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Dec 11, 2013
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The old Supreme Patriarch walked his way along the ancient Vai'cin Tuar. Where the records say about the firsts monarchs of the Istaci nation and how they agreed to follow the lessons of the prohpet Bud'cin Ar. And so he reached the book he was looking for, The most holy of all Istaci books.

Chapter 8: 19-99 of the Grat'cin Vai.

"...In the beginning of times there was only cold and darkness, the istaci endured in the harsh enviroment of Istac'cin. A grey planet with almost no light and never ending nights most of it's cycle around the system's star, Istac'cin'rum. Today a prosperous nation of scientist and engineers, who had brought light to the Istaci and put the far beyond stars at their reach. But it hasn't always been like that, the cult of Grat'cin Vai (The Greater Good) tell us about a dark era of cannibalism and anarchy that almost brought the entire race to extinction. When dark gods walked among us pushing brothers against brothers and fathers against sons. The most dangerous of all them was known as Hid'cin'uk (The Hideous), but one day Fab'cin den Childe, monarch of the ancient kingdom of Au'Istac fought against the beast in singular combat. Defeating and sending it and it's darkness to the void. Since that day, the Istaci learnt the valuable lessons of fighting for the greater good, and the promise of a prosperous future.

But, the cult also warn us. That Hid'cin'uk was not entirely defeated, for he is still lurking in the darkest corners of the galaxy. Waiting to strike his vengeance over the Istaci, and throw us back to the darkness forever. The Rag'tan'rok prophethy says too that one day we shall face him again in one last battle, where the final fate of the Istaci shall be revealed..."

It is known.


First things first, thanks for reading and welcome to this MP-AAR. Where I'll tale fortunes and missfortunes of the Istaci in their search for light, greater good and the perfidious Hideous. Plot twist, who is actually a player. Of course chosen from the entire roster of the Sunday Leaguer for our mutual long and bloody history of terrible backstabs, drama, death and so on in previous campaigns. I shall write the first part this Sunday, right next the first session of the campaign. And in fact there is still open slots for anyone interested!

See you soon among the stars and Grat'mut Vai.