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Aug 14, 2016

I just bought EU1 off of GoG.com, and it came with the manual (luckily! otherwise, I'd be left without a clue as to how to play this game).

It's an awesome manual, 150 pages of both in-game and historical info. Great stuff, lots of props! However, it's missing something - A table of contents!

Now, I did google search and find that the Table of Contents was made available here on the Paradoxplaza website, but the link to it led to a 404. I am guessing this 2001 file got lost at some point in those last 15 years.

Can anyone provide me with a fresh link, or a file, or ... A screenshot? Anything would help :)
Thank you in advance!


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Apr 28, 2007
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My manual does not have a Table of Contents either. The pdf version includes an index, but if Paradox thought it ok for the pdf file to be posted here they would have done it themselves. As a consolation, the index is not really that helpful because it rather mindlessly refers to pages where a word appears. It might well have been automatically generated because it includes entries like "five", "good", "high", "left" and (my personal favourite) "no" all with dozens of pages that the average reader is unlikely to look up.

Since you said anything would help, here is a very basic table of contents that lists only the main sections as well as the most important subsections of the main chapter.

A) Introduction (p. 3)

B) Learning Scenario (p. 8)
This chapter is worth reading independently of the tutorial scenario. It includes some information (particularly about the interface) not found elsewhere. The tutorial scenario itself is actually pretty good, giving you time and space to explore the game mechanics in a mainly empty world.

C) Activities (p. 17)

An odd title for what is really the main body of the manual. It has lots of sub-headings. The following list includes only the main sub-headings (those printed in a larger font size as well as those that should have been printed in a larger font size).

The Map: "Countries" etc. (p. 17)
Stability (p. 22)
Rebellions (p. 25)
Religion (p. 28)
Diplomacy (p. 34)
War and Peace (p. 42)
Military Units: "Movement and Battle" (p. 47)
Economy and Infrastructure (p. 59)
Trade (p. 70)
Pirates (p. 74)
Colonization (p. 75)
Technology and Factories (p. 79)
Monarchs (p. 83)

D) The Archive (p. 95)

E) Historical Background (p. 97)

In terms of explaining the game, the manual is not as polished as those from the high watermark of Paradox manuals (HoI2, EU3), but it is still better than the more recent ones and it does convey a passion for the game's subject matter that I have not seen since. I am particularly fond of its ambition to explain the history that the various game features are meant to represent.