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Jul 17, 2010
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Imperator Rome v.1.4 Archimedes
This thread will be updated regularly. It will be discontinued when a new patch comes out and a new thread will take its place.

Why do I care: EU:Rome was my very first of many Paradox games way back in 2009 and has a special place in my heart. (And I’m a stupid Rome nerd)
My Philosophy:
  1. The Map we play on is THE most important thing to constantly see. Very big objects that “gets in the way” must be avoided if possible.
  2. Utilize dead space. Everything must have a clear meaning. A very big, pretty picture is of no real meaning and can be half the size.
  3. Scale - All windows/tabs should be of the same scale at 100%. One window/tab that is much larger than another is a no-go.
  4. Clarity - Everything must be easy to see and understand from a first glance. If you fail to understand with basic knowledge, then the UI has failed you.
What can we learn from EU4?
1. EU4-Imperator.png
  • You can easily see what tech you will unlock at next tech
  • You can easily see what shock & morale you currently get from tech
  • You can easily see all modifiers, how better your troops are from tech
  • Small & compact UI, although Imperator’s Tech UI isn’t too bad
1. Tech-All.png

Stellaris is perfect in terms of actual mechanics​
  • Stellaris Style: Actually research the Inventions. No more weird money throwing. It’s much more dynamic and let the player chose what they want to research
  • When selecting a new research, a new tab will open that only have the research for that researcher available. (Like Stellaris)
  • What we are researching should sometimes have more impact than just modifiers, like new Tactics to use, things that makes you want to get that thing fast
  • Display what is being researched properly. No hiding things inside the Tooltip unless necessary.
  • Statesmanship icon is removed and statesmanship progress bar is implemented together with the skill, which makes the most sense and is less confusing.
  • Research Tree / Technology Tree. Paradox should really start to implement the Tech tree’s into their games, instead of relying on the Wiki.
  • Researched. We can see what we actually have researched.
  • Characters should display their names. And if from a Great family, it should show their colours. If scorned, that should show too
  • Picture - Character picture is copied and pasted from the government tab. So it isn’t larger than that.
Personal Opinion on my own picture:
I succeeded in getting much more relevant information inside by taking better advantage of the Tech UI, and making tech more dynamic.
I failed to get even 3 of the 4 researchers into the Tech tab. But here is the idea anyway, which I think is vastly better than Imperator Tech UI in 1.4 Archimedes

This system shows much more information and let the player interact better with the research system.
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