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Only half of our voters considered this category but the ones that did gave us a clear victor. They offered us 12 different AARs for comedy and each nod was certainly deserved. Our winner has been at the edge the last few years, but has been around a long time and has certainly earned this! The winner of Comedy AAR of the Year is...

@El Pip ...you have finally arrived!!! ;) It only took fifteen years. :p Many congratulations!

Second place goes to...

While it was not terribly active within the past year, it was certainly enough to gain the votes and those were deserved!

Third place is...

Another excellent work by one of our best and richly deserved. As are these other AARs (presented in order of their vote):

Every single one of these works should be praised and read. Please go and give them some comment if you have not yet done so! Many congratulations for all of these excellent AARs and certainly specific and well deserved congratulations once more to @El Pip for a truly wonderful work!

Look for the next reveal thread soon and thanks as always for your vote! :)
Many congrats to @El Pip and everyone who wrote these great works!
Congrats @El Pip and to all other nominees.

My personal thanks to those voters who thought the funny side of my works sufficient to vote for in this category. :)
Congrats to all the winners!
Huh...theres only two chapters of Lancaster that are meant to be funny...

Anyway, Inevitable Defeat certainly deserved this win, both for the actual AAR and the collective delight of the writer and readers tearing into the truly insane world of the paradox historical research department regarding government ministers. I have never seen so many zombie poets, musicians and communists running governments before.

The rest of the list aside from mine are genuinely funny too, especially the runner up which I hope will push forward at some point in the future.
Congratulations everybody who were nominated, won, or just voted! and thanks @coz1 for all the hard work!
Congratulations to all! :)
And clearly, this calls for the normal hue and cry of "King Haakon and the Fjords" must return! Congratulations to @El Pip
@El Pip ...you have finally arrived!!! ;) It only took fifteen years. :p
It has indeed taken people far too long to fully recognise my genius, but at last they are basking in the shadow of magnificence.

On a more serious note, thank you everyone for your wonderful votes and commiserations to those who just missed out.
I raise my inferior non-slovakian hipflask to Tiso and Tuka, and to all of the nominees. We all need a laugh sometimes, comedy AARs are there for us when we do. Thank you for that.
Congratulations @El Pip and other winners/nominees!