Dec 3, 2019
As a new member I did a browse but did not see anything to help me out, if there is a different page/section to do this, I apologize, please direct me to it.
Base game purchased early in the year, played , no issues. Around mid year added Green planet & Project laika with a main game update, no issues. Did a game update a month and a half ago and the issues began. I do not have any mods as I play my games as is only.
So launching the game( off line ) it gets to where you are asked to "press any button", screen shows it wants to load then goes black and opens my home page. Did all the xbox things to correct it I could find, including the rebooting,but no change. Some times I could get it to go if I went on line, but no more.
Currently I have build on the xbox, the purchased game was build, I deleted the game completely and installed only the purchased game build and it worked fine, down loaded the Green planet, Project laika, that did not work as I was missing an update to the main game, sadly I do not have the build data for that one. On down loading the main game up date from Mirosoft xbox I'm back to square one.
In conclusion I did not find anything wrong on the xbox side, my issues started with the last update.