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Surviving the Aftermath wiki logo.png

The official Surviving the Aftermath wiki is meant to be a source of various information regarding the game.

If you'd like to help improve the wiki as the game builds and nears completion feel free to join in.

Visit the wiki here.
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i put in a few things about "update 1", please check through them
In general, we don't allow for unreleased content to be on the wiki as it may confuse users, however we'll let it remain for this time.

To make it easier to distinguish between outdated/updated content we'll implement the S/Version tags across the wiki soon.
a thought it would help others as it will be released very soon. I won't add any more thing and info that isn't in the game yet
To clarify: It is against wiki policy to publish info on unreleased content as it may very well change until the release date.

That said, the rule only applies for main-space pages.
If you want to prepare the info in advance to publish it once the update is released then you can do so on your sandbox (requires logging-in)
We don’t have a wiki over in BATTLETECH. I am looking forward to contributing to the StA Wiki as the game and our community move forward. : )
No problem, contributions are welcome.
I've added and updated some content.
I'll try and push for missing assets from the team if any are needed.
Can we get this pushed please? We're missing Mixed Meal image, as well as all the extractors as well.

Hi @SolSys can we get the new Building, Vehicle, Insect and Seed images adding to the growing list please ;)
I just noticed that there's been a load of new files uploaded, thanks @SolSys
Could you possibly send me a list with in-game screenshots of what icons are missing?
I haven't really played the game (time constraints) so it's harder for me to spot them.
You can do it by PMing me.

Edit: You can also send me a save of an advanced game with all unlocked and I can go through it myself.