Surviving Mars - Ground disappearing where grass is meant to be [Mac]

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Dec 31, 2020
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Ground disappearing where grass is meant to be



What is your game version?

Do you have Space Race installed?

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
The ground is disappearing under large waste rock dumps and where the soil quality is increasing, it’s seems to be worse where grass is growing and around lakes

Can you replicate the issue?
It is constantly there

File(s) attached


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Not sure I ever got as far as grass on my iMac ... !

Please attach here the latest log from the game :

~/Library/Application Support/Surviving Mars/logs/

To find that file, in Finder do cmd-shift-G to bring up the GOTO box. In there paste ~/Library/ . You will see a /Application Support/ folder, and inside that /Surviving Mars/ and then a /logs/ folder.

Also in Steam please click on Steam-Help-System Info, and paste everything there into a text file and attach that here.
there's the files. I don't know if they are the right ones though


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Well, between the M1 chip, MacOS 11, and the large number of mods here, I'm not sure what is most likely to be causing this for you!

It would take a long test of disabling all mods the starting a new colony to get up to grass-growing stage to eliminate mods as a cause for this. I'd understand if that was not a project you wanted to tackle!
While I was waiting for a response I tried disabling all of the mods and starting a new save and it appeared to make it worse as the ground started disappearing from the moment the soil quality changed
Thanks for doing that for us! I've now lodged a new bug report on this using your screenshots and files.

Given this game has had no new patches for over a year I'm not sure of the prospect of it getting fixed but at least it's in the system now!
Hey, also on an M1 Macbook Air here. Can confirm the graphical glitch on waste rock storages, lakes of all sizes, dome grass interiors, and anywhere grass has spread. It honestly looks horrible, especially after the grass spread has started to pick up. Please do look into this. Otherwise, loving the game :)

Attaching a picture of the grass growth around lakes, as it's especially egregious


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Same here.. all grass looks like some cubemap reflection.

I'm on a 2023 MacBook Pro 14" with a M2 Max on macOS 14.4.1 I also get this on an 2017 iMac Pro with a Vega 64.

I've been having this issue for a while.

I just bought the game as a gift for my dad on but then realized that this issue still exists...

Will this ever be fixed? :( I feel like if I can buy the game today and it's glitched... it shouldn't be on sale? It looks like that happens on all Macs and some Windows machines.

I'm not using any mods. This is just a fresh Install from Steam today.


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