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Aug 1, 2023
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Hi guys, how do I get this numbers up please ? Mine keep going down?

Thank you !


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The research efficiency is your research points divided by the number of integrated POPs.

By integrating cultures or by assimilation, the number of integrated POPs will grow, reducing your research efficiency.

You can increase your research points by having cities with nobles and citizens. To maximize your nobles, move slaves to cities and increase the desired ratio of nobles with buildings and laws.
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How does Slaves max the nobles in terms of research please ?
Like Oliven has said, in absolute terms you want to have more nobles, and you get them by promoting POPs. Because the desired ratio limits the nobles you can have by a percentage of your population, you want to have as much POPs in cities to promote them. Because slaves are the only POP that can be moved by the player*, moving them to cities is the efficient way to increase your nobles.

With non modified desired ratios:
  • City with 10 POPs = 1 noble.
  • 2 cities with 5 POPs each = 0 noble.

* and tribesmen in tribes but not relevant
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