Surviving Mars - Drones not taking waste rock to nearest storage

Surviving Mars - Drones not taking waste rock to nearest storage

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Sep 1, 2018
Drones not taking waste rock to nearest storage



What is your game version?
Do you have Space Race installed?

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
After picking up waste rock all drones controlled by a particular hub deliver the rock to the same waste rock storage, despite there being empty ones right next to the waste rock source.

I may have two waste rock producers in range of a hub but separated by some distance. I place a dump site next to each item (say a concrete extractor and water extractor). The droids all take the rock to only one of the dump sites, some of them travelling very unnecessary distances when there is an empty site right near the rock source.

Can you replicate the issue?
Yes, every time I play. Just create two waste rock producers at the outer edges on opposite sides of a drone hub area, place a dump site closer to the hub next to each producer and watch the drones all go to only one dump site instead of the nearest one.



Second Lieutenant
Mar 21, 2018
Throughout the game, I've seen the first-come-first-served algorithm employed. I believe this is one of those times. It's probably the first waste rock site that's getting filled up - assuming you haven't changed the "desired amount" settings for either one.

On a side note (and you may end up noticing this too) I've also seen what I call "circular shuffling" happening a lot - mostly when shuttles start flying. A resource (say Metal) gets picked up from depot A and dropped off at depot B, only to be picked up again and taken back to depot A. (Or in a longer chain: A->B->C->A etc.) The end result is that between drones and shuttles, resource get shuffled around needlessly, burning time, energy, fuel, and my patience.