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Feb 2, 2019
Ps4, game freezing

What is your game version?
Do you have Space Race installed?

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
Hello and thank you for this wonderful game. I don't know if I'm in the right sub, because I can only select pc platforms, but I'm currently getting constant freezes in late game save games which is pretty frustrating, since I finally got this far.
Are there any bug fixes coming soo in for ps4

Can you replicate the issue?
Yes, every time I reload a specific save game.

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Please let us know if today's patch fixed this problem for you. Note that it's not 100% certain that the fixes they did will work for existing saves, although they should! But it really should be fixed in any new colony you now start.
Unsure if anyone will respond as this forum seems old but has anyone had an issue with the drones not working, even if there are materials to use? In the photo, I had to manually tell a single drone to work on the building. I’m playing on PS5 FYI.


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