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Dec 24, 2008
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So, the bug I'm encountering is that when playing as, say, an Orsimer character, and trying to arrange for marital agreements with neighbouring rulers who are Redguard or Imperial or somesuch... Well, you can arrange the betrothals, but when you do the marriage, immediately (Like... The day after at the latest) it just gets undone, and your own children frequently gets married to some randomly generated schmuck who you then have to get rid off.

It's especially troublesome to me because I frequently have matriarchal lineages, and the rng-marriages are never matrilineal, so it nearly always requires console to undo before I need to delve into kinslaying.

What I'm wondering is: Have anyone figured out a fix to this? Or just a workaround? Because it is really quite annoying.

guinea prince

Oct 20, 2019
The best fix I can find is... to just not do them :( If the character being married into is landed, sure. They can't leave their own court to break marriage. Otherwise, I've just stopped bothering. Especially for heirs, who otherwise would have gotten good claims/bloodlines/marriages in general but decided that they'd rather marry someone randomly generated.


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May 18, 2013
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Are you encountering this on the SVN?
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guinea prince

Oct 20, 2019
Last played last week, but yeah. SVN was getting "unlanded anyone gets mixed-race marriage, disappears for a day" thing.