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Dec 15, 2014
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Hi guys, I know this forum is for Cold War, but its the same series and I was wondering if i could get some up to date help.

I have Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold, and I love it, its a great game, but it runs so so so so slowly! I have a pretty decent laptop (Aspire V15 Nitro, i5-4210U 1.7GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M with 4gb dedicated VRAM and 6GB DDR3 L Mem) and it seems that every time i play the game it runs slower and slower than the last time i loaded it, each day is ticking by at around 30secs - 1min at the games start on fastest speed, and I was wondering if there were any tricks to get the game's old engine running a bit faster on a modern system, maybe a mod or something.

I saw on some older threads on a few websites that running it on multi-core processors can slow it down because its poorly optimized for it, so I was hoping to find out a bit more about that from someone if this was the case, or if anyone knew of any other settings I could change that might help it out a bit (I'm not as techy as I would like to be), turning off enhanced spotting and enhanced ranges seems to help a small amount but not a lot. Zooming right out so i can't see any models used to help substantially but that no longer seems to work for me.

As a student, I'm kinda poor and tend to buy games not that often and when I do I go for cheap older games, and this is a game I really enjoy but having to spend a good few hours on the game to make very little progress in game time and building things etc is starting to sap the fun out of it, I tend to just leave it to do its thing in the background as i do others things.

If anyone has any suggestions for me then that would be much appreciated!

Much love, thanks for any help :)