War


Chapter XVI: The Armageddon
Chapter XVII: World War Zero
Chapter XVIII: The Second Invasion of Earth
Chapter XIX: The Sirussian Civil War
Chapter XX: The Destiny of Napoleon
Chapter XXI: War Between the Souls
Chapter XXII: The Rise of the Siro-Human Union
Chapter XXIII: Day of Defeat
Chapter XXIV: Galaxy at War
Chapter XXV: The Reconquista
The End of An Era
Chapter XXVI: The Apocalypse
Chapter XXVII: The Stars


The Falling Stars

(My system of chapters may be different according to other writers.
My system contains longer chapters, with number of parts).

Alien Invasion AAR's:

BANZAI! The Rising Sun
One Century of War

IE, that fact that a sandbox World War II game, played as the Germans, has seen an alien invasion and conquest of earth, to a fallout-style reconquest of the planet, complete with mutants, robots, etc., to the formation of a One World Government that has traveled through a transporter in Moscow to the planet Sirius, which is inhabited by alien races from various planets, and which includes various fronts against Mercurians, Martians, etc., as humans take the fight to the alien homeworld.

In summary: a World War II AAR has now spanned hundreds of years, several mods, a couple planets, and a dozen alien species.

Please understand I mean this to be complimentary; if I wasn't enjoying it, I wouldn't be reading it or subbed - and I certainly wouldn't have read the first 46 pages in one sitting.

In other words, this is the most unusual, extended, and epic Hearts of Iron AAR ever!

Fantastic !!! I was not expecting that when I clicked the "Alien Invasion" link. Great AAR and fast paced to keep everybody interested !

Wow! You, sir, have an uncanny talent to keep your AAR fresh and entertaining and thrilling. Just when it seemed that Germany was to be overrun in a rather boring and underwhelming way after a titanic struggle, you switched to the USA and fought an awesome battle with the aliens all over europe. Then, when you started steamrolling them, you pull this off. Wow again. I take my hat off to you and once you finish and AARland Choice AwAARds time comes, you have my vote. Absolutely and definitively. Wow for the third time.
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You're going to have to have a little less swastika on Hitler's upper arm there.

But still:
Ridiculously cheesy premise, promises to be nuts and insane.

I'm going to watch this with great interest.
Remember to purge the Xeno menace once you're done with everyone else.
You're going to have to have a little less swastika on Hitler's upper arm there.

But still:
Ridiculously cheesy premise, promises to be nuts and insane.

I'm going to watch this with great interest.
Remember to purge the Xeno menace once you're done with everyone else.

Myeah, sorry about that. Just changed the pic. Hope it's okay now.
Thank you for support.


Chapter 1:
The Invasion

Immediately the Alien dissapeared. All of the staff returned shocked in the building. Everyone looked at Hitler .. who wasn't so excited about that. He was dissapointed about the fact that he didn't destroyed Poland and France alone ..
A slow silence appeared ... but shortly after that everyone got back to planning the Offensive of Ardennes.

Europe before the Invasion:

After some hours Himmler told Hitler about some kind of an invasion of Moscow. That was the momment when the whole world remained shocked. Moscow was conquered without resistence, nor Stalin who visited the front.
Everyone looked upon USA and UK. But none of the states commented about the situation. It is still believed to be a joke.



Immediately the Soviets moved their troops from the German front back to Moscow. But the winter and the long distance will cost them a lot of precious time.
They evacuated the Baltic States, so now the Germans encircled in Lithuania are free. They evacuated troops from the southern front too. Everything it's turning into the German favour ... and not only in the Eastern front.
On the West, the Ardennes Offensive has just begun. In Italy, Florence was captured!
The Aliens started to march on the Russian soil.


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Wasn't this a Harry Turtledove novel?

Sorry, but never heard of it. I would check it out later.


Germans on offensive !​

Finnaly, after 2 years of defense, the time has come .. exactly when everyone thought that the war is over ... Germans are on offensive!
Hitler's plan takes shape in west, as the Germans succeded to break the front !

An attempt to break the front in southern France.

Brave Germans succeded to repel the Americans in Dunkirk, while we arrived in Eindhoven. The first city to fell in the Ardeness offensive.

Americans on defensive !

Victory in southern France while in north we arrived in Eupen !

Another victories in our offensive!

Luxembourg it's once again upon the power of the Reich !

Just in time !!!

The Aliens are expanding.

Knowing that this is not a joke .. Allies decided to declare war upon the Aliens !

The great offensive in east has started ! Yugoslavia it's about to fall soon, while Hungary is growing back !!
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You probably should have spawned the Aliens on a coastal province so they could have a carrier fleet.

Oh well, this will be an interesting AAR for sure!
Wasn't this a Harry Turtledove novel?

Okay. I read about it but it's way too different according to my AAR.
In his novel, the Aliens came in the mid of the war, they attacked anyone and the purpose of coming it's different. :)

123xyz8: Aliens on sea? xD Mnea...anyway, I think they will got some ships when they will reach a port. They are spamming units like crazy.


New Year's Eve


With the ocassion of the New Year's Eve, a messager from the Aliens is sent to Berlin to discuss the situation.
In change of aerian raids, there was a lot of hapiness in the capital of the Third Reich. Everyone is happy with the ocassion of the Turning Point of the war and with a brand new year.

The little Alien amazes the German people. He's received like a hero and a savior.
Hitler gratefully accept him in it's office.
-Our mighty leader just brought a new weapon. A weapon which was never seen here. We see that you are doing well again. It's fortunate to have a good ally in this troubled galaxy.
We shall use our weapon only in bad times. It is most probably that it can even destroy this planet.
-What about the world after that war? How shall we share it?
-Our great leader says that you and your allies can have it all, only with the condition that you shall remain loyal to us.
We hate traitors. We kill traitors.

Then the little Alien dissapears...
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What are the chances of the Aliens appearing in game anyway? Nonetheless, this should be REALLY interesting.

Depends on how quickly you use the alienattack cheat. xD
Wasn't this a Harry Turtledove novel?

You're thinking of The Race, and no this isn't that, but IIRC there was an old HOI2 mod that tried to turn the Aliens into The Race
The story repeats​

In Italy, the Allies soldier started to evacuate as the Germans approaching Rome with full speed.

Brussels it's once again under the power of the Reich !

A large group of soviet soldiers were repelled by the German soldiers in Plock. This may be the last chance of offensive made by the soviets.

General Keiner and his brave soldiers finnaly escaped from Dunkirk. General Keiner got the Iron Cross, First Class while the rest of his men were sent home for a period of 2 weeks.

Europe, 5 January 1945.

Germans arrived at the gates of Rome.

Belgia, Netherlands and Luxembourg were captured again. Now the lines looks like the lines in 1940. This time we shall show no mercy !

The story is repeating....
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oh no

anyways good job kicking butt, you're doing great!
Thank you. These V2's and V1's are very useful. I'm using it to cut off the supplies of the Americans and to slow them while they are retreating. Doing that you have the chance to outrun the Allies. While they are still retreating to a province, you can use some tanks to arrive faster than them, so they will be destroyed. xD
That works the best in Italy.
In Soviet Union I can't attack for now, as they are still trying to attack me. But in meantime I'm advancing in Yugoslavia and Hungary. I will try to encircle the Soviets there.
The Aliens are very useful too, because the Soviets had to move their troops from my front ... and they are getting destroyed by the Aliens anyway.
The oil is not really a problem for now as I'm trading it with other countries, but I can't do that forever, so maybe I will try to get to Ploieşti. The Heaven of the Oil.
I have a lot of ideas about that AAR ... and I will try to make it as intersting as possible ! :)
Huge Victories!​

With the Germans in offensive, the results has finnaly started to come.
Misckolc was captured !

Advancing in Italy !

Over 25000 Allied soldiers were killed in Metz !

A little revenge, to show the Americans how it is to be enircled ...

The battle of Strasbourg ended right after the news has arrived that they are going to be encircled via Nancy. Now everyone is running to Nancy. But Germans are more organised ..

Europe, 9 January 1945.

The Aliens engaged the Soviet soldiers, but they don't stand a chance.
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Interesting... I think I saw a similar AAR in the HoI2 forum (which went dead). I hope this will go on and I'm waiting to see the epic showdown between the Third Reich and the Aliens :)
German army is marching in Paris

Another attempt of soviet offensive is repelled by the Germans in Radom.

Germans managed to arrive first in Nancy. Now all of the Allied soldiers will get into the trap.

Advances in Yugoslavia..

The Americans encircled in Calais were captured.

Another attempt of offensive made by soviets, this time in Allenstein.

Finnaly we started the battle of Kosice.

Rebels in Rotterdam....

Advancing in France..

Closing to Paris...

Turning point in the battle of Allenstein !!

Preparing the encirclement of Rome...

Victories in Allenstein, Kosice and Ruma !


Europe, 15 January 1945.