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I give permission for both Paradox and Nimble Giant Entertainment to use any and all idea and suggestions in this post. These are just suggestions and balance changes I would like to see, some more pressing then others.

The Tech Deck is to random. In my current play through I got tier 8? tech choices (55k cost) very early in the game, as in the previous choices before were all tier 2/3 techs (5kish cost). Likewise I am getting tier 3 choices very late in the game. If I am at the point I am researching tier 3-4 tech then the highest tech option in a given category I should have access to is 5 maybe 6. Like wise I should not even be able access tier 8+ techs until all techs lower then tier 4 have been researched in a specific category. The decks need to be adjusted to have a better flow.

Overhaul the Tech Decks for each of the factions need an over haul in general. The Romulans and Klingons should not have phasers. The Federation should not have plasma or disruptor weapons. In addition I don’t think Klingons should have beam weapons, and the Cardassians should have only beam based weapons (??I can’t remember Klingons using anything other then cannons/blaster type weapons, nor can I remember the Cardassians using anything other then beams??)

Suggestion: Some universal weapons types. However the main weapons types should be unique to each playable faction:
Federation: Phaser beams, Phaser cannons, Pulse Phasers, Photon Torpedoes and Quantum Torpedoes. Phasers good vs shields, torpedoes good vs armor
Klingons: Disruptor Blasters, Disruptor Cannons, Photon torpedoes, plasma torpedoes, 3rd missile type. Disruptors good vs armor, 2 missile types good vs shields and 1 type ignores shields
Romulans: Disruptor Beams, Disruptr cannons, Pulse Disruptrs, Plasma torpedoes, Heavy Plasma Torpedoes. Disruptors good vs armor, plasma torpedoes good vs shields
Cardassians: Phaser Beams, Disruptor Beams, Polaron Beams, plasma torpedos and polaron torpedoes. Phaser beams/plasma good vs shields, Distruptors good vs Armor, Polaron Ignores shields.

In addition to all of this give each faction some unique techs. Ideally the factions should be given techs that emphasize the Playable Factions ideals and its usual play style.

Feds get unique shield and repair techs, a unqie type of reaserch lab, etc.
Klingons get unique army bases, weapon techs, etc.
Romulans get unique espionage and science techs, plasma techs, etc.
Cardassians get unique armor techs, unique industry techs, etc.

Mission trees need an over haul. They should be treated like a combination of mission trees from EU 4 and the focus trees from HOI4. Make them bigger and wider. Make the rewards worth it but in addition some decisions should change how a factions play. Example I went the war path for the federation, but I can’t make claims on star systems nor can I really start useful wars. Example: IF I go the war missions make it so the federation can now make 2 claims and a series of missions the unlock the ability to not only make more claims but start different types of wars.

3 balance suggestions.
1) For the Defiant, for all the work we have to go through to unlock it, would highly recommend giving 2S weapon slots, and 2M weapon slots, everything else can stay the same.

2) Romulan 1st ship give it 2A slots, the 1M def slot is fine

3) Klingon Bird of Prey give it 2S def slots. The fact it has 0 Def slots means it either has to be OP and kill everything, or its useless and dies to fast to make it worth building.
I have read almost all of these suggestions on the game's Discord for what it is worth. It is very active.
ah ok. ^.^ did not know there was discord :) and glad more people have come up with these ideas/noticed changes needed to be made
I am old school so Discord is also not my first got to with regards to games but it is very active there, The mod section talk is very good.