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Sep 26, 2009
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The adventures of Colonel Blimp – a kaiserreich campaign


A world without Britain, the impossible has happened. Not a day passed that Colonel Blimp didn’t long to return to Old Blighty. But return wouldn’t be possible, not while those dastardly evil syndicalists ruled Britain. Ever since the revolution he and the other members of the better classes where forced to exile to Canada.

But like any truly Englishman, Blimp will not accept the unacceptable unless there is no other choice than to accept accepting the unacceptable, ofcourse. Syndicalism, Populism, Frenchism, Germanicism and any other non-British –ism will be challenged to restore the natural British Order of Things.


Colonel Blimp, the leading man in this epic AAR

Together with his trusted aide-de-camp George, his personal secretary Mainwaring and his trusted bulldog Sir Winston, Colonel Blimp will change the world as we never knew it.


I am watching this.
Splendid stuff.
I see that your are a true writAAR starting off another one. :)
A day at the office

Canada, a nation with more grizzlybears than people. The Colonel sighted, ever since his exile he had worked tirelessly, except when he was tired ofcourse, to build something resembling an army in this barbaric country. A country where people obviously had no idea whatsoever when it came to fighting a war. Some dimwitted Canadian officer had even suggested replacing horses with vehicles! Madness!
What happened to the good old days, when British power was properly respected?


The average Canadian

Sometimes the Colonel envied his pet bulldog, Sir Winston, who was happily asleep in a corner of the office, oblivious to all the evils that threatened the British way of life. The Colonel had named the little chap after a good friend from the Club, mostly because of their stunning likeness. Both where tenacious, stubborn and overweight. They even shared a love of good Whiskey, as the Colonel had found out after accidentally dropping a fine Scotch on the floor of the office. Ever since that day Sir Winston would get quitte upset if he didn’t get his afternoon drink…

The Colonel was too lost in his own thoughts about the good old days of yore to notice that two men had entered his office:

"Goodmorning Sir

“George! By the queens corset, what are you doing storming into my office?”

Excuse me sir, he busted in here before I could stop him”.

“It’s alright Mainwaring, George is just an impetuous young man. Strapping lads like George should be energetic”.

Before him stood Lieutenant George, his aide-de-camp and Captain Mainwaring, his secretary. George was a somewhat dense, but energetic young lieutenant of excellent breeding. But lack of wits had never hurt a true British officer. Mainwaring was a civilian before the revolution and the exile of the better classes, and he had accepted a position in the army after the revolution.


Lieutenant George Colthurst St Barleigh, mostly known as Lt. George

“Well George, what did you want of me?”

I have finished my report Colonel. First I wanted to write a report on doggies, but Mainwaring told me I should write on something more adult, and after refusing my more adult suggestion I chose to write on the world as it is today!!!

Be assured sir, I have edited out most of George's more ‘eccentric’ ideas.


Captain Mainwaring, Colonel Blimps trusted secretary

“Well, just leave the report here George, I will read it later. You may leave gentlemen.”

Before the Colonel lay a shoddily bundled set of papers titled ‘The world as it is today, by Lt. George Colthurst St Barleigh, age 30'. It seemed that young George had already mastered the ancient art of writing confusing reports. The Colonel still had some time before afternoon tea, so he decided to take a look at the report…


@ Praetonia, El Pip, TemplarComander, Sir Humphrey - Glad you like the concept :D.
@ Thundergate - Thanks, just wanted to write something more completely different next to my ItaliAAR. I will continue writing that AAR too.

Next time we will deal with George's Report to the Colonel, explaining the world of kaiserreich and Britains place among it...
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Sweet baby Jesus this is brilliant...
Sweet baby Jesus this is brilliant...

Agreed. What was the name of his German Counterpart again?

That said, I have been unable to get my hands on that movie as of yet.
It is everything I hoped for and more.
Blimp seems too... germanic. :D

Blasphemy, the British invented funny moustaches:


I'm watchin!

Welcome aboard

Sweet baby Jesus this is brilliant...

Thanks. I do my best :D.

Agreed. What was the name of his German Counterpart again?

That said, I have been unable to get my hands on that movie as of yet.

I think that basically all Prussian officers qualified as reallife Colonel Blimps.

It is everything I hoped for and more.

Again, I do my best :D.

It seems that the Colonel and his friends are quite popular. Never expected so many reactions after just one update. Not complaining, ofcourse. Unfortunately I won't be able to post an update tonight. Instead I have a small collection of 'Colonel Blimp'-cartoons, on which this AAR is based. I hope to post a real update tomorrow.

This is just great!
Best AAR concept ever. Please do finish this :D

Perhaps Blimp's first port of call should be those wayward colonies to the South?

Someones a fascist who likes the NS draftroom. Yes?
Someones a fascist who likes the NS draftroom. Yes?
I'm guessing this is mussleburgh since he's the only one who thinks I'm a fascist for some reason. In reality of course fascists were statist, un-British, anti-capitalist scum.
Fantastic! I'll be watching
lol... this AAR is so british that the three last persons to post had the Union Jack as Avatar.
Am I recognizing Lt George as House and one of the men in the many Black Adder seasons ?
And I shall be reading too! This is going to be too good to miss! ;)