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We did a patch some time ago including the following changes:

1)Shockblade is now replaced with Powerlegs and also have new starting text
2)Silver Spoon's description had one too long line that got cut off

1)Fixed accuracy being shown twice in stats
2)Fixed holes in walls in level2b.
3)Added 3 more bombs as starting items to prevent excessive knifing in the beginning
4)Added experimental scanlines as an hidden option:
Bring down the console (F1) and enter 'settings.scanlines=true' to enable
enter 'settings.scanlines=false' to disable.

The scanline texture is at gfx/scanlines.png, feel free to modify it to your liking.
It's alpha blended by default. If you need multiply blend mode for your vision of
scanlines, enter 'settings.scanlinemult=true' to console. This is an advanced
option, so change it only if you know what you are doing.

1)The problem some Mac and Linux users when using Stimulants should be fixed
2)The game no longer crashes when it can't connect to steam. Will now instead try to restart itself through steam. This will likely fix issues where the game crashed right after the blue loading screen.
3)One module name had wrong capitalization This was likely the reason why people had the game crash on linux and mac while loading levels. Linux and Mac are case-sensitive while Windows isn't.

There's another update in development which will contain exiting new features! Stay tuned for more information.
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What about patching for compatibility with Mac OS 10.6.8?
I think enough paying customers are having a problem with this for you to consider patching it right?

I think it's stated clearly in system requirements that the game needs 10.8 no? I don't mean to be an ass, but you don't buy a Windows only game and tell the devs to make an OS X version because you paid for the game right? Anyways Mavericks is just around the corner and I'm sure a lot of Snow leopard users are going to upgrade so..
Also if skipping 10.6.8 support means more time and energy for new game content, I'm happy if they won't do it..