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Jul 17, 2010
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Imperator Rome v.1.4 Archimedes
This thread will be updated regularly. It will be discontinued when a new patch comes out and a new thread will take its place.

Why do I care: EU:Rome was my very first of many Paradox games way back in 2009 and has a special place in my heart. (And I’m a stupid Rome nerd)
My Philosophy:
  1. The Map we play on is THE most important thing to constantly see. Very big objects that “gets in the way” must be avoided if possible.
  2. Utilize dead space. Everything must have a clear meaning. A very big, pretty picture is of no real meaning and can be half the size.
  3. Scale - All windows/tabs should be of the same scale at 100%. One window/tab that is much larger than another is a no-go.
  4. Clarity - Everything must be easy to see and understand from a first glance. If you fail to understand with basic knowledge, then the UI has failed you.
What can we learn from EU4?
  • EU4 UI is much smaller and compact.
  • Eu4 UI shows the same amount of information if not more
  • We can see much more of the map without any issues
Main Diplomacy Screen

(Heavily based upon Better UI Mod, with my own additions to keep the Vanilla style)​
- Restructured the upper diplomacy screen, to what seemed like a mess, to a proper elegant system (Though Diplo slots could be moved near improve relations)
- Split the “Country” section into its own tab which can be closed/opened, as its large and the player rarely uses it much.
- The “Country” section now has a “close” window if the player is not interested in seeing the lower half and will therefore only see the upper half.
- The “Normal” diplo screen now becomes larger/smaller depending on how many diplo stuff it has. This also applies to how many “Diplo Actions” are opened.
- The Diplomatic Stance should be able to be changed from the Main screen. As the “Bellicose Stance” / “Diplo Stance” is already viewed there, it makes no sense why not to.
- Vassals should be split into the different kinds of vassals one can have. Feudatories is has its own slot instead of being together with Client States for example. (Unsure if this is already in the game)

Eu4 Diplomacy Additions to add: From top to bottom
Some may not have a good use in Imperator right now. I’ll list them anyway​
Alliance Actions
  • Offer Condottieri / Offer Mercenaries
Influence Actions
  • Send Warning
Dynastic Actions
  • Royal Marriage / Betrothal
  • Claim Throne
Covert Actions
  • Build Spy Network
  • Counterespionage
  • Steal Maps
  • Justify Trade Conflict
  • Sow Discontent
  • Sabotage Reputation
  • Infiltrate Administration
  • Agitate for Liberty
  • Sabotage Recruitment
  • Slander Merchants
  • Corrupt Officials
Economy Actions
  • Transfer Trade Power
  • Steer Trade
  • Issue Embargo
  • Offer Knowledge Sharing
  • Sell Ships
  • Request to Share Maps
  • Send Gift (Let the Player chose how much they want to send)
  • Loan Offer
  • Give Subsidies
  • Charter Company
Great Power Actions
  • Take on Foreign Debt
  • Influence Nation
  • Intervene in War
  • Break Alliance
Incoming Proposals
When receiving diplomatic proposals like Trade from from another country, it is not clear who sends it. If it is not a country with a widely known flag like Rome or Carthage, like most barbarians, one would struggle to see them apart from someone else at a first glance.
To change this and make it more clear
  1. The Name of the Country should be right above “Request Trade Route” on all incoming offers. If this is done, then nr.2 is not as important.
  2. “An Envoy from The Gallic Local Power of Tougenia is requesting to import Salt.” To make it more clear, it should be:
    “Tougenia, A Gallic Local Power has sent an envoy and is requesting to import Salt.” With the Name of the country first, it is much more clear.
  3. In Multiplayer. The Player countries should have their flags highlighted so it's much easier to distinguish them from the AI.
  4. Cut to the chase. Only have “We would gain the following bonus:” I don't, and I don’t think most players care about reading a wall of text to get to the point. In the actual offer it’s fine. But from a tooltip, it is NOT fine. Tooltips should be short and concise.
More Peace Options
  • Pay war reparations, a bit less lenient than becoming a tributary.
  • Seize the treasury.
  • Release slaves: Force the other side to release all slaves they have captured during the war.
  • Surrender hostage, force the defeated nation to give an important character (like primary heir for a monarchy) as a hostage to the victor.
  • Enforce loyalty, only against rebellious subject, sets its loyalty to 100 while the truce last.
  • Humiliate, give a massive hit to diplomatic reputation for the defeated nation and make its pops more unhappy while giving a boost to happiness of pops for the victorious nation.
  • Annual alliance with a third party.
  • Transfer vassalage from loser to winner.
  • Limitation of Army & Navy
  • Hand over some Ships
  • Enforce Military & Naval access.
  • Install Pretender/Puppet ruler
Vassal Management System
Eu4 Vassals.PNG
Others than what I have not listed - Just copy the Vassal screen from EU4 please. It’s WAY better than nothing like in Imperator right now.
Down below I have not listed the stuff from EU4. That would make this list much huger than it already is. The EU4 Vassals Management is great. Copy it pretty much as is and it would be an fantastic addition.
  • Change form of government (To yours)
  • Change ruling family in a monarchy (possibly executing the current one)
  • Expel a clan in a tribe
  • Dismantle fortresses in selected provinces.
  • Build fortresses in key locations (chokepoints or near to barbarian hotspots) or selected provinces.
  • Force to create or remove pirate havens.
  • Build roads
  • Cancel trade routes with third parties
  • Bribe Ruler: Basically the bribe action, pay a lot of money to ruler of the subject in return for loyalty (Based on Traits? Greedy and/or stubborn?)
  • Set war focus - follow overlords armies. - Siege this, Siege that.
(Paradox just recently announced Vassal Management is coming with the Menander update. I hope they also think about QoL features that they often forget, and not let it be inferior to the EU4 System)

Subject Policies:
Ability to set a Policy for your vassals. To change a policy cost political influence - it is a long term choice.
- Tribute: The default policy which give you money or manpower depending on subject type, new subject start with this policy. Without this policy they stop paying tribute so keep that in mind
- Exchange of ideas: Can be done with all subjects except for tribes, you gain some of the subjects research points (they don't lose any) and if the subject is ahead in a technology you gain an research bonus in that field, the second point apply to the subject if they are behind in technology
- March: For client states and satrapies. March policy remove the possibility of integration but make the subject more loyal, increase the effectiveness of forts (which they can't remove under this policy), allow you to build forts in their land and increase their military abilities in some ways.
- Civilization: For tribal vassals, set their max civilization value to their overlord and increase its growth, also allow the force to become civilized option which force the subject to abandon its tribal ways and become a civilized monarchy or republic tributary to you, but at a huge opinion cost.
- Assimilation: For any subject type that can be assimilated, increase their opinion, increase effectiveness of improve opinion and multiply the integration value when integrating the subject by 1+country rank which makes assimilation of large subjects much quicker. But the overlord have to pay alot of Money while the subject is under this policy to represent the assimilation efforts

  1. Better and smooth way of arranging marriages
  2. Add an Terra Incognita, similar to EUIV to the map. It’s strange seeing everything that happens in West Europe as an Indian power.
  3. Fabricating Claims on a province owned by many small countries, then you have to attack all at once. They create a defensive alliance.
  4. Vassals (At least; Feudatories, Client States etc) should be shown on the map as being part of their overlords borders with the color and name of the overlord crossing over the vassals as well. This would represent Empires with vassals better and make players feel more satisfied with their performance. It would also make it much clearer, at first glance, how big/powerful any given empire is.
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I don't think you should be able to set a policy for your vassals, instead you should be able to force them into specific actions (similiar to the diplomatic ones) for a cost.