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Aug 27, 2019
Most posts about the Syndicate Subjugator agree that this unit is weaker than the Wraith. Obviously you get weaker stats at a higher cost, and instead you get some situationally useful support abilities.

I suggest that the Subjugator should be able to equip all the Oversee specialty mods because this

- would enable him to actually fulfill his support role, since he is clearly a support unit
- provides more freedom choice in your playstyle
- would encourage exploring the Syndicate racial mod tree more, which is usually avoided (at least by me) due to the very narrow usefulness of its mods
- would in no way upset balance


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Sep 7, 2018
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ah yes, let's buff the combat unit generator... that already buffs your bread and butter unit... yesssss...

if people are not using the subjugator either it's for reasons unrelated to it's actual power level(tech costs perhaps) or it's because they are silly people who play Syndi for things that are not indentured.