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Dec 3, 2017
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Over the years, I have made a lot of posts here in the suggestions forum. And when I say "a lot", I mean I reached the maximum rank on the paradox forums of Field Marshall almost solely through posts and replies here. My signature is overflowing, and by making this post I can change to just having a single link.

Also, our glorious game director @Eladrin stated "I will steal anything that is a good idea from anyone." This thread will make it easier for our benevolent overlord to peruse and steal my ideas at their leisure. Or if any modder sees a suggestion and feels inspired, you have my full permission and support to turn my dreams into reality.

The Big, the Bold, the... probably not going to happen.
These are radical changes, massive overhauls, and other ideas that realistically aren't going to happen. Still, they have some very interesting ideas (if I do say so myself), so are probably worth a read.

A thorough and in-depth supply system
A radical overhaul to warfare and fleets
An idea for Stellaris 2: Portrait filters
Ideas for Stellaris 2
Combining Tiles with 2.2 economy
A full Sector overhaul (galaxy gen)

Significant Suggestions
These are fairly large suggestions, that still fit within the scope of Stellaris as it is current designed. They are probably substantial enough to be the main feature of an update, if they were directly implemented.

The Remaining Fallen Empires (This is an expansion of my ideas from a reply here)
A basic framework for internal politics
Giving one point of "Ethics" to Gestalt empires.
Make colonization use Archeology style system
Adding crew to ships
Different types of war.
Leader Expansion and Overhaul: Biographies, Ethics, Factions, Traits and more!

Intermediate Ideas
The are medium sized suggestions, often many together in a single list post. These are probably the ones I'm most hopeful about.

Cats can have a little slavery (And by cats, I mean non-authoritarian non-xenophobe empires)
Ideas for 2.9 (note this is actually for 3.0, but at the time this was posted we didn't know it would be 3.0)
Megacorp Civic inspired by the Dev Diary: Headhunters
New subject type: Sponsorship
Exclaves (Branch Offices for everyone!) (Posted before Holdings were revealed. Holdings are a MUCH better name.)
A collection of Origin ideas
A way for non-terravores to eat planets
A small rework of planetary science.
Making Crime more in-depth
Changing how supply and demand work for the internal/galactic market
Making Ethics matter to diplomacy again.
Intergalactic Colonization
Giving Genocidals diplomatic stances
A set of Ethics based generic Origins
Small Suggestions for Federation Leadership succession/challenge
Making sector capitals special/interesting (First idea is outdated, second one still works)
A conglomeration of various Civic ideas
Allow Non-Balanced Rare Resource Spawns
Pops 'Train' for Jobs, and rare resource techs changed

Tiny Tweaks
These are very small changes that could be done very easily. Or maybe not so easily, I don't know how to code.

Changes to the Voidborn ascension perk
Allow a subject to swear secret fealty to multiple empires
Citizen Service should make unemployed pops give +2 naval cap
Void Dweller Origin should give reduced empire size from habitat colonies, but increased empire size from normal planets.
Change all instances of increased/decreased immigration growth to automatic resettlement chance
Contingency should use Nanite Repair System (instead of regenerative hull tissue)
Declaring war should cost influence, based on relations.
Make Refugees have a cost
Allow Clerks to Auto-Migrate
A conglomeration of various non-civic ideas (There are many suggestions here which are larger, however most of the larger ones are outdated, while the tiny ones are still relevant)
Early Crisis should target players with jump drives.
Make Transcendent Learning actually Transcend something
Migration Treaty Influence Change
Some slight tweaks to envoys (and related systems) (This is a collection of several tiny tweaks that altogether are more of a moderate sized suggestion)
Occupied Starbases should have a combat penalty
Allow claiming of unoccupied systems
New living standard: Idolized Existence.
Buffing Guided Weapons as a means to encourage balanced fleets
Gestalts should have ideology cases belli
Buff the "Discover L-Gate Insight" Minor Artifact decision
Small buff to citizen service and warrior culture
Battle Thralls, Duelists, and Warrior Culture Equivalents (very similar to above)

These are suggestions which have been outdated for one reason or another, to the point where very little if any of the ideas presented would be worth implementing. If a post still has significant relevant portions, it will be in one of the above sections instead.

Ecumenopoli should have a Bureaucrat district
Change Private Military Industries to +3 Alloys (Technically, this one was implemented!)
Buffing unity by nerfing administrators
Hopes for the new Espionage update
Making Tall viable through Bureaucrats, the Core Sector, and Unity (Core sector giving reduced sprawl empire size is still applicable though)
The AI needs to be updated (Thanks @Offe for all the AI work <3)
Make Purging and Livestock pops not give buildings.
Slight nerf to technocracy
How to make planet templates work (outdated due to template system)
Minor buff to Ringworlds
A few miscellaneous suggestions
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