Surviving Mars - White background on several UI screens making them hard to read and use.

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Nov 21, 2022
White background on several UI screens making them hard to read and use.



What is your game version?

What DLC do you have installed?
Space Race, Green Planet, Colony Design Set, Project Laika

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
There are several UI screens that have a white background in place of the graphic that should be displayed. This screens include the game menu, the milestones screen, and the command center. Screenshot of each are attached. Game log files are also attached. No mods are used. Just so you know, I did a fresh install last night (11/21/2022) and the problem described continues.

Can you replicate the issue?
Yes, no actions needed. This is the default behavior so every game I start will do this.

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I'm afraid the game is unsupported on any Intel video system under Linux:

Graphics: OpenGL 4.5 (GeForce 600/AMD Radeon 7700 or higher) with 1GB of video RAM

I guess make sure your Intel driver is up to date, and I think Mesa are up to 22.x now.

If those don't help, please seek a refund from where you bought the game.

Sorry for the bad news!