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Nov 30, 2004
If somebody has mentioned these bugs before, I apologize. After installing 1.06c I noticed that for units with long names (i.e., the 46th 'North Midlands' Motorized Division), the name of the unit extends beyond the information box on the right-hand side of the screen - both when listed with other units in the stack and when that particular unit is selected. In addition, I noticed that when you click on the text of the unit name, it is possible to edit or delete the name of the unit! This may be intentional, and may have been present in patches earlier than 1.06c, but I never noticed it.

Obviously, these issues don't affect gameplay, but I thought I would mention them to see if anyone else has experienced them.
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Jun 10, 2002
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You've always been able to edit division and corps/army names. The other is just a limitation of the game interface. If you want to have realistic unit names (and many people do) then some aren't going to fit in the space allowed. Maybe in HoI2 things like that will be able to wrap to the next line but I don't expect it to change in HoI1 even if it gets another patch (which is doubtful at this point).
Mar 20, 2002
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There are a lot of overrun problems - ia. also with long province names, research screen, save/load screen and as you mention, with unitnames.

HOI is full of it and I guess it's never going to be corrected.


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Nov 1, 2004
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It does matter when you want to know when a navy in motion is going to arrive at its destination, but because the names of most seas are very long, the actual date is clipped off. Yeah, it won't get fixed, and maybe doesn't matter that much. And what does matter? Why am I even writing this? I should be drinking...