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Feb 24, 2017
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Samogitia (sam. Žemaitėjė, lit. Žemaitija, pol. Żmudź) is a historical region of Lithuania, populated by the Samogitians, Baltic people closely related to Lithuanians, but with distinct history and language. Unfortunately, there is no tag created in EU4 to represent this mighty nation. So, here's my task.


"Before the formation of the Lithuanian state, Samogitia was ruled by its local noblemen. A chronicle mentions two dukes from Samogitia in 1219 as signatories of the Treaty of Volhynia.

Since the formation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 13th century, Samogitia was its dependent territory, however sometimes the influence of the Lithuanian Grand Duke was very limited. During the rule of the first Lithuanian king, Mindaugas, Samogitians pursued an independent foreign policy and continued fighting with the Knights of the Sword even after King Mindaugas had signed a peace treaty with them.

Samogitia for 200 years played a crucial role in halting the expansion of the Teutonic Order and defeated the Knights of Sword in the Battles of Saule (1236), Skoudas (1259) and Durbe (1260).

In the atmosphere of fierce battles with the Teutonic Knights, the Lithuanian rulers Jogaila and Vitautas several times ceded Samogitia to the Teutonic Order in 1382, 1398 and 1404. However, the Teutonic Knights were not very successful in subjugating the land, and Samogitians revolted in 1401 and 1409. After the defeats in the Battle of Grunwald (1410) and following wars, in 1422 the Teutonic Order ceded Samogitia to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania under the Treaty of Melno.

Samogitians were the last in Europe to [officialy] accept Christianity in 1413."


In 1418 the Lithuanian Samogitians raised a rebellion against Vitautas and refused to convert to christianity, but were eventually crushed by Grand Duke's forces. Later, in 1440, Samogitians revolted once again and also ended defeated. However, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Kazimierz Jagiellon, accepted some of their demmands and icreased their autonomy, creating the Duchy of Samogitia and crowning himself as the Duke. This title was held by Polish-Lithuanian Kings until the collapse of the Commonwealth in 1795.


-Administrative division of the Commonwealth in 1619. (Ks. = Duchy, Woj. = Voivodeship)


In game, Samogitia is portrayed by one quite big province with a little of development (2/2/2). In my opinion the province should be split. It will allow better representation of region's history and characterics.



Bez tytułu.png

-Province of Samogitia splitted into Varniai and Raseiniai (and yes, I forgot to edit area.txt :))


-Released Samogitia

Provinces Data

owner = LIT
controller = LIT
add_core = LIT
add_core = SAM
capital = "Varniai"
religion = catholic
culture = lithuanian
trade_goods = livestock
base_tax = 1 (before: 2)
base_production = 1 (before: 2)
base_manpower = 1 (before: 2)

Dynamic province names:
Polish: Wornie
owner = LIT
controller = LIT
add_core = LIT
add_core = SAM
capital = "Roseiniai"
trade_goods = livestock
religion = catholic
culture = lithuanian
base_tax = 2
base_production = 1
base_manpower = 1

Dynamic province names:
Polish: Rosienie
Germanic: Raseinen

Country Data
Tag: SAM
Capital: 271 (Varniai, old Samogitia)
Government: Feudalism (Monarchy)
Government rank: 1 - Duchy
Technology group: Eastern
Religion: Catholic
Culture: Lithuanian
Color: 121 55 82

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