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I'm usually playing Darkest Hour light, but recently tried Full as the Soviets. And I've realized that my tactical bombers don't do much at all. I've hammered (ground attacked) one single province with constantly retreating axis divisions using 8xTAC and 8xCAS literally for years, and it doesn't seem to do much at all. I'm (way) ahead in TAC-, CAS- & doctrine-tech.

I do think that TAC/CAS are overpowered in HoI2/DH light, and I often can't help exploiting that. So I don't mind them being less overpowered, but they should not be totally useless? Am I missing something?


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They're a big help. Use TAC (and CAS to a lesser extent) for ground support when attacking and defending. As Rommel noted above, use CAS (and TAC to a lesser extent) on moving and retreating targets. Never waste your time using them on entrenched units until you're about to attack.
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As noted above CAS is more effective in ground attack, TAC in ground support. Ground attacking a stack is not effective unless the Org level is 10 or lower. The lower the Org the more effective the ground attack. Unfortunately the unit (s) will continue to gain Org unless you do ground support to reduce it. Single units make nice targets but only if you have nothing more important for the air unit to do. Air units use to much fuel to make non effective ground attacks. I normally play TRP mod so things may be slightly different.


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In general, it is wise to use CAS only in a role of combined arms together with army/tanks. CAS have a supporting role to help army/tanks to achieve local superiourity and to win the battles.

In this role, they do excell.
Best for this role is lowering the org/morale of the enemy and btw not the ground attack which goes for lowering strength. While both work, lowering the org of the enemy has a greater impact in a combined arms role.
If you use them alone on enemy troops which are fully dugged in (you can see the state of it in the battle reports), they are near useless (which is quite realistic).

You can use them, as some suggested, also on retreating units or when they are on the move in general. But IMHO this is a waste and the time and org besser used for their role in combined arms warfare. Exceptions (always exist) are high value targets on the move like lone tanks or HQs. In Africa it is also often worthwhile to hunt for stray units, territory is difficult and sometimes units need months to go from one area to the next. Time in which even TAC can kill a unit completly off. For this task, of course, "ground attack" is the right type of attack. I explicetly mentioned TAC for Africa (although CAS is better at "ground attack" than TAC) because to be of any use there you'll need the longer range of TACs.
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