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Imperator Rome v.1.4 Archimedes
This thread will be updated regularly. It will be discontinued when a new patch comes out and a new thread will take its place.

Why do I care: EU:Rome was my very first of many Paradox games way back in 2009 and has a special place in my heart. (And I’m a stupid Rome nerd)
My Philosophy:
  1. The Map we play on is THE most important thing to constantly see. Very big objects that “gets in the way” must be avoided if possible.
  2. Utilize dead space. Everything must have a clear meaning. A very big, pretty picture is of no real meaning and can be half the size.
  3. Scale - All windows/tabs should be of the same scale at 100%. One window/tab that is much larger than another is a no-go.
  4. Clarity - Everything must be easy to see and understand from a first glance. If you fail to understand with basic knowledge, then the UI has failed you.
What can we learn from CK2?
  • It has a smaller and more compact UI
  • Does not feel too small
  • We can see much more of the map

  • Characters skills are based upon Traits, not predetermined stats
  • Lots of space for said traits
  • Family tree - Being able to easily look through a family tree makes it easier to interact with a family more
  • Religion Icon instead of text
  • Culture text doesn’t take more space than needed
  • Age takes much less room than in Imperator
  • Bloodlines - When CK2 introduced proper bloodlines I hoped we was done with bloodlines as traits. Apparently not with Imperator.
  • Clothes - In Imperator, a King doesn’t look any different than from a Consul, Soldier, or a regular guy
  • Easy to see claims and titles - Characters seem to get claims in Imperator. Don’t know what to do with that information though.
  • Family, Relations and more are all in different tabs, allowing for a cleaner UI and to better showcase information in each one
  • CK2 uses a right-click on portrait to access diplomatic actions, instead of forcing it in a big window like Imperator does. (Imperator has this option too)
1. Before Archimedes.png

What I have done: (Copied from old proposal in 1.3)​
  • Age: The symbol for Age is used instead of text.
  • Religion: Religious Icon/Picture instead of text. More immersion and much less space.
  • Culture: I have removed “Culture” and the box is only as big as it should be. I used the biggest Culture in terms of text in the game as an example
  • Health: (NO Changes Done) Should maybe get its own Icon/Picture, to give a more clearer message to “Health”. Right now it’s easy to forget it
  • Skills: Statesmanship has been moved to the Skills section where it belongs. It is now in % as it used too much space than needed
  • Loyalty: Is moved below the picture, as that is arguably one of the most important things to look at.
  • Modifiers: Moved into empty space to allow the Traits section to be bigger
  • Traits: The Traits section should be bigger because Characters need more important traits to allow more immersion and importance
  • Political Parties: If most Parties are viewed as 0, then they are not needed. Only show the biggest, and maybe the second biggest
  • Great Families: Important families now have colours. Clicking on Family should open the Family Tree. Make it very basic. If interested it's much easier to see things in there than manually clicking upwards of every Father/Mother.
  • Bloodlines: With Ck2, I thought we were finally past having Bloodlines in the Traits section? This is a step back. Click on it to view all of this character's bloodlines. Copy-paste from Ck2? Even in a very basic form is much better than it currently is
  • Lower Sections - Divided up Family, Relation and Schemes into different sections to allow for more interactions without making the UI bigger, but smaller.
  • Family Section - Moved the Father/Mother line to the top as that makes much more sense.
  • Relations Section - Friends & Rivals are added here. Remove the arbitrary of a maximum number of friends & rivals. Let it feel like a living world, not a game with arbitrary limits. It should be possible to see “Adopted Father” in here if adopted by a Great Family.
  • Schemes Section - Schemes & Targeted By have been moved into “Schemes” section. Now there is space to further evolve Schemes to a new lv.
  • Space: Now there is much more empty space which can be utilized by some new cool stuff
  • Interactions: Removed the big unnecessary Interactions screen
  • Interactions: Removed from the open view because it can be used like in Ck2 by right clicking, which worked like a dream. (This already exists in Vanilla)
  • Antagonize/Befriend: “Make Rival” & “Become Friends” should get removed, and should follow Ck2’s example of Antagonizing or Befriending characters through events, and not a one click. (Making Friends does this, but is poorly executed.)
Character Finder
Ck2 Character Finder.PNG

  • Relatively small/medium UI
  • Able to search for Characters names
  • Able to search for skills
  • Able to search for Traits and Bloodlines
  • And much, much more
Ck2 Bloodlines.PNG
Just copy this. No one liked the old Bloodlines Trait system in CK2. Compared to this, no one will prefer bloodlines traits in Imperator too.

Family Tree
CK2 Families Dynasties.PNG
Just make a simple Dynasty/Family Tree. Just having one only gives the player even more options to immersive dvelve even deeper into the Character's family.

Other Ideas
  1. Something of an education system for children
  2. Popularity should be used more, so that an unpopular person in power gains a lot of enemy quickly and tends to be dethroned or remove, besides being able to have revolts.
  3. Headgear and helmets for portraits. Lack of headwear in this game makes characters look cookie-cutter and bland. Same with armours
  4. Antonine Plague - An Epidemic to inspire a Disease mechanic like in CK2. Black Death would be overkill, and Antonine Plague is deadly enough.
  5. Adoption: Display properly what happens when you adopt someone. How much prestige you lose? Also should add an “Adopted Father/Son” in the Character Window.
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