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Imperator Rome v.1.4 Archimedes
My Philosophy:
  1. The Map we play on is THE most important thing to constantly see. Very big objects that “gets in the way” must be avoided if possible.
  2. Utilize dead space. Everything must have a clear meaning. A very big, pretty picture is of no real meaning and can be half the size.
  3. Scale - All windows/tabs should be of the same scale at 100%. One window/tab that is much larger than another is a no-go.
  4. Clarity - Everything must be easy to see and understand from a first glance. If you fail to understand with basic knowledge, then the UI has failed you.
Military from CK2 & EU4
Here we have lots of information presented in a good manner. There is A LOT Imperator can learn from CK2 & EU4.


Proposed Idea:​
I have created 4 new Tabs in the Military View. Traditions, Armies, Navies & Mercenaries
Traditions: This is the Traditions & Heritage View. It’s fine as is in vanilla mostly.
Armies: This is where all things related to Armies are located. Just like in the Mercenaries tab you can find and structure your armies properly, even better than you could have in the outliner. (Should add sort by bottoms. Like largest Armies) Morale, Discipline etc, are also found here. We have to go into another tab “Cohort Modifiers” to view the old “Military Cohorts” where we can see stats and modifiers on individual units.
Navies: The Navy tab functions the exact same as the Armies tab.
Mercenaries: Mercenaries are moved into the Military View, as it is a Military thing. Nothing much is changed here except that Mercenaries should follow the very same example I did with Armies.

Vanilla Cohorts: The game should remove all the 0's. It is unnececary and its harder to see which one that actually have a posetive/negative modifier. Just have a line (-) instead. (If not most of this could be scrapped altogether...)

Ideas from other games:
CK2 Mercenaries has a much smaller and compact design.
Eu4 You can click on “Muslim Soldiers” to open a tab with Imperator Army Modifiers for all units
Imperator: Cohorts and Ships are lots of unnecessary numbers in them. Remove all the “0” number completely and only show if it goes in plus or minus.

Land Warfare
Army UI


This army view is much cleaner and have more information.​
  • Average Experience for this army at the bottom just beside Enslavement Chance.
  • A button to open a tab of all this army's recent battles at the very top. No more 30 popups when defeating 1k stacks with your 15 armies. Also easy to find the battles that interest you. (Important battles that are same sized or larger armies should maybe still be a popup)
  • Easily seen Martial skill of your general at the top where the useless flag used to be.
  • Unit Types in the army are automatically sorted after each other.
  • There is a tab at the right-bottom side to remove individual units from view. With a nice overview like in Imperator it’s not really necessary to also see all individual units
  • Loyalty is shown and easily seen
  • Army morale and Food supply bars are both placed with each other - easily to see which is which
  • Removed Flag to whom control this army. Since you can only open your own army anyway it is not needed.
  • Removed Individual units names. Not necessary to know where your units are from. Doesn't matter since they reinforce from the manpower pool which is nation based and not provincial based.
  • (NOT DONE) All Individual units should get removed from open view. It is really not necessary to view each individual units in an army when we have such a nice overview of all units at the top.
  • A General, or Each cohort would earn experience towards a specific Award, like fighting in Forest (Terrain). To make them unique, only 3 Awards are awarded per Cohort. Awards will never go away unlike experience since they are tied to the history of the Cohort.
  • Discipline should be viewed on each individual armies
  • Should add a "+" sign just beside the combined units at top to easy click recruit this unit type like in EU4

Army Mechanics:​
  • Marian Reforms - Heavy Infantry/Legions should get 10% more Discipline, at the price of 20% more Maintenance.
  • Regional Manpower: One cannot recruit troops from a sparsely populated area.
  • Pops is more closely tied to Units and soldiers. Example: Heavy Infantry is only available to Citizens (Or Mercenaries). If a Heavy Infantry dies, so do Citizen Pops (From the recruited area?)
  • War in the winter should have heavy consequences. Many nations waited to wage war until after winter.
  • War Goals: I’ve never liked how one arbitrary war goal disables some options in the peace deals in Paradox games. If you have occupied the enemy 100% with Humiliate CB, Then let the player take some land BUT, they have to Humiliate the enemy, and every piece of land costs Tyranny.
  • Inform that your army or navy is on low morale because of low maintenance, and what the consequences are.
Individual Armies
  • Army Template in the Macro Builder
  • Forced March: Losing 5% or so morale per month which eventually mean your army need to recover
  • Armies should automatically stop let’s say Force Marching if standing still for a long time.
  • Armies are given a “Zone of Control” similar to that of Forts. Armies will try to occupy settlements (not cities) around them. This is calculated by the amount of time used to travel and to occupy the settlement. This would hugely lessen the micro when in war. If a Fort is close by, it’s zone of control will not be affected
  • Armies “Zone of Control” Tactic - The Army sends out 1 Cohort to siege down settlements that does not have a Fort in it, or close by. If the Army gets attacked while 2-3 Cohorts are sieging close by settlements, then those Cohorts will be unavailable during the battle. Or early phases of the battle. This tactic will not work on Cities. Having this tactic enabled lessens the micro ALOT during wartime without sacrificing too much of your efficiencies.
  • Heavy Infantry needs to be in a Province that has access to Iron in order to recover their numbers. Be it from Trade or Locally produced.
  • A cap on how large an Army can be (Based on technology?) Largest battles of the Era capped at 80k vs 80k - How to even command such an army?
  • A siege (equipment) unit that is used to take down walls faster. Should be opened only through technology.
  • Different models/looks for different unit types, rather than everything represented by one shield-bearing generic model. (eks: Cavalry Unit Model)
  • Roman DLC (?) - Marian Reforms - Proper Roman Legionaries unit models.
  • Individual Units: If a Unit is recruited from a soon-to-be disloyal province, then that unit will also become disloyal. This will make you think about recruiting soldiers from core provinces instead.
  • Mercenaries should get paid a little sum up front. And in every year they are in service (they need to eat too). As well as when the job is done.
  • Not allowed to hire mercenaries that is far away and in war enemy’s territories.
  • Mercenaries will move to other places in search of work if the only nation nearby haven’t hired them for a long time. (Should always be at least 1 in each Region though)
  • Fort ZoC at lv X should be 2 settlements away and not 1. This would make having larger/better forts more viable as a defensive plan.
  • Fort should cost Manpower to build and it should use manpower to reinforce it’s garrison when/if it needs reinforcements.
  • Assaulting a Fort should be based upon combat width, which is also based upon terrain. Soldiers not taking part in battle should not just mysteriously die.
  • Forts have stockpile of food that is different from the Province food. Each level give more stockpile so each fort lv make sieges longer. Should only get food directly from the Province itself.
  • When lower maintenance on Forts is taken, then it will stay low even when at war. It has to be manually moved up or down.
  • Should be able to manually decide which Fort to have at full maintenance and which ones to not. Like in EU4
  • A second row in battles, which is used for archers. Archers only have a certain set of arrows, so they cannot fire into eternity. Defenders get more arrows.
    Terrain also affect the Archer’s performance.
  • Light Soldiers should be better at fighting in Mountains, while Heavy Infantry should be better at fighting in open terrain.
Combat Width is more based upon terrain. And is not always 30.
- Forests
-25% Maneuver for Infantry | -50% Maneuver for Cavalry | Skirmish phase is reduced by 50%
- Hills
-25% Maneuver | -1 Attack roll | There are two skirmish phases at the start
Attacker deception tactic could potentially force the defenders to charge removing dice roll negative
- Mountains
-50% Maneuver | There are two skirmish phases at the start | Width of battle reduced to 10
- River Crossing
-50% Maneuver for attackers | -2 Attack roll | Width reduced for battle
Technology unlocks allows for the ability to build bridges which negates the maneuver & defend bonus

War Related​
  • Countries with low Civilization is allowed to go and Raid countries with high Civilization without declaring war. They might, of course be countered and killed.
  • Proper civil war system. Should not get a game over, but should get to keep playing with consequences if losing the war.
  • Show Claims even when at war and when there is a truce - Currency it only shows claims when nothing interesting is happening.
  • When Claiming territories, basically go into province map mode showing the provinces names and borders while also showing the color of the nation.
  • Buildings, troops and ships shouldn't just cost cash but cost goods as well. It's just insane how just 1 iron trade route will allow you to build 250k heavy infantry.
War View

(VERY heavily based upon Better UI Mod)​
  • It is more clear what/where the warscore is
  • Date of War & Wargoal is now at the bottom. Wargoal does not take way more space than needed.
  • Now even if there is a large war with many different unit types the Unit view will not get "as" clunky.
  • We can now see all the Ships, Manpower and Units each side has from a single glance. (This could be an option to disable during MP)
  • The whole UI is in general much cleaner, visualy pleasing and gives more information.
Sea Warfare
The Navy UI should follow the same example as the Army UI​
  • Ships should use Manpower or Sailors when building and repairing.
  • Ships should be able to transport food. Can provide food for a province in need, or support an army in war from the sea. It gathers up food at friendly Port
  • If a Port has been blockaded long enough, it should lose its trade routes. The Trade automatically restart when the blockade is lifted.
  • Allow the Navy to take part in the commercial income that is transported by sea by protecting sea zones.
  • Ships to be assigned to Provincial Governors, so they can keep the peace on the coasts as well.
  • If Tribal and owns a Port, assign a Fleet to a Character (Sons) and send them on raids, bringing back money, loot and possibly new skills - at a risk.
  • A cap on how large a Fleet can be. Imagine trying to control a 100k Fleet. It just wouldn’t work without modern technology.
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... I have created 4 new Tabs in the Military View...

You could replace the buttons by actual tabs (like CK or EU), decrease the typo size and line them in a row...

... This army view is much cleaner and have more information...

You could remove completely the "cards" of unit type and, instead, use small icons without card.
You should remove the swarms of small buttons (toggles), add a tab and place them in the new tab as checks (the checked options should be showed in the main army view)
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Jan 4, 2020
Cross-posting here, more military traits based on HoI.
These traits are based on same-named HoI traits. (Some or all might get better names for an ancient setting. It’s up to the devs.)

Adding them will make Generals and Admirals more important. Depending on traits, the same charcter would be better for specific tasks. This would add another dimension to consider in addition to Martial stat, loyalty, prominence and Popularity.

I. Terrain expertise traits

Add traits that make a general or admiral better at certain terrain types.

All these traits should buff attack and defence AND Army/Navy speed on the right terrain (similar to HoI3). Precise values up to the devs but can be 10% like in HoI3.

e.g. An army commanded by a Hill Fighter would have +10% speed when moving through in a Hills tile, and +10% attack and defense when fighting on a Hills tile.

- Perhaps the percentage could depend on the character’s Martial stat?

land terrain:
  • Desert Fox
  • Hill Fighter
  • Jungle Rat
  • Mountaineer
  • Ranger
  • Swamp Fox
And two more for:
  • Plains
  • Farmalnd
Naval terrain:
  • Blue Water Expert
  • Green Water Expert
  • Inshore Fighter

Special conditions:
Similar to terrain expertise they should boost speed and combat performance. Might be stackable with Terrain expertise traits.
  • Engineer (faster crossings, boost when attacking while crossing a River or Strait or defending a crossing)
  • Invader (faster embarking and disembarking, boost when attacking in an amphibious invasion)
  • Urban Assault Specialist (because Urban is not a terrain type in I:R, speed and combat boosts in territories that are City or Metropolis, but NOT in settlements)


Cancels -1 negative modifier when attacking.

Blockade Runner

Naval combat trait. Increased ship speed and Reduces chance of ships being captured by enemies.

Fortress Buster

chance to capture fort.

Logistics Wizard

food consumption.

Old Guard

Commanded troops get less XP. Notable boost to Popularity and Prominence.
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Cross-posting here, more military traits based on HoI.
In my opinion the generals (after some years) should gradually loses civic traits and acquires military ones if there is an hard cap for traits.
An old general should be better then when he started, the traits should reflect his military life style.
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Jan 14, 2019
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But is there a hard cap for Traits?
Besides there are no civic traits. Do you mean they should lose Finesse?
In Imperator there are a lot of hidden cap (or limit) an I think there is a limit (soft/hard) to the trait cap of a character.
In Ck2 there is a limit, if a character reach or surpass this limit i randomly lose traits after a while. I think Imperator has something similar.

As civic traits I intended all the not-military traits, like for example "Personality traits".
General should lose some traits some traits to earn after some years military traits and still being in the cap. I'm a little sad looking at my best general that after 40 years of wars earned 1 military trait. :/


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I just got Imperator and I think the combat system for land and sea is just atrocious. Worst in any Paradox game I've ever played. I think they should throw the entire thing out and design a new combat system from the ground up based on the realities of ancient combat. No more copy and pasting the same old combat system from all the other games.

Paradox needs to step up their game when it comes to combat. It could be 100 times more interesting and interactive. There are a ton of ancient war games for inspiration. Rows, Formations, Artillery, Ammunition, Ambushes, Unique Cultural Units, Terrain, Combat Width, etc.

It really seems to me like the people who developed Imperator did not know anything about combat in the ancient world.
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Jan 4, 2020
Are you sure removing the cap on character traits is a good idea?
Tentatively, yes. The characters end up with about the same number of thraits as HoI leaders, but not all of their traits represent their abilities to lead and command troops. They need more traits to reflect their military abilities, AND their personality and health.
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